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5. Max Kael

    5. Max Kael

    Max Kael survives
    Gimmick: War Games Match
    Titles On The Line: World
    Show: War Games 2012 (6-24-12)
    Team Best Alliance
    Christopher America, Max Kael, Mike Best
    Team Ground Zero
    Evan Ward, Rhys Townsend
    Team Scottywood
    Scottywood(c), David Black, Jace Parker Davidson
    Entrance Order
    1. Christopher America (Elim. 6th by Jace)
    2. David Black (Elim. 3rd by America)
    3. Evan Ward (Elim. 5th by Best)
    4. Jace P. Davidson (Elim. 8th by Kael)
    5. Max Kael – WINNER
    6. Mike Best (Elim. 7th by Jace)
    7. Rhys Townsend (Elim. 1st by Black)
    8. Silent Witness (Elim. 4th by Best)
    9. Scottywood (Elim. 2nd by Witness)
    -World Title: Max Kael wins War Games and wins the World Title