High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Noah Hanson

So let me make one thing perfectly clear right off the bat.

Can I beat Mike Best? Arguably the greatest wrestler to have ever worked in High Octane Wrestling. The man has done just about everything there is to do in HOW. And he has no problems telling you either believe me the man is his own public relations machine. The man can go no doubt about it, he is probably the best pure trash talker in the business. I mean if you find me someone that can just bury someone before they even get in the ring I bet they are related to the Best clan in some form. So can I beat him? Don’t know, maybe back in my younger days when I was willing to do whatever it took to win a match sure. But these days the body just isn’t as willing as it used to be.

I can still go, but the body takes more time to heal these days. I mean I just defended my WWH World title in a fisher price main event and I am still pulling pieces of glass outta my head and ass. But can I beat Mike Best? Do I have what it takes to go the extra mile and take something from him. The HOFC title I guess is what is being defended. To be honest I don’t know a thing about the belt because you know bein’ mocked and ridiculed usually drains my give a damn.

People have said what about the Noah that threw Jackson Dre outta the second floor hotel room and ended his career. What about cutting Bryan Garvins’ brake line to make sure he never gets to the next show. What about fighting Justin Evers in a Slaugherhouse match. I mean I actually wrestled ina place called Deathcore Wrestling. I mean if you think for a moment that I am not willing to do whatever it takes to win, yeah been down that road a few times, have bent a few rules and down right slaughtered them a few others. Why do you need to make this all about what you’ve done. I know what you’ve done, the internet knows what you’ve done, Twitter knows what you’ve done, Eric fuckin’ Dane knows what you’ve done in HOW. We get it, I get it, you’re a fucking Icon in HOW. If there was any doubt about that before I think we can move on from that.

I know that you’re a badass, I know how determined you are to prove yourself to everyone including daddy dearest but to be blunt I don’t care. You wanna fight great, you wanna hit me with everything you got, bring it on. I have had everyone claim to be the one that ends me. You won’t be the last. See I still remember how you and Davidson treated me back then, I may have moved on and let things slide but there is still a part of me that remembers all the jokes, the personal jabs and digs at me and my history in this business. I was never gonna be accepted in HOW no matter how talented, gifted or how well I did. You wanna end me? Go ahead, my expiration date has long since passed and I am starting to get tired of everything anyway. Make sure you do it quick and clean though can you do that for me. Can you make sure there is no chance they bring me back. That way the joke is on everyone else, no more Noah Hanson to kick around, no more Noah Hanson to forget, no more Noah Hanson to abandon. Get it done, do it, cut my throat. Disembowel me. Run a piece of from my balls to my eyes and then jab it right through the socket.

You think I worry bout dyin’ in the ring, you think that dyin’ doin’ somethin’ I love would be somethin’ that scared me? Please dyin’ in the ring, for the fans and let’s be honest the fans of HOW are never here to see me. They hate me nearly as much as the ones that have been here from day one. Someone that came from the so called “garbage feds” and has thrived. You people find it so sickening to have a good career outside of HOW. The mighty High Octane Wrestling is the only place that matters or it has to at least meet the criteria that the God’s court declares. Yeah I know I’ve done next to nothing in HOW, I guess a two time tag team champ counts but only in the slightest of margins. But see I don’t clamor for the attention of this place like so many. My “teammates” in the Order are just that people that I work with sometimes. I’ve always been forgotten in HOW, something that’ve I’ve grown accustomed to, being forgotten even when I’ve done the right thing it never mattered, just forgotten. When HOW needed people to step up, when HOW needed anyone and everyone, I was still there and then just like that I was forgotten. I am even forgotten by the same dudes I have called family in the past but it took me a long time to realize that HOW is never about family, it’s always been one big circle jerk and I was never invited to that either…forgotten.

You said I wanted in the big leagues. Bro I was in PrimeTime Central THAT was the big leagues. I wanted to be in HOW for years, wanted to see how things would go but all that happened was I never mattered. I knew I never mattered, I know no one in HOW cares what happens to me. SO when you talk about how you’ve murdered people to keep that belt, I smile, maybe I finally get my release, maybe this all ends for me. Maybe I get noticed for a change but this is a match against Mike Best so we all know that this match is NOT about me, I am just a footnote, a cheat sheet, a crib note for you to get back on track in HOW. Not that you were ever off the tracks, not that you have ever went on a cold streak and wondered how you might make things right. You’ve always been elite, you’ve always been at the top of the list of every internet website. Me? I have made a career out of people overlooking me and never taking me seriously. And let’s be honest Mike you don’t see me as a threat. You never have, you can try and paint this whatever way you want, but the reality is this, you are just doin’ this to prove a point to all the HOW faithful. You are the god damn best and you are probably gonna start a march right towards the World title and you deserve it again.

