Frank Dylan James

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The Great Smoky Mountains

The Entrance

"Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent

(Actual descriptions TBA.)

“Stranglehold” plays. A few moments pass until Frank erupts somewhere from the crowd. He hoots and hollers and barks at old people and children, he swings around a length of steel chain that he carries with him all over the place terrorizing anyone who stands in his way. This goes on for several minutes until he either makes his way to the ring and the match begins or the opponent wades out into the crowd and meets Frank for a good old-fashioned round of fisticuffs before the start of the match!

Frank Dylan James


Finisher: Stranglehold
Description: Frank applies a Bulldog Choke and commences trying to rip the head off of the opponent until the bell rings.

Signature: Smoky Mountain Spike
Description: Frank goozles the opponent and choke-lifts him, but instead of slamming the opponent into the mat, Frank jabs his thumb into the carotid artery as violently as possible.

  • Punch
  • Kick
  • Headbutt
  • Bite
  • Fish Hook

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Frank Dylan James can not be confused with a classically trained grappler. To be honest, nobody is really sure who if anyone ever actually put ol’ Frank through any kind of training or if he just showed up on the scene one day and unleashed six shades of hillbilly fury. Now, that isn’t to say that in nigh on two decades of wrestling that Frank hasn’t picked up the basics of say a bodyslam or possibly a King Kong lariat, but he’s certainly not going hold-for-hold on the mat with anybody and he’s DAMN sure not doing any flippy shit off of, over, under, or through the ropes! Springboards are out, but he might cannonball himself off the apron onto a bunch of dudes if given the opportunity.

Also, just saying, beware of the King Kong Piledriver, believe that.

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