Sutler Kael

Sutler Kael Headshot


Sutler Kael







195 lbs.


Arkham, Massachusetts



The Entrance

"Pursuit of Happiness" by Lessie

The slow, methodic melody of “Pursuit of Happiness” by Lissie drones out over the PA system. The house lights die down as a single spot light falls on the entrance. Boos join the steady baseline of the song adding to the depressing, drudging feel. Walking out onto the stage wanders Sutler Reynolds-Kael with a bitter, serious expression on his face.

He pauses briefly on the ramp checking the tape on his wrists before moving slowly toward the ring. Now and again he smirks at the crowd though the youthful wrestler seems more focused on the ring. Upon reaching the ring the SRK hops up onto the apron, wiping his feet off before sliding between the top and middle rope.

The house lights rise as the spotlight goes away. Sutler slowly marches to the center of the ring where he stands looking bitter and disenchanted with the world. His black and #97red hair falls across his face making him look more than ever like his sperm donor, Shane Reynolds, while he folds his hands behind his back. After a few moments he steps to his corner, the music dying out.

Sutler Kael


Finisher: The Sutler Method
Description: A Side Control Leg Triangle Choke, due to the nature of Triangle Choke, Sutler doesn’t have one specific choke he uses but rather applies it based on the condition of his opponent, their ring positioning and whatever advantage Sutler might have. Sutler always uses his legs and does not apply arm Triangles Chokes.

Signature: The Son of Sin aka the SOS/Weapon Get
Description: The Son of Sin: Spinning Implant Kamikaze aka Spinning Unprettier   Weapon Get: Stolen from Conor Fuse, Sutler slaps an opponent across the chest and screams “Weapon Get” before stealing their signature move.

  • Dragon Screw
  • Chop Block
  • Drop Toe Hold
  • Half-Crab
  • Various Arm Bars
  • Top Rope Elbow Drop
  • Rising Knee Strikes
  • Bare Naked Choke
  • Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
  • Spinning Forearm Smash
  • Super Kick
  • Hanging Neckbreaker
  • Jui-Jitsu Open Palm Strikes
  • Various Resting Submission Holds

High Octane Wrestling