Jeffrey James Roberts Finisher

Additional Info

Alternate Finisher:

Name: Solitary Confinement
Description:  Bull’s Angelito

Three Weaknesses:
1. Loss of Temper when things aren’t going his way – gets more interested in maiming someone in a new and interesting way than actually winning the match. Diagnosed sociopath.
2. Inner Demons – His inner demons control him – impulsive and reckless when triggered.
3. High Risk – Takes risks to hurt his opponent. Has a resistance to pain, but this doesn’t prevent damage to his body. He still feels it.

Three Strengths:
1. Technical Proficiency – Despite pathology, has a superior technical skill with a knack for counters.
2. Agility – Innovative aerial attack, which he has become adept at using in a high impact fashion. Will leap off of anything, no matter the height or risk.
3. Absolutely fearless – True sociopath, he feels little empathy for others and little true emotion of his own. Pain gives him the only adrenaline rush he knows, so he has no regard for his own safety, and certainly not others. Pain damages his body like anyone else, but he finds pleasure in it.

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