War Games

03-8-2019 23:50

War Games Match for the World and ICON Championships (3 RP LIMIT PER PERSON)
The Best Alliance (Eric Dane, Lindsay Troy, Dan Ryan, MJ Flair, High Flyer vs. The eMpire (FarthingtonĀ©, Max KaelĀ©, Scottywood, Halitosis, John Sektor)

Tag Team Title Match with the titles hanging from War Games Cage above each ring (2 RP LIMIT PER PERSON PER TEAM=4 RPS PER TEAM)
The Egg Bandits vs. The LOD (Kostoff and Silent Witness) vs. Scott Stevens and Jonny O’Dell vs. Darin Zion and Noah Hanson vs. Crash Rodriguez and Bobby Dean vs. Hollywood and Jace Savage

Roleplay Countdown