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Published: Written by: Rhys Townsend

Here at HOWrestling.com, as you know, we’re dedicated to bringing you the hottest scoops possible. So after his sensational return, we sent a reporter to South Wales to get some comment from the returning Rhys Townsend. As our reporter found out, Rhys Townsend is like most people from South Wales – he loves to talk. After he made our reporter buy the most expensive meal deal available at the flagship location for his taco truck empire, he agreed to have a conversation with our reporter. Below are some of the highlights from the conversation our reporter had with the Five Time HOW World Champion.


On Returning


“Well, hell of a return, wasn’t it? I’ll be honest – I knew I was going to come back when I did for a little while. I had been thinking about it for a little while, and of course, I was in touch with Witness – first, because I endorsed his…deceased client for the taco truck, and then just because we don’t have a mere friendship, we have a brotherhood. Guy has always been like an older brother, helps me reign in my hot head and loose mouth, always been able to calm me down and make me see reason. And it just spirals from there, doesn’t it? Hard to be a road agent when all you can think about is stepping between those ropes. But yeah, it just felt like the perfect opportunity to come back, so I took it.”


On why he returned


“Well, you take one look at the landscape of High Octane, and what do you have? The usual bunch of “heel” mercenaries hanging around in the Best Alliance…nothing new there. Then you have Mike’s Diet Best Alliance, the World Twitter Champions, and then what? A bunch of disinterested fuckers in the mid card. From where I was stood, it looked like High Octane was dying. I couldn’t stand and watch from a distance. If HOW is gonna close it’s doors again, fine, but I’m going to make sure it’s in a blaze of fucking glory. Someone has to come along and offer something different, be something different to the fifty nine thousand “badass” bad guys we have, or the “comedic” bad guys…why not me?”


On reuniting Ground Zero


“On a personal level? It’s something I have wanted to do for a while. I’ve long felt that I have unfinished business with Ground Zero. When I decided I was returning, I asked Witness first, if he was still down to do it. He was. From there, it snowballed. Ward, Sektor…as soon as they heard, they were on board. And to get America as well? Perfect.”


On Ground Zero’s plans


“Refueled. We will all talk about that on Refueled, as a group. Until then, no comment.”


On his personal plans going forward


“Well, they’re probably not particularly hard to find out…you could just go and look at my Twitter account. Yes, myself and Ground Zero want to do the hashtag predictable thing of eating up all the Championships in High Octane Wrestling, but if you’re a stable and you don’t want to do that…then why are you a stable? But that’s not what you asked, you asked about my own personal goals. Fine. Honestly? I thought I would have to remind people of who I am, what I’ve done and why I matter…but I don’t have to do that because nobody forgot. I want to get back to the highest level, same as any wrestler should…if you’re not here to be World Champion, why are you even here? But I’m not just going to walk into a World Championship match – I’ve spoken out, loudly, in the past about that happening with comebacks…if I want my sixth, I will have to earn it. And that’s fine, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want my fourth reign with the Tag Team Championships…and, more importantly to me, I want to win the one championship I haven’t won here – the LSD Championship.”


On the challenges he’s received on Twitter


“I’ve never backed down from a challenge, I have no intentions of starting now. I’m not a hard man to find. Unfortunately, I don’t hold the book, but as far as I’m concerned, I will wrestle anyone. Same as it’s always been.”


On his return match, against his stablemates


“Didn’t even get through one single show without Mike showing the rest of High Octane how things are going to be, did we? Don’t let him win on Twitter, go ahead and do something that nobody else really seems to have the balls to do – go back at him and actually shut him up, and what do you get out of it? A petty “revenge” match. Not that it’s going to get him what he wants…because he’s already showed a fundamental lack of understanding of what exactly he is dealing with in Ground Zero – we don’t care. The three of us will walk out there on the 16th, at the Yuengling Center, and we will wrestle the best match we can – we will all look to demonstrate our personal styles of professional wrestling…and while nobody else might give a fuck, we will go out there and do our level best to make sure that the pro-wrestling fans in the crowd who bought tickets are entertained, to make sure that the pro-wrestling fans watching at home on HOTv are entertained. Simple. It’s what we love to do.


But if I can circle back around for a minute? One show, and Mike not only demonstrates his pettiness, but exactly how unfit he is to be the man running this place. Myself, Ward and Witness have all headlined pay per views, with and against each other. We are all former World Champions. We just had a comeback that got the entire world of wrestling talking. So what does he do with a match that has a legitimate chance to make him, and the federation money? Gives it away for free. One show, and he’s already demonstrated that he doesn’t have the head for this business that his Dad does. Max has walked because he thinks that HOW is going to die soon – and then Mike promptly proves him correct in the first card he books. It’s…disappointing.”


On if he still has issues with Mike Best


“Of course. I’ll always have an issue with Mike. I’m sure it’s exactly the same for him. When he wants to grow a set and step back in a High Octane ring, he knows I’ll be waiting.”


His closing comments


“Look, I’m not so good at this sorta thing…but I’d like to take a moment to thank anyone who’s reading, listening, watching this – whatever. I don’t know how the website monkeys are going to put this out there, but yeah. And thank you to the current roster…your apathy inspired me to come back. I don’t know where I am, in terms of my level, so all I can do is work my ass off to live up to my own expectations. To make sure we get as many people through the gates for our shows as possible. To do the exact same thing I did the last time I was here – give absolutely everything I have to prove that I am one of, if not the best professional wrestler to ever grace High Octane Wrestling.”


As per the norm for the 28 year old, he wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions. Don’t forget, the Welshman makes his in-ring return this upcoming Refueled in an all Ground Zero triple threat contest as he squares off against two of his long time friends in Evan Ward and Silent Witness, with special referee Christopher America. That match? Exclusively on HOTv, from the Yuengling Center on the 16th of August!


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