Hannibal Frost Finisher

Additional Info

Frost’s primary fighting style is All-Around Technical while he’s fresh, as he’s seeking to smoothly transition into something from his moveset. His offense consists mostly of trying to set up opportunities for the Ankle Lock. Anything that doesn’t land an opponent face down is Frost prepping for the Cold Truth. Even on defense, Frost will look to counter whatever he can into some form of the Ankle Lock or Cold Truth.

Frost will go Brawler if he loses his temper, but he will only lose his temper on an opponent being a little too disrespectful. To his benefit or detriment, once Frost has landed the Cold Truth, he will try to execute it over and over again until he believes the opponent get’s what he’s trying to say. This probably won’t happen much(probably reserved for no-shows).

Frost believes in the spirit of friendly competition as long as his opponent makes the same effort. With that, and his years of in-ring experience, Frost will never lose his temper when he’s truly bested. Cheating will clearly upset the man, though.


He doesn’t really use Submission holds besides the Ankle Lock, and some Wrist Locks to start a match.

His strikes are mainly kick focused, but he has trouble striking high without jumping. Mainly throws punches while trading blows.

He likes various leaping/diving clotheslines when he’s having fun! (He’s still trying to “master the technique”. They generally backfire.)

If an opponent earns his respect, he will always shake their hand after the match, win or lose. Even if he has to drag himself up. (Barring unconsciousness, of course)

He won’t ever pull anything dirty or cheap or try to cheat.

He doesn’t run away, but he knows when he’s been outclassed by a better man and won’t push a knockdown, drag out finish with a face.

He will, however, fight a heel like there is no tomorrow. He hates being pushed around by someone he believes to be morally bereft.

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