I don’t care about all the internet jabs anymore, have heard it all and have taken it all in like a warm hug. Hell I even got Kentucky Fried Chicken to give me a lifetime deal for free food and there is nothing better than Extra Crispy KFC and mashed taters. It happened a long time ago and that shit is done and over and done with.

The thing is, you want me to fight you tooth and nail, you want me to give you the very best I can give you. I have always given HOW all I can give, I have squeezed every little bit, every ounce of energy outta me until there was nothing to give and what did it get me? Got me ridiculed, it got me laughed at, you don’t get to do that to me again. I won’t be made to look like that again. You wanna fight? Not a problem but to sit there and try to push my buttons and try to downplay everything I take pride in outside of HOW. THAT will piss me off ya know why? The fisher price feds that all the HOW faithful despise they actually care a little bit more than the GOD of HOW. See there were times in my life where things have not always been the best, where I was in a bad place and ya know who came and looked in on me, made sure I wasn’t eating a shotgun? Sure as hell wasn’t Brian Hollywood, Darin Zion or the all mighty Lee Best it was the owner of a fisher price fed. So as far as that goes eat a fucking dick.

I know my place, I know I won’t beat you. It’s fact, it is the way things are supposed to be in HOW. I will come to the ring and we are gonna fight. I will probably get my ass kicked but ya know what? Getting’ yer ass kicked by Mike Best is just something that happens in HOW. As for the title, hit me with it, stain the gold and leather with my blood if you want but it doesn’t change a thing. There are just some things that I have learned to accept and my place in HOW is one of them. It’s like the sides of a quarter one side Noah is great can go into just about any fed and be a star, flip it to the other and he might as well be sitting in a corner on a stool with a dunce cap on.

And there is no ill will here Mike, the past is just that Mike, the past. I don’t want what you want. I don’t need to be anything in HOW, I wanted to be something a long time ago and it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t have the desire or the ambition to try and stoke that fire. Stoking that fire doesn’t get me anywhere, it gives me hope and in HOW there is none. So you wanna fight, great, but you want something that isn’t there any more. The desire to prove myself to all you people is gone, there is nothing for me to try and re-kindle. The embers of that fire have long since been extinguished. Not your fault, just a fact, HOW is not like the rest of world. HOW is the wrestling enigma, being great in HOW is so different, it can drive a person to madness trying to figure out how to make things right. But see sometimes it also breaks a persons spirit and that has happened with me. I don’t have any desires within HOW anymore. I don’t want to be anything because when I wanted to be something, when I busted my ass to be something I was put in my place and it took me years to figure it all out. So again you wanna fight? Great, keep the title, means nothing to me, it means more to you than it ever will to me cause it is false hope, smoke and mirrors, a carrot being dangled in front of my face.

And Mike I am glad that you’re proud of the belt, glad that you are showing passion. You talked about me wanting to be in the big leagues I was in the big leagues three years ago. I was busting my ass doin’ everything I could to get noticed and all I ever was to everyone was a fucking joke. You don’t know what that does to a person, you don’t know how it breaks a person. And that is exactly what happened, people get broken down, people lose sight of what they wanted to be. The carrot that was dangled, it became out of reach, it became a figment of my imagination, it became a lie.

So Mike lets fight, won’t be much of one I expect. You care about something so much and me I don’t want to care about a thing. You wanna claim another victim…..? I can make it real easy for you…

(Noah steps outta the darkness and into the light and then kneels in the light.)

You have an easy target….

Do me one favor because I’ve grown tired of all the ME….ME…..Look what I have done and MY legacy…puncture my eardrums first so I don’t have to listen to you anymore and I can at least have some piece and quiet…

After this go be the legend and go do what you do best beat everyone down with your waterfall of verbal beat-downs I don’t have the time for this anymore and I certainly don’t care enough to fight back the way you want.

Sorry to disappoint you…

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