Cayle Murray

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Chicago, IL



The Entrance

“I’m Better Than Everybody” by Lakutis

Entrance Description: The most obnoxious piece of music ever committed to tape, “I’m Better Than Everybody” by Lakutis fires up. Out comes Cayle Murray onto the ramp. A shit-eating grin adorns his face as he stops at the top of the ramp, drops down to one knee, and pulls out the double bicep flex, kissing one of them for good measure. A shower of golden pyro tumbles down behind him, bathing the surroundings in light, before Murray finally starts the descent. He picks a couple of fans to talk smack with en route, rubbing his eyes to feign crying at one. Finally, Cayle reaches the bottom rolls into the ring, and hops onto a set of turnbuckles, shrugging as the crowd rain bile from above.

Cayle Murray


Finisher: Chainbreaker
Description: Vertical suplex sitout side slam (Hirooki Goto’s Shouten)

Signature: PK
Description: Running penalty kick to the opponent’s chest

  • Slaps (from Pancrase-style stiff shots to mockingly soft ones)
  • Standing chops, elbows, and forearms
  • Body and leg kicks
  • Shutthefuckuppercut (pop-up European Uppercut)
  • Supernova Elbow (rear wrist-lock pulled into a short-arm elbow strike)
  • Silver City Cross (Dragon Sleeper w/ body scissors)
  • Moonsault (low-arcing and brutal, Muta style)
  • Starbreaker (Running knee to an opponent's head, "borrowed" from Eric Dane)
  • Poison ‘Rana
  • Lariat
  • Low corner Dropkick
  • Dragon Screw
  • Snap Dragon Suplex
  • Snap German Suple

Additional Information

About the Wrestler

Here’s what you need to know what writing Cayle Murray


Fast striker/technician with an endless gas tank and counters to your counters to his counters. Cayle is a pain in the ass to wrestle because as well as being very skilled offensively, he is incredibly crafty when it comes to slipping into cradles and roll-ups and outright cheating. He would rather win with a handful of tights in two minutes than hit his finisher at the end of a spirited 15-minute battle. If he thinks it’ll give him an advantage, Cayle will happily screw around and try to frustrate his opponents/get inside their head. Taking undue powders, talking trash, avoiding engagement, etc. He’ll beg off and get cowardly when required, too. None of this “fighting spirit” muck: he’s here to win.


  1. Athleticism: excellent speed, stamina, and agility. Few can match his pace when he gets going and he attacks in cloudbursts of impactful offense that can level a foe within a few seconds. If he finds a rhythm and isn’t fucking around, you might be in trouble.
  2. Ring IQ: Cayle knows exactly where he is at any given time and rarely makes poor or self-destructive decisions as a result. This makes him great at getting away with underhand stuff and makes him a skilled counter-wrestler too. 
  3. Annoying: this guy is just straight-up irritating. His mouthiness and willingness to avoid engagement when appropriate makes him a terrible match-up for any opponent with a short temper, because they’re probably going to lose their cool.


  1. Cockiness: there are absolutely going to be times when Cayle being a dickhead to his opponent is going to land him in even more trouble than he was at the first bell. Sometimes, you pull the wrong lion’s tail.
  2. Toughness: Cayle isn’t a guy who’s always going to excel in wild, unruly brawls with plunder and ridiculous levels of violence. More often than not he’ll try to avoid these situations – and shortcut through them if forced to engage. The guy hates hardcore wrestling with a passion.
  3. Size: guy’s 220lbs. Big lads can ragdoll him if they find the openings.

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