High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Scott Stevens

HOWrestling.com reached out to Scott Stevens after the Texarkana Massacre to see if The Scorpion had any comments or if he has changed his mind about the match that Scottywood has challenged him to at Rumble at the Rock 9.  We received the following response from Stevens today.

“Some people would say what Scotty did to my family would be a tragedy, but it just goes to show you how desperate and pathetic he really is. Scott Woodson, a HOW Hall of Famer, and man that is respected throughout the HOW locker room and the wrestling industry showed his true colors that he’s nothing more than a fucking titty baby and he lashes out when he doesn’t get his way. Eric Dane scrambled what’s left of his damaged brain from what Chris Diamond did years ago and decided to take his ball and go home because he couldn’t get out of Silent Witness’ shadow by winning his sixth LSD championship from MJ Flair. He wanted me for his final match because we have history and unfinished business from years prior, but I have reasons for saying no, and after this incident, my answer is still NO! Because I’m not going to give Scotty the satisfaction of getting what he wants because this is life and he needs to learn it’s filled with disappointment.”

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