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After another successful show last night in the land of High Octane, we here at the dot com are excited to pass along some news regarding the RATR9 card. But before we get to that we have some official RULES changes to announce.

  • Tag Titles will be defended via Freebird rule moving forward and as soon as Rumble at the Rock.
  • Count outs will no longer be a 10 count. This has been changed to 20. I would blame the eMpire discord for this
  • Matches will have a time limit of 15 minutes for non title matches and 25 minutes for all Championship Matches

So with that out of the way…..lets get to the news regarding the RATR9 card. The following matches have already been announced:

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

Prison Yard Match
High Flyer vs. Max Kael Jr. vs. MJ Flair©

Well coming off last nights results and with the updated rankings released today we can officially announce an updated card:

Infirmary Match for the World Championship
Dan Ryan vs. Halitosis©

Based off Dan Ryan’s demanding a World Title shot and the new Champ accepting last night on Chaos this match is now official. With Ryan holding two pinfalls over Halitosis this was a no brainer to lock in once the challenge was made and accepted

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

As we continue to see updates from America we have to wonder what is going on with the owner Michael Lee Best. Not much has been heard from the boss and GOD only knows what is going on.

Prison Yard Match
High Flyer vs. Max Kael Jr. vs. Evan Ward vs. ??? vs MJ Flair©

Evan Ward by virtue of his new ranking released today, has earned the 4th out of 5 spots available in the infamous Prison Yard match. More details regarding this match will be made available on the next Chaos.

Guard Tower Match for the Tag Team Championships
The Order(TBA) vs. The Industry (Lindsay Troy and Eric Dane)©

The new champions The Industry will defend the titles against the stable they won them from…The Order. Lindsay Troy and Eric Dane will represent The Industry while who exactly will be representing The Order will be announced by the stable soon.

More matches will be announced with Number One contender matches for each championship also being booked for Rumble at the Rock. Card is always subject to change and there are more surprises to come.

Watch this space as more news is released.

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