Simon Loveless

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Simon Loveless









Seattle, WA



The Entrance

"Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon

Hit the lights of the arena and hit those ivory keys of the piano because “Nobody Does it Better” by Carly Simon begins to play out over the PA system.  The curtain parts as the theme from “The Spy who Loved Me” continues to play and out steps both Simon Loveless and his girlfriend slash manager Missy Monet.  Loveless is wearing his yellow wrestling trunks, which have the initials ‘SL’ across the front in black and black t-shirt which reads ‘Winter is Loveless’ across the front.  Missy is wearing an extremely tight fitting dress tonight which makes the crowd happy, but Simon is there to remind them to keep their hands and eyes to themselves.  As the song continues, Simon pulls Missy behind him making sure none of the mutants in the aisle are able to touch his manager.

Simon Loveless


Finisher: Loveless Driver
Description: Psycho Driver I

Signature: Running Yakuza Kick
Description: Running Yakuza Kick

  • Step-up Enziguiri
  • Rope walk la Quebrada
  • Backstabber
  • Running knee strikes
  • Springboard "whatever"
  • Standing moonsault
  • Rib breaker
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Various suplexes
  • Rapid corner stomps
  • Eye rake
  • Thumb to the eye
  • Drag opponent's face across top rope
  • Dives to the outside
  • Manager distraction

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Simon is a second generation wrestler who was born into the industry following his both his mother and father around in the Pacific Northwest areas — Simon does not use their ring name, instead adopting the last name of Loveless to showcase his more ruthless nature in the ring and to be taken seriously even at his young age.  Simon is joined by his longtime girlfriend slash manager, Missy Monet, and she will often interject herself into Simon’s matches as they work more in a duo nature than solo.

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