Jason Cashe Finisher

Additional Info


– “DiOGee”

– “Ski Mask J.A.C.”


– Scrap Action. 2nd Cousin to Strong Style, Cashe replaces excessive Knees and Kicks with Elbows, Punches, Headbutts, Biting and Pinching. Fights like he has sex. Rough and wild. Brawler based Spot Monkey who has some athletic skill. Lacks submission defense but will bite, kick, and pinch to find an escape.


– Debuted in 2001 as a hired hitman to do one job. End the career of another Wrestler. Doing so he found a passion for the ring, the noise of the crowd. Now he has been consistently competing since then, amassing over 40 Title Reigns in various Promotions. In the last 5 years he was named 4CW Hall Of Famer having won the 4CW Title on three occasions as well as having reigns with other Championships under that banner. After being ‘fired’ he has sought after a new beginning. Seeing time in Lion’s Road as well as Phoenix Wrestling. Also having made appearances in IWS. He has a reputation that often has people showing disapproval of him but if you don’t have haters then one must wonder what they are doing wrong in this business. After falling apart and disappearing for 3 months in 2018, Cashe returned to Mainstream Wrestling. Becoming Television Champion as well as their World Heavyweight Champion. Now looking to expand his reach, he arrives in High Octane.


– Bulldog and Cards (He is another dog in a fight and life is a gamble.) over his left chest.

– The name “Momma” in honor of his Mother over his right titty.

– Pot leaf on his lower left stomach. (Obvious reasons, first ever tat.)

– Cross/Dagger on left arm with RIP to represent those in his old gang who passed.

– Random Tribal (Reasons to not drink Alcohol.)


– Front Teeth missing after winning APW Heavyweight Title.

– Right Nipple is completely gone. Bitten off by Jair Hopkins during a 4CW Title Match.

– 4 inch knife scar on his right rib cage. Stabbed by a fan when he last competed in England.


– Custom designed Sweat Pants that vary in colors. Grey, Green, Orange, Black.

– A black Elbow Pad on left arm only. Leaves right elbow bare to hit his “Mark Of JASON” Signature.

– Both wrists taped up, his left hand and fingers tapped up as well.

– Dog Tags on a long neck chain.

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