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Published: Written by: Brian Hollywood

What else could I possibly do?  It was time to step into place and figure things out for myself.  I mean, I am, after all, the mastermind behind a lot of things recently in HOW, and I’ll be damned if I let them continue on the way they are any longer.  Sometimes…sometimes, when you want things done you just have to do them your fucking self!


Brian Hollywood: So here we are.  The go home show before Rumble at the Rock and where do things currently stand?  In disappointing order is where they stand.  I’d be lying if I wasn’t upset…let alone, pissed off by the way some things have gone.  But when you work with me…when you stand on my side…I expect results.  Everyone that has known me for as long as I’ve been in a squared circle knows how I take care of my business!


Hollywood was seen visibly upset and he was definitely not in a good mood tonight.  Based on what’s been happening lately since he formed the Order, Hollywood was definitely not happy with how things have gone so far.  It’s unknown where he’s at as he attempts to be doing some recon on the upcoming guard tower match for the HOW Tag Team Championships.


Brian Hollywood: I could have easily been involved in an LSD or ICON Championship match…but I decided that if I wanted to get some unity under control for the Order, that I would be inserting myself in the Tag Team Championship match.  It would have been no problem for me to insert myself somewhere else…but I wanted to prove just how much I value teamwork.


Of course Hollywood valued teamwork…when it benefited him.  Hollywood was mainly a lone wolf in HOW and did things himself.  But when leading a team himself, he always expected perfection.  He has shown that perfection in the past and how things currently stood, it was one thing that needed to be worked on..and Hollywood knew it.  Luckily, Hollywood always had a plan…even if the original plan wasn’t going so well.  That was what always made Hollywood such a dangerous man.  His history and accolades have shown that.  Hollywood was to the point where he needed to know for sure where things stood.  Which is exactly why he stepped into the Tag Team Championship match against The Industry with Darin Zion.


Brian Hollywood: It’s quite simple, really.  Plus I’ve got some unfinished business with The Industry.  I evaluated that The Order’s best shot at victory would come from the most experienced members with history from the past.  History doesn’t scream more prominent and enriched than Brian Hollywood and Darin Zion.  We’ve been on both sides of the fold and we’ve both have a lot of success together…that can’t be ignored.  We’ve held tag team gold everywhere we’ve ever set our feet in.  The Hollywood Boyz is no secret, or stranger to anyone.  However…those days have come and gone.  Those were the “fun” days and today…it’s all about business.  Besides, after Zion’s latest “concussion”…if that’s what you want to call it…Zion has refused to speak.  Even I have had trouble getting him to talk.  He just isn’t the same Zion he once was.  However…I recognize danger when I see it…and this latest spat from Zion should make everyone scared.  That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to manage him.  It’s a bit of a different coin that I’ve undertaken…but it’s something that isn’t out of the realm of possibility for yours truly, to undertake.  In fact…I fully recognize what I’ve taken upon myself to manage Zion…and I can assure you…it won’t be for the faint of heart as we proceed into the future.


Hollywood knew Zion.  He knew him better than anyone in the wrestling world ever could. Hollywood and Zion were more than just best friends…they were brothers.  Brothers that have gone through more in the thick of things than anyone else could possibly imagine.  If they could possibly overcome all the impossible odds of ever teaming again and reuniting under the same banner, that spelled trouble for anyone.


Brian Hollywood: I fully realize Zion has become a monster.  But let me remind all of you just who made that monster.  I may be molding him…controlling him…but it was HOW that ultimately created the monster that has come out of Zion.  If you all think this is fodder…than you’ll have another thing coming come time for Rumble at the Rock.  I’ll unleash this monster and I’ll make sure he doesn’t hold back.  If the Industry really wants to contend with that…then that’s on them.  It will also be on them when they lose those Tag Team Championships to Zion and I.  You see…Zion and I haven’t exactly been tag champs before in HOW.  Sure…one could argue the freebird rule back when Sex and Money was a thing…dear god I’ll stop there.  But this time will be different.  This time, Zion and I will be going in chasing the gold.  There isn’t more fuel in the fire than that.  It will be everyone’s undoing and I promise all of you…you won’t like what comes out on the other side of Rumble at the Rock!


Hollywood pauses as he takes another sip of his whiskey.  Hollywood takes in the strong taste as he moves on to something he cannot avoid any longer.  The key to his bitterness lately and the end result of what he would be addressing this week on Chaos.  Hollywood shakes his head as he sets his glass down.  There is no love in Hollywood’s eyes.  Just the cold, bitter anger that has taken a hold of Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: Now then…I promised results this week.  I’m well aware that the original match was supposed to be Savage, Odell and myself against the Egg Bandits.  But I have other plans…so I made a game time decision and have replaced Odell with Crash Rodriguez.  You’re all probably scratching your heads and going why bother?  But the fact of the matter is, I am putting the ultimate test in place.  Because after this week…if my hunches are right…it will dictate everything moving forward.  In fact…I’ve got plans in place already for Chaos this week and some will like it while others….will just deal with the cold hard reality of what happens when you have a bitter leader trying to maintain…order…


Hollywood pauses for a moment as he lets that little conundrum set in for viewers.  Hollywood was always cryptic..but he really left little to the imagination on what could possibly be happening on this weeks Chaos. 


Brian Hollywood: So with that being said…let me just address some bad eggs in a basket for a second…we’ve been down this road before gentlemen.  You may have won a few battles…but you ultimately lost the war.  There is no place for the three of you to stand face to face with the Order in HOW.  Bobby Dean, Cool Jiles and Doozer…we’ve danced this song before.  Perhaps you all forgot what happened to you all the last time you crossed paths with us.  I’m willing to bet with the new lineup I put in place…that this lineup of Savage, Crash and myself can right the ship and officially poach you eggs once and for all.  By giving the three combo of ourselves another shot..I’m willing to bet that it’s finally the right thing we’ll need to get the Order right back on track.  Like I said…sitting on the sidelines can be a dangerous place to be.  And there hasn’t been anyone on the sidelines longer than myself.  I could have been in the thick of things…but I’ve chosen to sit back and see how things gel with me watching from the shadows.  Now that I have, and how I haven’t liked what I’ve seen, I’m stepping out of said shadows and fixing this motherfucker once and for all….and if I’m right…things will be just fine come time for Chaos and there will be more business done other than our match against the Bandits.


Hollywood pauses once more as a small, but devious smile briefly crosses his face as his thoughts flow silently in flourish bunches.  That smile quickly disappears, though, as Hollywood stares back into the camera one more time looking stern and serious.


Brian Hollywood: This week at Chaos…on the eve of the Tag Team Championship match at Rumble at the Rock…the ship WILL be righted…one way or another!  Because you all know the kind of patience I have…and this patience is something I don’t have massive quantities of….not in a war for High Octane Wrestling!  Everyone has known for awhile of my desire to control HOW and to run this company the way it deserves.  And if everyone still remembers the kinds of things I’d do to get that back…then everyone should know better and know by now that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to make that a reality again!  So come with your jokes and your third act of yesterday, Bandits..because its outdated and there’s no more room for it in HOW today…least of all to me.  Order will be restored and we will cross you off the list…once and for all.  Then, after that is finished…I set my sights on the Tag Team Championships in my first stop on the road back to the top in all of High Octane Wrestling because sitting on the sidelines….can be a dangerous place for a man like me to be!

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