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The middle child of the Humes family on Old Route 198 in Blooming Valley– and the only girl besides– Erin grew up juggling the responsibilities of a student and of a farmer’s daughter. Since her mother was a tomboy herself, the fact that Erin was spared precisely none of the harsher, more ‘manly’ tasks around the place wasn’t much of a surprise… though she also had plenty to do with a woman’s work as well. Above all else, though, she learned how to hold her own in any fights with her brothers fast–and in defending her honor against most of the boys that tried to pick on her in school. She made decent grades in high school up through her junior year when her first and only boyfriend, Silas Gordon, knocked her up after prom. Graduating was a struggle, but she managed it before settling into the role of mother and wife alongside of Silas, even starting up a new farm with him a couple miles down the road of her family’s estate, for lack of a better word. Things were good–not rolling in dough good, but good enough to ride out the hard times and be able to rent a cabin for a week in the summer when things were better.

Of course, that all went to Hell the afternoon that Erin got a phone call saying that her husband had been killed when the tool and die machine he’d been on had malfunctioned and drawn him into it.

She got a settlement for his passing, but there’s not much value put on the life of a simple laborer–and that money’s only making do in the long term because of what the farm brings in to supplement it. Things are steady enough, though, for her to make a play at a dream that all the Humes kids had, but none of them ever pursued; professional wrestling. With the support of her family and with her son, Benson having christened her with a moniker she can’t help but think is ridiculous, she’s going to do her level best to make something happen… and to prove that it’s never too late to chase a dream if you want it bad enough.

Her time in SCW was successful enough to make that dream seem like a reality. With the exception of a hard-fought bout against Tarja where she fell short of winning the Vegas Championship, Erin was undefeated in Sin City’s ring, most notably putting ‘The Good Doctor’ Amy Jo Smyth square on her ass after a rather intense war of words. With the advanced notice of SCW closing in the autumn of 2016, she found herself having to scout other opportunities–and OCW seemed like solid enough ground for her to make her new start on in the summer of 2019. Unfortunately, such has not proven true, and so once again, Erin found herself on the move. This time, though, she’s setting her sights higher.

…a lot higher, considering how HOW’s a veritable murderer’s row of talent.

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