Alex Redding Finisher

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  • Ring General – Ever since stepping inside of his twenty by twenty workplace, Redding has displayed a natural accuity for knowing where he is at all times, and knowing how to use his environment to maximum effect.
  • Bully for You  – Redding is not afraid of pressing his advantage, an his in-ring attack is comprised of verbal barrages, along with the fists and kicks. His goal is to make his competitors angry enough to become sloppy and make mistakes. This bully mentality has been known to the referees as well.
  • Student of the Game – Redding’s undiagnosed OCD manifests in the form of his thorough film study. Do not expect him to be surprised by his opponents obvious strengths, and exploit known weaknesses. He’s usually good for an escape a hold, or two.
  • Third Hand – Grady Patrick patrols the ringside, and while he’s not a bodyguard that’s going to body anybody, ‘Shady’ works best in the cracks: taking advantage of distracted referees, being the distraction, and has been known to carry contraband at opportune times.


  • Bully for You – Red’s playing with fire every time he’s eliciting rage from his opponents. And referees have been known to step in when Redding’s aggression gets going, giving his opponent the chance to recover, or take back the advantage.
  • Third Hand – Grady Patrick on the outside has been just as big a distraction to Red as his opponents. Redding will occasionally rush to defend the slippery bastard to save his skin.
  • No Super Heavyweight – Don’t expect to see Red trying to suplex the monsters and giants of HOW. He has to dig deeper into the playbook, and forgoes some of the heavy hitters. This can include taking that uncomfortable perch on the top rope. Odds of shit going sideways increases tenfold coming off the top.
  • Showman – Generally, play the objective is the mind frame, generally. Redding can get caught playing to the crowd, playing a game of one-upsmanship with his opponent, or trying to outdo the match before him, or throw down the gauntlet to the main event. These are usually bigger moves that don’t always pay off, and pretty generally have some recoil.

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