High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Lindsay Troy

November 20, 2019
San Jose, CA
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Don’t worry, kids, there won’t be any spontaneous renditions of ‘Barracuda’ this week.

It’s after-hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Lindsay Troy is posted up against the glass wall of the Giant Octopus Exhibit. Ideally, she wanted to cut this promo at the Monopoly in the Park board, but that required at least a 30 day booking reservation. Not even the magical strings of “celebrity status” could wrangle her even fifteen minutes of film time during daylight hours while HOW was in town, given the beautiful mid-November California weather.

So she’d have to settle for hanging out with Cayle Murray in his natural habitat instead.

“Well. This seems…


The Queen is outfitted in a well-worn black leather jacket with blue racing stripes down the sleeves; a new, officially-licensed ‘Queen of the Ring; Ruler, Beyond Measure’ HOW t-shirt; jeans, and sneakers: her usual streetwear on full display. Her half of the HOW World Tag Team titles rests easily over her shoulder. One leg’s bent at the knee, putting her foot up against the bottom of the glass. Safe to say that’s the leg that took the shiv at Rumble at the Rock from the motormouth of The Order, Brian Hollywood.

“I knew when I agreed to come to the Land of High Octane, that big match moments would be in store for me. How could they not; the place’s reputation for a high level of competition preceded itself.

“It was part of the pitch that Lee Best made when he came a-calling again, just as it was all those other times he tried to lock me in.

“What made it different this time? What made me say ‘yes’ when all those other times I said ‘no?’



“And incentives.

“The timing was right because my commitments were fewer. The incentive to make an immediate impact against the Old and New Guard of HOW in the World Title tournament was an added perk.

“Some have lasted; many haven’t. And while there have been unfortunate bumps in the road – that tournament loss to Hollywood and an early exit in War Games – I’ve more than stormed back from those minor setbacks.

“Haven’t lost a singles match since that one to Blonde Ambition. Got two dukes over him in tag matches and kept his and Zion’s grubby paws away from the title belts.

“And, of course, I had a watershed moment at Rumble at the Rock, which made up for my early War Games exit by Halitosis, who has probably by now found a country road to take him home to the place where he belongs.”

She smirks.

“It was only a matter of time before it happened. It was only a matter of time before I truly showed up and showed out here in High Octane Wrestling. And now that I have; now that I did what I had to do by putting my body on the line to secure a win and these tag belts for the Industry?

“Now I reap another reward.

“Another chance to see some singles gold around my waist.

“I don’t think you’re overlooking me, Cecilworth. You’ve proven to be far too smart for that. You didn’t get to where you are by taking anyone lightly, same as me.

“Sure, you crack the jokes and can’t seem to stop calling Dan a melting Terminator diaper-man for … reasons … but I’m gonna try not to hold that against you too much. I don’t think he does so why should I?

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity ever since I got bounced out of the World Title tournament. A shot at testing my mettle against the hottest young talent in the business, nevermind the Man in HOW.

“And, even better than that? A chance to play spoiler?

“I’m more than up for that task.

“I know how important records are, Cecilworth. I’ve set quite a few of my own in my day. Longest world title holder in our mutual company, Empire Pro. The Colossus Curse Breaker in PRIME. I know what it means to chase a record, chase an adversary, in hopes of toppling those legacies and cementing yourself as better than those that came before you.

“But I’ve got my own legacy that I want to cement in HOW, kid. I know how much that ICON title means to you. I know what it’s like to hold onto a belt with an iron fist.

“I know what it’s like to come up against roadblocks.

“This won’t be easy for me, because I also know what’s lurking in the shadows to help you protect what’s yours and to help you attain what you seek.

“I say, bring ‘em on. You know another clash is coming, Cess. Only a matter of time.

“And for what it’s worth? If you weren’t facing me, or Dan, or Jack, or MJ, I’d be hopin’ you’d break Sektor’s record.

“But you know I can’t let that happen.”

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