High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Brian Hollywood

Brian Hollywood: I told you all what was coming. I warned you all the consequences if you chose to stay on this path. Now look where we’re at. This all could have been avoided. But to be honest…I’m actually GLAD you all chose this road. Now? We own it. And we’re just getting started…


The scene opens up inside what is left of the Yuengling Center. Crews are still cleaning up the damage that was caused by the eight men in a faction haven’t gotten a name from yet. There is a lot of mystique behind these guys as no one has said a word of who they are or what their name is. Instead people have been speculating backstage and on Twitter..god forbid..that have been commenting on the aftermath. It’s even been met with media attention. However media members haven’t gotten any word from anyone that was responsible or even in on the attack itself. No luck all week. Until tonight..where Blaire Moise was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Hollywood in a one on one exclusive interview. Hollywood and Blaire met earlier today and the interview has gone viral. Here’s what went down earlier this afternoon..


Blaire: Thank you for sitting down and taking the time to talk to me. I know it’s been a busy week for you. You’ve gotten a lot of attention for the scene you caused at the very last Refueled show. Even a lot of backlash for not explaining your actions for all the mayhem you caused. Why not just explain what happened and why you did it?


The camera cuts on Hollywood who looks visibly calm. Hollywood started stroking his now partly grizzled chin before smiling at Blaire. He calmly collects himself before answering Blaire.


Hollywood: “I don’t have to answer anything I don’t want to Blaire. Simply put I will be revealing everything this week at Chaos. But to be truthful with you even then I have the power to let you and everyone else in on what I want.


Hollywood pauses for a bit as Blaire looks on in confusion. Hollywood shakes his head as he picks up where he left off.


Hollywood: “You want to know what the saddest part of everything is though? It’s the fact that now we have EVERYONES attention! You want to know why that is sad? It shouldn’t have come down to destroying an arena and literally burying a few roster members under rubble. But it happened! THIS happened!”


Hollywood shakes his head as he continues to get visibly upset and frustrated.


Hollywood: “People demanding answers and calling it childish temper tantrums..those are the people effected by it. They claim they don’t give a fuck but the truth is they wouldn’t talk or comment on it if they didn’t. The truth here Blaire is that they are effected and it does scare them because if something like that can happen to a few bandits and shit happening in the ring then the truth is everyone else wouldn’t have a clue if something like that can and may happen to them as well.”


Blaire: “Lets talk about Mike Best then.”


Hollywood shifts in his seat as he cocks his head back in a non caring way.


Hollywood: “What about him?”


Hollywood says without a care in the world.


Blaire: “I mean…he did say he was going to fine you for all the damage done to the arena.”


Hollywood let’s out a laugh and shakes his head like he just don’t care.


Hollywood: “Oh that’s great to hear. I really don’t give a fuck if he fines me. You see what has happened to the son? He’s become a corporate boring fuck. I mean for fuck sakes he FINED me! Then he ignored it. Well tell ya what Mike…if you really don’t care rhat much then perhaps we cook up a little something something on the way “home.” Maybe that will warrant some more caring. But I digress..if no one wants to get the message than perhaps we just up the anti. I mean I have no problem with that whatsoever.”


Blaire: “So this week you have a match with Ground Zero and the Bandits. Anything you would like to say in your regards to that?”


Hollywood shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.


Hollywood: “Not really. I mean it’s a chance to make a statement like always. You know me..I never shy away from the spotlight. But the truth is this time it’s about making sure the others get in the spotlight as well. I plan on doing just that. But as for Ground Zero this week…we put the focus on them. I’m really not sure the bandits are in any conditions to be fighting if you catch my drift. Haha. None the less they will be treated as such. The enemy. Everyone here is the enemy now. They refused to take my advice and change. That’s on them. This time we’re making sure they pay up. It won’t change until something changes. That’s it.”


Blaire: “So can we at least get a name on your stable? Something?”


Hollywood simply smiles knowing he’s got Blair’s attention. But that was just one. He knew he needed more. And he will.


Hollywood: “You’ll find out on Friday Blaire…as will everyone else!”


hollywood takes off his microphone piece and cuts the interview as the scene fades out.



(OOC NOTE: I’m sorry this may be on the short side. Truth is I’ve been pretty sick the last few days and had troubles getting something up. But I needed to get something up. Even if it was small. Apologies to everyone.)

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