High Flyer

Jeffrey James Roberts

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Jeffrey James Roberts



High Flyer






Gainesville, FL



The Entrance

"Goldberg Variations" - Johann Sebastian Bach

“Goldberg Variations” by Johann Sebastian Bach plays over the speakers as four security guards step out onto the stage.

They form a square as Jeffrey James Roberts steps out and stands in the middle. His hands are out front, tied with plastic ziptie cuffs, and he walks toward the ring, keeping his eyes focused on it.

The guards keep a perimeter to make sure he can’t reach any fans and they walk with him all the way to ringside. The guard in front unlocks the cuffs, then steps back to allow Roberts to climb into the ring. He does so, then leans back against one corner, his eyes closed, head back, swaying slightly to the music.

Jeffrey James Roberts


Finisher: Shooting Star Guillotine
Description: Shooting Star Press ending with a knee across the throat

Signature: Mask of Sanity
Description: Brainbuster driver near the corner

  • hurricanrana
  • superkick
  • dragon corkscrew plancha
  • snap powerbomb
  • DDT
  • Clothesline
  • cloverleaf submission
  • slingshot leg and knee drops
  • belly to belly suplex - various angles
  • head and arm suplex
  • German suplex
  • missile dropkick
  • flipover pinning combinations and cruiser style rollups
  • Joint work (Knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder)

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Alternate Finisher:

Name: Solitary Confinement
Description:  Bull’s Angelito

Three Weaknesses:
1. Loss of Temper when things aren’t going his way – gets more interested in maiming someone in a new and interesting way than actually winning the match. Diagnosed sociopath.
2. Inner Demons – His inner demons control him – impulsive and reckless when triggered.
3. High Risk – Takes risks to hurt his opponent. Has a resistance to pain, but this doesn’t prevent damage to his body. He still feels it.

Three Strengths:
1. Technical Proficiency – Despite pathology, has a superior technical skill with a knack for counters.
2. Agility – Innovative aerial attack, which he has become adept at using in a high impact fashion. Will leap off of anything, no matter the height or risk.
3. Absolutely fearless – True sociopath, he feels little empathy for others and little true emotion of his own. Pain gives him the only adrenaline rush he knows, so he has no regard for his own safety, and certainly not others. Pain damages his body like anyone else, but he finds pleasure in it.

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