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Published: Written by: Scottywood

HOWrestling today has received multiple reports from a local independent wrestling show at Texas High School in Texarkana, Texas of an incident that happened during a match between Scott Stevens’ father, Cary Stevens, brother, George Stevens and cousin, Bo Stevens as they fought against the team of The Incredible Freebirds of Mick Haze and Jerry Gordy.                                                                    

Below is a YouTube video that was uploaded by user dantheman925 of the incident.

Inside the High School gymnasium we see Bo Stevens in the ring with Jerry Gordy as George Stevens and Mick Haze stand on the apron and Cary Stevens at ringside. Both men go for a running clothesline and Bo and Jerry go down hard from the simultaneous collision.  Cary yells at his nephew to get up and tag in his cousin and Mick does the same. Both men stir and inch closer and closer to their respective corners, and as Mick gets close to his Cary jumps onto the apron and decides to have a chat with the ref about the safety of the ring ropes as Jerry makes the tag.

Dantheman925: Let’s go Mick!

The crowd comes alive as Mick comes in like a bat out of Hell as he begins to assault Bo, but the cheers quickly turn to jeers as the official pulls Mick off of Bo and tells him he needs to make a tag. Mick yells he made the tag but the official said he didn’t see it and Haze grudgingly goes back to his corner and Bo makes the tag to his cousin, the Mountain of a Man known as George. George steps between the ropes with a smile on his face as he looks to deliver the nail in the coffin as he pulls Jerry closer to their corner. George climbs to the middle rope looking to deliver the 10.0 (Vader Bomb) when all of a sudden there is a disturbance in the crowd.

A fan wearing a New York Rangers hockey jersey and a hoodie comes jumps the barricade and smashes Cary in the head with a beer bottle.

Dantheman925: Oh shit… what the fuck…

Before George realizes what happened to his father the fan jumps onto the apron and delivers a massive running forearm to the big man causing George to fall back into the ring and he’s bleeding from his forehead.

The fan rolls his sleeves up to reveal barbed wire wrapped around each one causing the crowd to gasp.

Dantheman925: Dude… barbed wire arms… it couldn’t be…

Bo goes to check on his cousin who know has a crimson mask and Bo hits the mat from a vicious big boot and proceeds to open up Bo with right hands to the face. The Incredible Freebirds see the carnage and go to help out Bo and George and as they yank the fan off of Bo they pull the hoodie off to reveal it’s none other than…..

Dantheman925: It’s Scottywood!!!  It’s The Fucking Hardcore Artist!!

Scotty nails Jerry Gordy with a hard right that sends him stumbling back as he boots the shocked Mick Haze with a boot to the gut as he hits the ropes and clotheslines Jerry that nearly slices his throat as he rolls out of the ring holding his now bloody neck. Another hard right now to Mick as Scotty grabs him by the hair and runs him through the turnbuckles and into the ring post.

Scotty now starts to remove the barbed wire from his arms as he places it down on the mat.  Tossing the hoodie and jersey to the floor, Scotty picks Bo up from the ground as he lifts him up onto his shoulders.  The arena knows what is next as he hits a Game Misconduct on the barbed wire to the roar of the fans in the gymnasium.

Dantheman925: This is unbelievable, Scottywood here in Texarkana and he is decimating the Stevens family.

Rolling out of the ring Scotty has George Stevens starts to climb back to his feet as Scotty leads the bloody brother over to the announce table as the solo announcer and timekeeper get out of dodge.  Scotty wraps his hand around the throat of the 400 pound George the best he can and lifts him just enough to plant him through the table with a chokeslam.  

As Scotty looks down at the obilerated table and George Stevens he gets cracked across the back with a steel chair by Cary Stevens.  Scotty turns around, hardly affected by the shot as Cary goes for a second shot but Scotty palms the center of the chair and sends it flying away.

Grabbing Cary by the head Scotty runs him head first into the ring post splitting out the patriarch of the Stevens family open.  Scotty rolls Cary into the ring as Cary lay barely moving as Scotty re-enters the ring. Grabbing the barbed wire we see Scotty sit Cary up and then start to wrap that barbed wire around the head of Cary and starts clubbing Scot Stevens’ father in the head as blood starts flowing down his face.

Dantheman925: Oh fuck!!  That’s like a fucking crown of thorns…

As Scotty pulls on the barbed wire we can pick up Scotty yelling at out at Scott Stevens who obviously is not in the building tonight.

Scottywood: How about now Scott?  Will you accept my fucking match now?  Am I wasting your fucking time now?

Finally we see a members of the wrestling promotion run down the ramp as they realize that this isn’t part of the show.  Seeing the army of people coming Scotty releases his grip on Cary and rolls out of the ring. Hopping the barricade, Scotty makes his exit out of the gymnasium as the staff and referees starts to check on the Stevens family and The Incredible Freebirds.

Dantheman925: Can’t believe it man… you think Stevens will accept…

The video cuts out as a medic is removing the barbed wire from the blood soaked skull of Cary Stevens.

One can only guess The Hardcore Artist has snapped after being called a quitter by Scott Stevens last week on Chaos.  Laying out Stevens’ family in bloodbath to try and goad The Scorpion into changing his mind and accepting one more battle at Rumble at the Rock 9.

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