High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: godofhow

Tonight at Refueled IV we will finally see the conclusion of the World Title Tournament and no one is more happy than Lee Best about this.

“Look its been a LOOONG time coming and I do not care what you think about who is in the match, who you wanted in the match, or if you feel like this should even be happening, the truth of the matter is that NO ONE is bigger than High Octane Wrestling and there is no greater prize than the World Championship. I dont give two fucks about anyones feelings going into tonights match and quite honestly all I care about is getting this belt back to the top of the food chain when it comes to the perception in the wrestling business. So with that said….I fully expect Hollywood and Halitosis to put it all on the line and end the show on a fucking high note.

Just like everyone’s feelings regarding the Father and Son of High Octane……hate us or love us….but you will respect us and you will respect our World Champion.

It will just be your choice if its earned or beaten into you.”

Expect a lot of Lee and Mike tonight it sounds like as the Best family truly begins its final push for the High Octane brand.

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