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2. Aceldama & Shane Reynolds

    2. Aceldama & Shane Reynolds

    Aceldama & Shane Reynolds survive
    Gimmick: War Games Match
    Titles On The Line: World
    Show: War Games 2009 (6-8-09)
    Team Best – Lee Best(c)
    Aceldama, Shane Reynolds, Christopher America, Mark O’Neal
    Team Kael
    Max Kael(c), Bobbinette Carey, Paul Paras, Graystone
    Entrance Order
    1. Paul Paras (Elim. 4th by Aceldama)
    2. Aceldama -WINNER
    3. Christopher America (Elim 5th by Kael)
    4. Graystone (Elim. 1st by America)
    5. Shane Reynolds -WINNER
    6. Bobbinette Carey (Elim. 3rd by America)
    7. Mark O’Neal (Elim. 2nd by Carey)
    8. Max Kael (Elim 6th by Reynolds)
    -World Title: Aceldama retains his title by surviving with Shane Reynolds