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Buffalo, NY



The Entrance

Heaven and Hell by Kanye West

The opening of ‘Heaven and Hell’ by 20th Century Steel Band rips through the arena, just mixed a bit differently.

Children growing, women producing

Men go work and some go stealing

Everyone’s got to make a living

Then the beat from Heaven and Hell by Kanye West takes over as the HOTv starts to produce a bit of static before showing an outline of a name drawn across the width of it. It simply says:



At the mere sight of his name, the arena erupts.


As Heaven and Hell continues to play through the WrestlePlex, a figure emerges, being lifted through the stage and to the center of the stage. 

At the sight of Noble, the arena comes unhinged.


David stands there, his eyes peering out at the crowd around him as he can feel the energy from every single fan in the arena.

No more promos, no more photos

No more logos, no more chokeholds

We on Bezos, we get payrolls

Trips to Lagos, connect like LEGOs

Noble stands there, lowering his head, and letting the adrenaline course through his body. 

Make this final, make this, my eyes closed

Burn false idols, Jesus’ disciples

I can feel your pain now, I done bled my vein out

New level the game now, simulation changed

David begins to make his way down the ramp, his dark brown hair flowing past his shoulders as he wears a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it and a pair of blue jeans. There’s an intensity to David as he walks down the ramp, each step measured and steady as his eyes stare straight ahead.

No more problems, no more argue

No more askin’, “Who really are you?”

I know the real you, you know we feel you

You know He hears you, you know we with you

Noble reaches the end of the ramp and stands there for a brief second, the fans yelling and chanting at his return before he turns to the left and makes his way to the steel steps, slowly climbing them as the music continues to roar through the arena.

Straight from Beirut, Chicago, Beirut

You cray? We cray too

You pray? We pray too

Never too late for Him to save you

Noble then stops at the top ring step.

This your movie, ‘cause no one can play you

Devil, lay down, Devil, lay down

David raises his arms as the words echo throughout the arena, moving his fingers like he wants more from the fans, which only intensifies the cheering from the crowd. 

This that level, make devils pay now

As the words explode through the speakers, Noble slams his hands together, causing an eruption of fireworks around the arena and the lights to fully come on. 


David then steps onto the ring apron and into the ring itself.

Hold up, no peace, hold up, police

Don’t call police, just stay focused (is on Earth)

Pray for new life, pray for new breath

Hey, Lord, make sure it’s safe for who’s left (Heaven and Hell)

He moves around the ring, looking out at the fans, slamming his right fist against his chest as he yells back at the fans, the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Know you can’t find a place to rest

Know the Lord my bulletproof vest (is on Earth)

When we survive, know that we blessed

Save my people though the music

Then the music dies down as David Noble stands in the center of the ring. 




David Noble


Finisher: Rise Up
Description: Jumping Knee Strike (

Signature: Spear
Description: Spear

  • German Suplex
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Enziguri
  • Triangle Choke
  • Shining Wizard
  • Spinning Elbow
  • Uppercut
  • Lariat
  • Forearm Smash
  • Spinebuster
  • Saito Suplex
  • Gogoplata
  • Ocean Suplex
  • Running Leg Clothesline
  • Crucifix Cutter

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

David Noble has returned to active wrestling after a six year absence.

Wrestling Style: Striker/Brawler/Fighter. He wants to inflict pain.

Three Weaknesses:

1) Heart on his sleeve kind of guy. Because of that, people have an easy time pushing his buttons and tearing him up. He can get hot-headed very easily and as a result, become tunnel visioned.

2) He can get lost in the trees quite a bit, letting his rage get the best of him to the detriment of himself.

3) He likes to live life on the edge, in both his professional and personal life.

Three Strengths:

1) He is a student of the sport. He knows his stuff inside and out. He loves the sport and is willing to give his all to it.

2) He is passionate, when he has the clarity. He knows what he wants and he has a tremendous amount of tenacity.

3) David is very loyal. He will always have someone’s back, to a fault, and be there no matter what.

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