MJ Flair Finisher

Additional Info


  1. Conditioning – MJF is a total gym rat and is always pushing herself to be better. This gives her increased flexibility and agility, as well as endurance; she is far from injury prone and against an otherwise identically matched opponent she can almost always come out on top just by having more energy.
  2. Legacy – Daughter of the legendary ‘King of Extreme’ Eli Flair, MJF has spent her entire life in and around the wrestling business. She knows how things work, she knows how to navigate the political land mines that permeate the world, and she is an expert at breaking the rules when she has to without getting caught.
  3. Adaptability – She has the weight of a high flyer, the mind of a mat wrestler, and the blood lust of a classic brawler, and can easily switch tactics against her opponents as needed.


  1. Youth – MJ is very young and has had a lot of success for someone her age with two World Championships (six title reigns in total) before the age of nineteen. This early success has made her both arrogant and overconfident, and when she fails or is otherwise outmatched she has a tendency to swing to the other extreme – crushing depression and misery.
  2. Legacy – The daughter of a legend, she is aware that there will always be comparisons to her father, and that even if she some day holds more Championships than he did, the scales will still be uneven due to the countless numbers of classic matches he’s had. This could lead her to take too many risks that cost her in an attempt to carve her own legacy away from him.
  3. Temper – She can be easily goaded into dangerous situations because of her mindset of shoot first, ask questions never.

Roleplays Featuring MJ Flair