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The Return of The Scorpion: The Awakening

Location: San Francisco, California: Alcatraz Island
November 2, 2019, 4:30 AM

The sound of the Prison Chapel door creaks open as Scott Stevens emerges from the abyss and into the moonlight. The Texan adjusts his jacket as the chilling breeze hits him like a right hand.

“Fuck it’s cold!”

Stevens says to himself as he looks around the island.

“To properly prepare for my match and get into the proper mind set I have to head home.”

Stevens says as he heads down the concrete steps and follows the East Road passed the Building 64 towards the electric shop. Once there, the Texan reaches his checkpoint he takes a left and heads towards the MAIN PRISON entrance. Once Stevens reaches the entrance of the prison he stops in front of it and smiles.


The Texan says aloud as a giant cloud of steam fills the air around him and he makes his way towards the inside of the prison. Once inside, Stevens looks around for a second and some of the E.P.U, The Elite Protection, stare at Stevens with confused looks on their faces.


Stevens says as he waves towards the guards before heading straight towards the main gate and B-Block. Once inside, he takes a left and walks down a long corridor towards C-Block. As Stevens reaches the end of the corridor he takes a right on Park Avenue and heads down towards C-D (Seedy) Street before hanging a left and entering D-Block.

“Almost there.”

Stevens says with a smile as he walks passed the segregation cells towards the dark cells to hold people for solitary confinement. As Stevens walks towards, “The Hole” multiple EPU guards make their way towards the Texan. The former world champion ignores them and continues to head towards the cells when a group of guards outside of Christopher America’s cell bring out their batons causing Stevens to stop.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The EPU guard says and Stevens smirks.

“To my cell.”

The Texan replies and takes a step forward, but the EPU guards stand their ground.

“You aren’t supposed to be here only Mr. America is supposed to be here so you have to go.”

The EPU guard says to Stevens as he shoves his baton into the chest of the Texan causing him to move back a little. Stevens looks down at the baton and then back up at the swarm of EPU guards now surrounding him and a smile forms over his face.

“I was hoping we would do things the hard way.”

Stevens says before elbowing the closest guard and sucker punching another one before the guards collapse on him. Stevens continues to fight them off the best he can but in the end there is too many batons connecting against his broken and scarred body to continue.


The leader of the EPU shouts as he looks at the bruised and bloody Texan.

“You want to go to your cell?”

He asks and the Texan nods.

“Let’s make him feel at home boys!”

The leader shouts as he delivers a shot to the side of Stevens causing him to fall onto the dirty and cold concrete floor as they begin to stomp away on Stevens.

“That’s enough!”

The leader shouts as the EPU stop their assault and pick up Stevens. As they drag him towards the last cell for solitary the leader grabs Stevens by the head and smashes it against the steel door.

“Sweet dreams fucker!”

The EPU leader says as he motions for his men to toss Stevens into the cell. A large thud is heard as a semi-conscious Stevens hits the cell floor and the last image before the door slams shut is a bloody smile.


They say time is a predator and that it stalks us all because you never know when or where it may strike. Time is also elusive because if you don’t pay attention to it you can lose track of it.


Is heard as Stevens slowly sits up in his cell holding his head as he looks around his cell. Still groggy from the beating at the hands of the EPU he takes his time getting to his feet. He continues to hold his head as he hears something coming from the wall which gets his attention. Stevens makes his way over to the wall slowly in the darkness and places his ear against it and chuckles.

“Mike’s in for a fight.”

Stevens says to himself as he leans his back against the wall and slowly takes a seat before falling asleep.



Stevens shouts in frustration as he looks up towards the ceiling of his cell.


Stevens yells as he turns and punches the wall in anger and immediately regrets it.


The Texan shouts as he holds his hand.

“I got to get out of here…..”

Stevens says to himself as he heads towards the door before stopping.


Stevens says shaking his head.

“I wanted this! I need this! I have to toughen it out to prepare my mind and body for Scottywood and our crucifixion match.”

Stevens says to himself as he slaps his face a few times to focus before dropping and doing pushups.

“Pushups mother fucker! How many can you do?”

Stevens says with a chuckle as he counts.


During the days of Alcatraz Prison, D-Block was used as a “Treatment block” for some of the worst inmates, withvarying degrees of punishment. Some of those punishments included isolation, and solitary among others. Prisoners usually spent anywhere from 3 to 19 days in Solitary.Prisoners were given their meals in their cells, and could only shower twice a week. However, the worst cells for solitary confinement which were located at the end of D-Block in cells 9–14, known as “The Hole” were devoid of light and colder than the rest of the prison. Inmates sent here were regularly stripped, beaten, tortured, often starved, and forced to sleep on the cold concrete floor wearing nothing but light underwear.

