Cayle Murray Finisher

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Here’s what you need to know what writing Cayle Murray


Fast striker/technician with an endless gas tank and counters to your counters to his counters. Cayle is a pain in the ass to wrestle because as well as being very skilled offensively, he is incredibly crafty when it comes to slipping into cradles and roll-ups and outright cheating. He would rather win with a handful of tights in two minutes than hit his finisher at the end of a spirited 15-minute battle. If he thinks it’ll give him an advantage, Cayle will happily screw around and try to frustrate his opponents/get inside their head. Taking undue powders, talking trash, avoiding engagement, etc. He’ll beg off and get cowardly when required, too. None of this “fighting spirit” muck: he’s here to win.


  1. Athleticism: excellent speed, stamina, and agility. Few can match his pace when he gets going and he attacks in cloudbursts of impactful offense that can level a foe within a few seconds. If he finds a rhythm and isn’t fucking around, you might be in trouble.
  2. Ring IQ: Cayle knows exactly where he is at any given time and rarely makes poor or self-destructive decisions as a result. This makes him great at getting away with underhand stuff and makes him a skilled counter-wrestler too. 
  3. Annoying: this guy is just straight-up irritating. His mouthiness and willingness to avoid engagement when appropriate makes him a terrible match-up for any opponent with a short temper, because they’re probably going to lose their cool.


  1. Cockiness: there are absolutely going to be times when Cayle being a dickhead to his opponent is going to land him in even more trouble than he was at the first bell. Sometimes, you pull the wrong lion’s tail.
  2. Toughness: Cayle isn’t a guy who’s always going to excel in wild, unruly brawls with plunder and ridiculous levels of violence. More often than not he’ll try to avoid these situations – and shortcut through them if forced to engage. The guy hates hardcore wrestling with a passion.
  3. Size: guy’s 220lbs. Big lads can ragdoll him if they find the openings.

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