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Tampa, FL



The Entrance

"Put 'Em in the Grave" - Jedi Mind Tricks

The ominous, opening chords to “Put ‘Em in the Grave” by Jedi Mind Tricks blasts through the speakers as a raucous ovation from the High Octane Faithful heralds the Queen of the Ring to the stage. Once the first verse kicks in, Lindsay Troy strolls out amidst a shower of pyro and cannon blasts, but doesn’t pause to preen or rile up the crowd. Instead, she marches down the ramp to the ring, blowing right by the camera in the aisle, looking focused.

Spotlights follow her path as she makes her way up the steps, foregoing her usual jump to the apron and flip into the ring. She slips between the ropes, and saunters over to a corner to scale the turnbuckles and pose a bit before the match begins.

Lindsay Troy


Finisher: Thy Kingdom Come
Description: Small package driver

Signature: The Queen's Gambit
Description: High speed flying double knee strike to the face (formerly called the Raynes of Castamere)

  • "Executioner's Song" - Eddie Bravo's Twister (ultimate match ender)
  • “The Crowning Glory” – Corkscrew 630* Tornado DDT (ultimate match ender, used super rarely)
  • "By Royal Decree" - Crucifix driver w/ pin (springboard optional)
  • “All Hail the Queen” – 360* top rope hurricanrana into a pin
  • “Divine Right” – Koji Clutch
  • "Key to the Kingdom" - Chickenwing Muta Lock
  • Muay-Thai and BJJ strikes, punches, elbows, throws, kicks, and clinches
  • DDTs (running backflip, cradle, avalanche, reverse underhook, any other variant you can think of)
  • Cobra clutch legsweep
  • Spinning fisherman’s suplex
  • Enziguri/step-up Enziguri
  • Vertical Muta Lock
  • Bow and arrow
  • Rolling prawn hold (can be used as a flash pin for a 3 count)
  • Baseball slide flying headscissors (to opponent outside the ring)
  • Cartwheel over the top rope suicide corkscrew senton (Sasuke Special II)
  • Front-flip legdrop (standing or running off the ropes)
  • Corkscrew plancha
  • Tope con hilo
  • Top rope cross armbreaker
  • Rapid-fire knife edge chops
  • Close-range headbutts to the bridge of opponent’s nose
  • Leaping poisoned frankensteiner
  • Shooting star press –> frogsplash
  • Spanish fly
  • Flying front-flip neckbreaker (on apron, catapulting off the top rope and into the ring)
  • Apron Tiger Suplex ’85

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Character Background: Lindsay Troy is the benchmark for female fighters in professional wrestling, the one all women are measured against. She’s put the time in (martial arts training long before it was the cool thing to have in your skillset, plus over two decades of professional experience and exposure), works hard, takes what she wants, and makes no apologies for any of it. Suffering fools gladly is not something you’ll ever see her do. Troy is cunning, quick-witted, sarcastic, and perceptive – traits which have served her well on both sides of wrestling alignments – but she is also loyal, honest, quick to call bullshit, and the first to throw down if a friend is in trouble. If she counts you worthy enough to be in her inner circle, you’ll have a friend and an ally for life. Wind up on her radar or piss her off and you’ll find yourself cut at the knees and neck before you have a chance to wonder what hit you.

Brief MWA

  • Fighting Style: Very well-rounded but has adapted her approach to a more technical/submission style versus the constant high flying tendencies of her youth. She’s always aware of her surroundings, thinks two to three steps ahead, and doesn’t make rookie mistakes
  • She’s pretty strong, oftentimes deceptively so. Relies on her speed and quickness of executing moves to control the match. Likes to dictate the pace, generally starting out hot with hand and leg strikes and continuing through until the end with traditional wrestling moves, a ground-based game, and splash of innovative high-flying offense
  • Submissions and counter-specialist; pain sponge. Hard to keep grounded and not easily frustrated in the ring
  • Will generally not taunt an opponent or use low-blows unless she feels it necessary
  • After Eric Dane took her out following War Games 2020, and she returned to exact revenge, she is cheered by the HOW Faithful, although she doesn’t act much like a face while competing. From bell to bell she is methodical, precise, ruthless, takes no prisoners, and offers no quarter
  • Wears a knee brace on her right knee now

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