Arthur Pleasant Finisher

Additional Info

“The Provocateur” Arthur Pleasant spent the majority of his childhood in a small Alaskan town called Utqiaġvik (pronounced Oot-key-ag-vik”), where the sun does not set for approximately a full month. What growing up in this environment did to Arthur Pleasant’s psyche is unknown, but rumor has it that Arthur spent a significant amount of time in various institutions and regularly seeks therapy. Before the age of 21, Arthur’s history is very much unknown. All we know for sure is that, based on official documents for identification purposes, Arthur Pleasant was born on July 12th, 1993. He was also trained by a Hall of Fame competitor who has traveled the globe for the past 25 years, but the actual identity of this individual has been redacted from all viable documents containing such information. With the charisma of a cult-leader, Arthur has found himself leading various groups across the professional wrestling landscape. Among them was a group of known criminals who had been blackballed from wrestling in the United States known as “The Collective”. In the deep south, Arthur is the Boss of another group of violent eccentrics known as “The Scourge”.

It was recently revealed in a promotional video uploaded to the HOW servers that Arthur Pleasant has employed the services of a massive tank of a man named Yuri Reznikov, a merc who has ties to some high-ranking associates within the Bratva. It is not known whether or not this man is still involved with the Brotherhood that has taken over the organized crime scene in Russia, but given his employed services to Arthur Pleasant, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility. 

Fighting Style and In-Ring Tendencies
Arthur’s “style” is a lot like your most of your relationship statuses on Facebook during the mid-00’s. No, not non-existent! It’s… complicated. Though on the surface it can be summed up with one word in “Hardcore”, Arthur has infused that style with a background in Muay-Thai/Kickboxing. And, of course, a lot of dickbaggery. If there’s an opportunity to punch you in the dick or tits, Arthur will absolutely seize it. He loves to fuck with his opponents and the crowd on an almost inhumane level. His dark, bizarre, and more-than-erratic behavior transcends his out-of-the-ring antics and follows him into (just about) every match. Much to the surprise of those who have followed his Deathmatch exploits across the world, Arthur is very adaptable to his opponents’ styles. Though “The Provocateur” may love to dance in the blood of his opponents –as well as his own– in ultraviolent matches, Arthur has been known to mix it up on the mat with gifted technical competitors and surprise even his harshest of critics for his “Garbage Wrestling” style.

Oh yeah! He’s quick as fuck, too. Good luck catching him if he’s provoking you in the cat and mouse game. It’s those lanky legs of his. And probably mechanical augmentations in his legs like it’s 2077.*

The “Goddammit! Why won’t you just fucking DIE?!” Psychology
To say that Arthur Pleasant has an immense pain tolerance would be a gross understatement. Often kicking out of moves at the count of one and thus getting into the minds of all his opponents, Arthur will come at you as relentlessly as The Terminator it-fucking-self. Yeah, you thought that fancy fucking flippity floppity signature of yours was it? Oh-ho-ho-HOOOOO now. Think a-fucking-gain, asshole. He wipes his ass with your stupid fucking indy shit.

Other Shit
Arthur has an on-going rivalry with Lindsay Troy that has spanned the globe. If only she would admit that he is the better wrestler and admires Arthur for his skills, his superior intelligence, and pledge her undying loyalty (and fealty) to him, then maybe they could be friends. Perhaps even BFFs!

Roleplays Featuring Arthur Pleasant