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Hollywood, CA



The Entrance

"Bad Company" by Bad Company

As “Bad Company” hits the speakers, Blaze Claymore and Jacob Mephisto appear from the back in unison, arms crossed as they take in scene. Mephisto is also flanked by his two “children” Decius and Patience Montgomery.

Boos reign down from the crowd as the two men seem to gain energy from the vitriol hurled at them.

Blaze makes the first move, mock-waiving to the crowd, pumping his fist in triumph as he makes his way to the ring while Mephisto takes a slower, more menacing walk with his children at his side.

As Blaze reaches the ring, he flashes a cocky smile at the crowd before holding the ropes open for his partner, Mephisto, who nods with respect to his children before jumping up to the apron and ducking under the ropes to make his way into the ring.

Blaze follows, sliding between the ropes and mimicking Mephisto’s unamused look as the two stand back-to-back, arms crossed.

Blaze Claymore


Finisher: Solo: Holywooooo! / Tag: Cut to Black
Description: Solo: He gets a running start with his opponent pushed into the corner turnbuckle and then jumps off his back-foot before landing a square kick to the face with his leading foot. Tag: Mephisto and Blaze face their opponent on either side and synchronize a dual axe kick to the head, sending the opponent down into the mat for a roll-up pin.

Signature: Solo: And.... Action! / Tag: Roll Credits
Description: Solo: Blaze leans in to give his opponent a big movie-star style kiss, disorienting them enough that he can Irish-Whip them into the turnbuckle. Tag: The legal man rushes their opponent into the corner where their partner is at, slamming them into the turnbuckle. As they do, they tag in their partner in and yank their dazed opponent outward – giving enough room to hit double axe kicks (aka Cut to Black)

  • Claymore: High Knee
  • Claymore: Yakuza Kick
  • Claymore: Headbutt Rush
  • Claymore: Face Rake
  • Claymore: Spinning Knife Edge Chop
  • Claymore: Elbow to the Head
  • Claymore: Spinning Boot Scrape
  • Claymore: Low Blow
  • Claymore: Groin Stomp
  • Claymore: Curb Stomp

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Blaze Claymore is a SAG Award Winning* actor hailing from Hollywood, California. He came to SHOOT Project in 2021 to learn how to be a convincing villain to middling success up to this point. A follower of method acting, Blaze fully commits himself to any role he’s given – and has slowly, unintentionally, made a name for himself in SHOOT Project as a bit of a joke; something that has driven him to commit more fully to the training aspect of the profession while continuing to serve as an understudy to veterans like Jacob Mephisto in understanding how to truly lose oneself and become the most hated wrestler in the world.

As the Bad Guys, Jacob Mephisto and Blaze Claymore were handpicked by SHOOT Project CEO and Hall of Famer Josh Johnson as representatives of the company for the HOW Invitational. While the two have never worked together before, they are committed to putting on the best performance they can and raising hell while doing so.

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