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Published: Written by: godofhow

So with a very stressful almost three weeks behind me, I can confidently state that the site is back up and running from what I can tell. The forums were what got hit and they were literally not worth saving (would have cost me an additional $200 to have an expert go thru all the coding etc). Basically I did what I had to …both in time and money….to get this thing back up and running.

I will completely understand if those guys that were on the fringe anyway are done with the fed but for those that stuck thru this bullshit…I just want to say thank you. I appreciate it greatly.

So with that said here is where we stand:

  • Forums are dead and I have no desire to look at alternatives right now due to what I just went thru to save the site
  • New card is posted and it will be the go home show for RATR.
  • The Roleplay Deadline is next THURSDAY with the results going up on a very special Saturday edition of CHAOS
  • One roleplay for all matches.

More news to come pertaining to the RATR card and all that as time permits tonight post work and during the rest of the week. Right now I honestly just want to turn my brain off and unplug from the matrix now that the site is back live.

You CAN LOGIN and post roleplays here on the site asap. I am thinking of other ways to do the rping post RATR but for now…nothing is changing.

Thanks and appreciate the patience folks…really do.

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