Solitary Confinement was cruel and harsh and that’s exactly what I needed to prepare myself for my match against Scottywood. I needed to be beaten, starved, and bloody in anticipation for what awaits because Scotty is going to bloody me, he’s going to beat me, and he’s going to starve me until he’s satisfied to fill me up with steel spikes through my hands and feet.

I have competed at every Rumble at the Rock since I walked through the doors of High Octane Wrestling. I have also competed in every Solitary Confinement match as well until this year, but that’s beside the point. The same type of environment and brutality that is expected in the Solitary Confinement match will be experienced in my match against The Hardcore Artist. That is why I had to come back home and voluntarily do this to myself because I know if I want to have any chance against Scottywood I have to enter that kill or be killed mindset of savagery. Every year I was hauled to this prison and abused and starved for weeks. I was stripped and given a thin prison jumpsuit that barely kept me warm as we slept on the cold, concrete floor known as “Death’s Bed.” When we were finally released we were barely human as we attacked anything that moved and if I want any shot at defeating Scottywood I have to become a starved and beaten dog that is so distrusting of everyone around him they attack anything without mercy and remorse.

I hate this feeling because every year it is hard to come back from that plunge I put myself through, but I have to do it. I have everything to gain and everything to lose in this match.

I know what you’re thinking how is that?

Isn’t Scotty retiring regardless of the outcome?

Yes, he is.

So why do you have the most to gain and lose in this match and not your opponent?

This is the FINAL match between the two of us and I want to have the bragging rights to say that I am the one who ENDED Scotty’s HOW career once and for all. I want to see the look on his face as I nail that final spike into his body and he knows that he was not only beaten by Scott Stevens, but RETIRED by me as well. It may be selfish, but you don’t think Mike and America want to walk out the victor at Rumble at the Rock? Certain rivalries have that selfishness about them that make you want to not only one up your opponent, but drive in the fact that you are better than them.

My normal training methods weren’t working as I haven’t won any matches in HOW in the Refueled Era so something had to change……I had to change. I had to get out of my comfort level and go bad to where it began for me. I had to come back to Solitary because if not I’ll just be another loss in the stats column for myself. My first year in Solitary I wasn’t prepared for it as I tried to escape every time the EPU opened the door to feed me my food, and I barely survived the kitchen explosion as I battled the crazed and deranged David Black and, “The Hell Skank” Kirsta Lewis and as I crawled from the debris I was quickly finished off by Rhys Townsend as he rammed my head into the brick wall over and over again until I was incapacitated. I wasn’t prepared for that….explosions, weapons, absolute chaos and mayhem.

However, as the years passed I became prepared.

I became a





By becoming the S.C.U.M of HOW I finally became the World Champion. By becoming the S.C.U.M of HOW I tapped into the essence of the Scorpion and did things in High Octane Wrestling that hadn’t been seen since my rookie year, and I continued that all the way until ICONIC where I walked out victorious against Mike Best. Two goals accomplished and yet my World title reigns where short lived as I lost my killer edge when I achieved them instead of keeping my eyes on the prize and those moments of weakness is why Scottywood achieved his lifelong goal of becoming HOW World Champion.

This moment has haunted me for years because I am the one who allowed it to happen. I am the one people remember as his first. I am also reminded on a daily basis by Scotty that he beat me for it! Scottywood is talented enough to wear the iconic 97 red colored championship, but I didn’t want it to be at my expense. However, I can rectify it all in this match of ours. I can rectify every embarrassing thing that has happened to me in one victorious motion when I nail spikes into him until he passes out from the shock of either the pain or the notion I won.

I may never be World Champion again.

I will never be a Hall of Famer.

However, I can be the man who ENDED Scott Woodson once and for all.

To do this I have to shed the skin known to the world as Scott Stevens.

I have to become the Scorpion.

And to become the Scorpion I have to conjure the spirit of the S.C.U.M of High Octane Wrestling.


The sound of a door screeching open as Stevens raises his hand to block out the brightness creeping into the darkened room as a EPU guard pokes his head in.

“It’s time.”

The guard says as a sadistic smile forms over the lips of Stevens as he gets up and heads towards the door.

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