Andy Murray Finisher

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Here’s what you need to know when writing Andy Murray.


Dirty brawler. Age and injuries have taken much of his athleticism so he focuses on throwing leather. His strikes aren’t always precise but they’re wild and come in volumes, and he’ll gladly turn a “match” into a straight-up mess a la Bruiser Brody or Stan Hansen. A bully between the ropes. Frequently uses the ringside environment to beat his opponents up (steps, barricades, posts, exposed turnbuckles, equipment cables, etc.) and always employs dirty tactics like small joint manipulation, slapping, biting, spitting, eye gouges, and whatever else he can get away with.


1. Toughness. Andy Murray is hard as fuck, his pain threshold is immense, and he can take a punch.

2. Relentlessness. Once Murray is on you, he’s on you, swarming without giving the opponent a chance to breathe.

3. Ring Generalship. He’s been doing this for 26 years so you’d best believe he knows how to cut off and control a ring, using intelligence and experience to overcome any athletic shortcomings.


1. Battle Scars. Murray’s right knee is basically sawdust at this point and a clear target for any focused assault. There are lots of little aches and pains elsewhere on his body too, this is just the biggest one.

2. Athleticism. No longer able to move around the ring like he used to, Andy can be undone by a quicker, more agile opponent.

3. Stubbornness. Often doesn’t know when to quit, leading to him taking far more damage than is necessary.

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