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The Entrance

I Am The One by Vo Williams & Dj Ricky Luna

I Am The One by Vo Williams & Dj Ricky Luna plays over the speakers as the lights dim down as three spot lights meet to make a triangle at the entrance.  The fans watch as Pretty Boy Devin DeSean steps out and takes his pose of sheer arrogance as the crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos. Devin smirks as he takes it in as the three spotlights swirl around him and finally dart away from him as the lights return to the normal brightness.


Devin DeSean


Finisher: Un-Pretty Ending
Description: Clip to come… Devin takes the wrist of his opponent and crosses them before pulling them into his stomach, their head hooked under his left or right arm. He takes a second to pose arrogantly with a smug look on his face before delivering what is also known as a straight jacket DDT.

Signature: Make-up on a pig
Description: Make-up on a pig is simply a flourish of strikes from random directions, usually all direction toward the Knees, shoulders, neck, and head of his opponent. Some common series he does are below. Series 1 : When ducking a strike or grapple by a larger opponent he will send a quick kick to try and buckle/hyper extend a knee, from there a back elbow to the jaw once or twice. He will then deliver step back to deliver a hard basement type dropkick to bring them down to a knee Series 2 : When facing an opponent of similar size, Devin enjoys to deliver lightning fast elbows, knees, and finish it up with a trust kick into the stomach to double them over. Series 3 : When dealing with Smaller opponents, he will use the size difference to control them with pinpoint power strikes for maximum effect before finally pulling them back up and go for the finish.

  • Release Cradle Suplex Followed up with a quick knee of kick into the back to keep pressure on
  • Good old fashioned Chop Blocks
  • Falling Armbreaker w/knees
  • Trapping Knee strikes in the corners
  • Fisherman's Carry Neck breaker
  • Springboard sling blade from ring apron
  • Various Leg and Arm locks to help control the match when things start to get out of hand, or he needs to game plan mid match
  • pin point striking with hands, knees, and feet
  • Springing back elbow off middle rope
  • Running Corkscrew forearm

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Personality traits: Narcissist, Forcefully Calm, Believes woman should be in their own division.(ironically since weight wise many female wrestlers could still be able to lift him for various moves), determined, Continues to defiantly fight/trash talk even when getting controlled or outclassed.


Common phases

  • Only going to get better, so you better take advantage of my inexperience now!
  • Remember, while you can put make up on a pig, the fact is they are still pigs!
  • All of these Susie Suplexes better realize they can’t hang with me. Don’t expect any coddling from the Pretty Boy Devin DeSean. *

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