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1. Bobbinette Carey & Shane Reynolds

    1. Bobbinette Carey & Shane Reynolds

    Bobbinette Carey & Shane Reynolds survive
    Gimmick: War Games Match
    Titles On The Line: World, ICON, LSD, Stable
    Show: War Games 2008 (8-10-08)
    Team Best Alliance – Lee Best(c)
    Max Kael, Scottywood, Graystone, Darkwing, Narcotic, The Masked Marvel
    Team Epic
    Bobbinette Carey(c), Shane Reynolds, Kenn Oddity, Mystic J, Arc Angel, L.A. Riotz
    Team Kostoff
    Chris Kostoff(c), Anguish, Nijs Landzaat, Eric Draven, Engima, Xander Hayes
    Entrance Order
    1. Bobbinette Carey – WINNER
    2. Anguish (Elim. 1st by Carey)
    3. Nijs Landzaat (Elim. 2nd by Oddity)
    4. Kenn Oddity (Elim. 14th by Kael)
    5. Scottywood (Elim. 11th by Kostoff)
    6. Graystone (Elim. 4th by Oddity)
    7. Eric Draven (Elim. 3rd by Scottywood)
    8. Mystic J (Elim. 5th by Scottywood)
    9. Max Kael (Elim. 16th by Reynolds)
    10. Chris Kostoff (Elim. 13th by Oddity)
    11. Enigma (Elim. 6th by Kostoff)
    12. Xander Hayes (Elim. 7th by Kostoff)
    13. Darkwing (Elim. 8th by Carey)
    14. ArcAngel (Elim. 10th by Kael)
    15. L.A. Riotz (Elim. 9th by Kostoff)
    16. Masked Marvel (Elim. 12th by Oddity)
    17. Narcotic (Elim. 15th by Carey)
    18. Shane Reynolds – WINNER
    -World Title: Since both Carey & Reynolds survived, as team captain, Bobbinette awards herself the World Title
    -ICON Title: Shane Reynolds survives War Games and retains the ICON Title
    -LSD Title: Kostoff retains the LSD Title by tying Kenn Oddity for most eliminations (4)
    -Stable Title: Team Epic wins the Stable Title by eliminating the people total people (8)