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Published: Written by: John Sektor

Here at Howrestling.com we have received a statement from HOW Hall of Famer, John Sektor, who hasn’t been seen or heard from since his exit in the semi-finals of the World title tournament. He had this to say:

“HOW is a disgrace. It’s taken me until now to fully process just how, mortally, embarrassing the World title picture is, in HOW. It should be me on the front pages, standing proud with the newly refurbished HOW World championship. I would have been the man worthy enough to spearhead this company back in the right direction. I will never understand how I lost to Brian Hollywood. Everybody knows that I should have won, yet, somehow he beat me. It is what it is and perhaps because of me, now the company is going to die an embarrassingly painful death because who do we have leading the locker room as champion? Fucking…Halitosis? 

Max was right! This company should never have turned the lights back on. If I had known this was the way things were going to pan out I never would have gotten clean. But alas, I am, and here we are. So what now? Do I give up and watch this place burn to the ground from the sidelines? Part of me thinks I should. I’ve had zero support from the so called ‘God of HOW’ since I returned. I’ve had zero fucking respect from his son. And now the two of them are having a friendly, family, wager at fucking War Games. 

So what is my role? So far nothing. I am a fucking after thought. You would think that after proving to be a multiple time World and Icon champion, Hall of Famer and even a runner up of War Games that I would be at least contacted. Well, I can promise this. I will NOT be drafted to a War Games team. Fuck that! Over the past few weeks I have started to feel the old Cuban fire begin to burn inside me again. The Gold Standard is coming back and whether it’s in HOW or somewhere else when it dies, this WILL be another year of John, Fucking, Sektor. To do that I will be the architect of my own fate. So if I do decide to participate in War Games, I, John Sektor, will choose whose team I will fight for. 

If I choose a team I will conquer and begin the reconstruction of this company the right way. Lee has lost all site and vision. Mike doesn’t give a shit. So over the next couple of weeks I will be watching and listening to EVERYTHING. If I don’t like what I see then I will walk away with the fond memories of HOW that I still have left intact. But if I do choose a team, I will do everything in my power to lead it to glory and restore some credibility to this joke of a company. To whom this may concern, you better start showing me some fucking respect!”

  It’s fair to say that Sektor is less than impressed at how the company has been handled since its rebirth. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how this all plays out.

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