Gilda Starr

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Gilda Starr







232 lbs


Havre, Montana

The Entrance

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier

The lights dim, the opening sounds of Garbage’s “Empty” begin to play when suddenly, the music changes to “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squier.  The ramp to the ring illuminates with yellow spotlights.   Gilda/Jatt Starr emerge from the curtain followed by his large, scarred associate The Switch as the HOW fans ERUPT with cheers and adulation.

The Ruler of Jattlantis makes his way down the aisle sporting a “GILDA STARR” baseball jersey (with #1 Dad on the back), khakis, and white sneakers with a rainbow colored heel because he takes pride in his in-ring accomplishments.  In his left hand, the Sovereign of Starrgentina carries “Mister Whacky”, his walking cane with has a weighted, stainless steel head, which ironically has the words “Mister Whacky” etched on the top.

Jatt Starr hands “Mister Whacky” to The Switch, performs a couple of quick warm up stretches, runs up the ring steps and enters the ring.   The music fades.

Gilda Starr


Finisher: Jattaclysm
Description: JATTACLYSM:  Modified Texas Cloverleaf where “Gilda“ places her knee on the back of his opponent’s head/neck.

Signature: Falling Star
Description: The Kill Switch/Unprettier

  • “Jattisfaction” - Sleeperhold Drop
  • “ManJattan Drop” - Manhattan Drop
  • Dropkick
  • Snap Suplex
  • German Suplex
  • DDT
  • Tornado DDT
  • Enziguri
  • Leg Sweep
  • Low Blow
  • Knee Drop
  • Punches
  • Eye Poke
  • Abdominal Stretch
  • Armbar Takedown
  • Neckbreaker
  • Clothesline
  • Kicks
  • Spinning Toe Hold
  • Nipple Twist (on male opponents only)
  • Kneebreaker
  • Dropkick to the knee
  • Kick to the groin
  • “Starrkite Express” - Spear - Only to be used in PPV or Title matches
  • “Mister Whacky” - This is the name of his weighted Stainless Steel walking cane - If he has the opportunity to use it, he will.

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

* “Gilda”/Jatt Starr is methodical.  He will consistently target the knees, legs, and the neck of his opponents to set up for his Jattaclysm Finisher.

* “Gilda”/Jatt Starr does not see himself as a cheater.  He is opportunistic and if an opportunity present itself, he will bend the rules….a lot.  Especially if it means bringing Mister Whacky into the fold.

* “Gilda”/Jatt Starr is egotistical.  He will slap his opponent while they’re down.  He will make one finger/one foot pin attempts (unless it is a championship match).

* “Gilda”/Jatt Starr will not take unnecessary risks unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  He seldom goes to the top rope.

* Nicknames:

The Ruler of Jattlantis

The Sultan of SeaJattle

The Jattlantic City Idol

The Champion of Jattanooga

The Hero of Jattlanta

The Starrabian Knight

The Jatt-i Master

The Jattsylvanian Count

The Marquis of MadagaStarr

The Sovereign of Starrgentina

The Baron of Boca Jatton

The Earl of GlouStarr

The King of Grapple from the Big Apple

The Mayor of ManJattan

The Polka Prince of Jattvia

The HOW Classic




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