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25. Sean Maguire

    25. Sean Maguire

    Sean Maguire defeats Noah Nixon
    Gimmick: Falls Count Anywhere
    Title Reign: 119 days
    Show: War Games (6-6-11)
    Sean Maguire defeats Scottywood
    Gimmick: Hardcore Match
    Show: TNT (6-23-11)

    Sean Maguire defeats Blue Thunder
    Gimmick: First Blood Match
    Show: TNT (7-7-11)

    Sean Maguire and David Black fight to a Draw
    Gimmick: Three Stages of Hell Match
    Show: Bottomline (8-15-11)

    Sean Maguire defeats Gia Van Zant, David Black and Jatt Starr
    Gimmick: Fatal Fourway Tables Match
    Show: TNT (9-15-11)