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Sean Stevens

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Sean Stevens



High Flyer




218 lbs


Orlando, Florida



The Entrance

'No Hook' - Jay Z

The lights dim, as the soulful intro blares over the airwaves.

VOICEOVER: The most important thing in business is honesty…

CUT TO: Video-Tron. …as several images flash, starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, before transition to a toddler, 6 year old version of the same child playing football, and a 12 year old pre-teenager playing with a basketball in hand. 

“…integrity, hard work…. Family. NEVER forgetting where we came from.”

CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an even older Sean Stevens – 17 years old – in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.

CUT TO: The very last image. One of “Triple X” Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.

Suddenly, the video wall faded to black. And, the beat dropped.

SFX: (Extra loud hissing sound.)

Smoke pyrotechnics shot to the roof, as “No Hook,” by Jay Z blasted over the PA system, and Trip stepped through the curtain. He was immediately met with a mixed reaction – that he ignored – as he sauntered confidently to the ring, in a 100% cotton “King’s Back” t-shirt, black and silver tights, and a pair of “Ray Ban” clubmaster sunglasses.

Ignoring the cat calls, and flash bulbs, Stevens didn’t acknowledge anything or anyone ’til he entered the ring, and hopped on each of the four turnbuckles, thrusting his arms in the air victoriously.

Sean Stevens


Finisher: 1.) The X-Terminator 2.) Factor X
Description: 1.) Osaka Stunner(or Osaka Street Cutter) is for opponents that he’s able to lift. It’s a Cutter, that starts as a 3/4 Inverted Face Lock Suplex, that ends as a Stunner(or Cutter) when Stevens’ opponents land on their feet. 2.) It’s a variation of the Cross face submission. Think, Sasha Banks’ Bank Statement, where instead of simply using his forearms, under his opponents chin, pulling back, Stevens also bridges his body, leaning on his opponents back, causing double the pain.

Signature: Chin Check
Description: Superkick.

  • German Suplex
  • Belly-to-Back/Belly-to-Belly Suplex
  • Floating DDT
  • Sleeper Hold
  • Swinging Neck Breaker
  • Top Rope Frogsplash
  • Top Rope Hurricanrana
  • Swan Dive - Clearing the top rope
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Figure Four Leg Lock
  • Flying Forearm
  • Ankle Lock
  • Spike DDT
  • Spiked Piledriver
  • Illegal Elbow to the back of the head
  • Forearm Strikes

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Just to give you more info on the character, Sean is confident… supremely confident. There’s rarely ever a moment where he doesn’t have something to say or to say back to someone who has spoken his name. His biggest weaknesses is his pride, he won’t back down, and if there’s something someone tells him he can’t do, he’ll do it just to prove them wrong. And, his heart… sometimes he hurts himself just to hurt somebody else.

As for a little backstory:

Sean Stevens got his start as a wrestling ‘fan’ in the truest form. His friends would tell him that it was all ‘fake’ but he didn’t care. His parents told him that following wrestling was a pipe dream that would never come to fruition, but he always believed. He never had the money to go to an official school, run by some pissed off old veteran with hopes of discouraging him from achieving his goals, but he did get necessary life training that has so far turned out to be valuable in his career and his personal life.

Downtown Orlando, Florida is beautiful. Disney had done a wonderful job of making it tourist friendly and it definitely comes off as the ‘happiest place on earth’. However, there is an inner city… an, inner city where kids from mid-to-upper class households hung, fought, and consumed various types of drugs, in all forms – pills, dust, leaf, and needles. Sean was never one to ‘shoot up’, but he had a natural charisma about him that attracted the attention of the opposite sex, which naturally attracted negative attention from their pursuers, or worse, boyfriends.

While Sean’s childhood wasn’t horrible, he spent the better part of his teens learning to protect himself, through trial and error. Fighting, getting jumped, with multiple trips to hospitals because of some rumor, of some guy’s girlfriend speaking to him, also fighting because his pride wouldn’t allow him to look the other way whenever he felt disrespected. But, in losing, he also learned a few things, one being that he was tougher than his exterior would have one believe, and that his pretty boy exterior oftentimes caused others to underestimate his ability to handle himself, and ultimately, that would end up working in his favor.

During his late teens, he linked up with a tall kid, another ‘outcast’ so-to-speak, who had just moved to town from Macon, Georgia named Shannon Davis, who would later on be known in the wrestling world as ‘Big Lucky’, Triple X’s bodyguard. A couple of the same groups that Sean had previously had problems with decided to gang up on Shannon for reasons Sean still doesn’t care to understand. The only thing that Sean knew was that Shannon was nice – Southern hospitality – and loyal, and he would meet his loyalty with loyalty of his own. They instantly began to take a liking to one another based on the strength of their hate of Orlando’s clique scene, and made a pact to watch each others back no matter what.

A pact they both took pride in keeping until Lucky’s untimely death on January 13th, 2003.

Sean actually got his start in wrestling, however, when he and Davis attended a local wrestling show in Orlando’s former premier venue, the ‘O-rena’. It was also Shannon Davis that almost got Stevens arrested, manipulating him through his pride – his weakness – daring him to hop the guardrail and enter the ring to help his favorite wrestler at the time, ‘The Minister’ Mark Payne, who was getting jumped by a rival faction. After spending a night in jail, he was bailed out by the very owner of the promotion he had interupted the day before, Greg Vaughn, because Vaughn, whose promotion was fledgling, had come to the conclusion that the reaction the fans had given Sean was more than anything any of the current wrestlers on his roster had received in months, including his world champion at the time, The American Heartthrob – AHT, the original blue-eyed badass.

Vaughn offered Sean a contract the very day he bailed him out, to which Sean immediately accepted.


The rest as they say, is history.

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