Zehn lange Jahre (10 Long Years)

Zehn lange Jahre (10 Long Years)

Posted on December 26, 2023 at 11:39 pm by Scottywood

‘Tis the season for ICONIC! Let’s fucking go!

Feels good to be stepping back into the ring at ICONIC, the biggest night of the year in HOW, fighting for the biggest prize HOW has to offer.  Calm your tits everyone, I know I’m not fighting for the HOW World title… right now at least… and that comment is no slight at Scott Stevens… or Mike Best… whoever is officially the champion.  That #97Red strap will always be THE title in the wrestling world.  But everyone knows my feelings for her… for the LSD Title.

Sie sind mein Schatzi.

That LSD Title belongs with me… and only me.  For too many years she has been mistreated by so many here in HOW.  From those slimy hands of Jace to the man who abandoned her at the holidays… Conor Fuse.  How?  How the fuck could you do that to her at this time of the year?  Where we celebrate the ICONIC conception of baby Best by the giving of bloody beatings inside the unholy ring.

I told everyone you weren’t good enough for her Conor… and you proved that right in so many ways.  But I will save her.  I will bring her back into my arms and there she will stay until death do us part.  I will right the wrongs in her history and make sure that no one else can try to fucking claim they are her greatest champion.

Yeah, I’m looking dead straight at you Jace.

Oh has this been a long time coming.  Me getting to lay my fist to your fucking jaw and shatter it once and for all.  That is of course if you even get through Steve Solex and Jackson Cooley… which I have my severe doubts about.  I mean do you really think Lee Best is gonna let you get past his man at the biggest show of the year?  You ignorant fuck.  You might as well just throw in the towel now and save us all the fucking time.

Though in the end it doesn’t fucking matter.  Whoever wins, I‘ll defeat and I will prove that the only reason you ever held that title for so long was because I wasn’t in the right state of mind to reclaim her. 

…im letzten Jahrzehnt?

Oh yeah?  Whose counting days away from who now?  Yes, it’s been a decade since I last was the LSD Champion.  But it was also a decade ago at ICONIC that I won the LSD Title in a New York City street fight.  So whose to say that I can’t win this clusterfuck of a match now?

…weil du zehn Jahre älter bist?

Ten years older?  Did you forget that I died and came back to life like fifteen years younger?

Ich glaube, das möchte jeder gerne vergessen.

Well I’m reminding you and would welcome anyone who wants to prove me wrong to well… try.  Cause I’m pretty sure these days you can claim whatever crazy fucking shit you want and it is the truth.  Plus if you can’t trust a man with a giant anarchy symbol on his chest and red dreadlocks… who the fuck can you trust in this world?

But who the fuck knows to be honest here.  It’s been a long time since I have been in top form.  There has been a lot that has happened to me in the last ten years.  Ups and down.  It’s been a crazy fucking time.  But I know that if I can be with her… be the LSD Champion… then everything will be alright.  She will keep me grounded in reality, she will keep me sane, she will make me so happy once again.

Dir ist klar, dass ich nur ein Titelgürtel bin, oder?

You are so much more than a title!  Do not shortchange yourself like that!  See what people like Conor and Jace have done to you?  See how they have ruined your self value?  You deserve to sit atop a pedestal and be worshiped…

So I really need to save you as much as you need to save me.  I need to restore you to your previous glory and you need to save me from a twisted reality that I fear I may be too far gone into.  But I have to keep… faith… no… hope… nah… a belief that she can save me.  That the remaining half of my mind is not so far lost that it can’t be saved.

Fucking eh… I think I need ein Bier… oder zwie.. Oder… um…fuck how you you say ninety-one.

mit Frankie?

You think I need to add to the mess in my head by baby sitting him at a bar?  No, I haven’t been able to face him since I died.  He’s better off without me… without the absolute shit storms that I bring with me.  All I care about drinking beer, hurting people and winning the HOW LSD Title.  How the fuck is someone as pure as Frankie supposed to fit into that life?

aber er ist dein Sohn.

Legally I guess he is but…

aber es ist Weihnachten…

It was Christmas, now it’s New Years season… and that means going to get drunk alone at a bar and trying to forget all the bullshit that has happened in the past year.

gut was auch immer…


Beer Zombies
12/26/2023 – 8pm PST

In the shadows of Allegiant Stadium on Dean Martin Drive sits probably one of the best beer bars in all of Las Vegas.  Beer Zombies has an awesome selection of craft beers and a friendly enough bar area to keep the beers flowing for anyone in Vegas down on their luck.

With a Hefeweizan from Occidental Brewing Co. in front of him, Scotty takes a large drink from his glass as he holds a picture of him winning the LSD Title at ICONIC back in 2013.  There is nearly a tear in his eye as he both remembers the joy he felt that day… and thinks of the joy he will feel again once she is back in his hands.

Bartender: Woman problems or money problems?

Scottywood: …Woman problem for sure.  Trying to win back the love of my life this weekend.

Bartender: Ah.  Better than money problems.  Those are never solved in this city.  But love… that’s something that you just may be able to win at here.

Scottywood: We’ll see… there are a lot of other men vying for her too.

Bartender: You’re not in love with a hooker… are you?

Scottywood: Ha… no, I’m not that naive.  She is just that amazing.

Bartender: Well maybe this will cheer you up, I see you’re a beer nerd, so maybe you’ll enjoy this Star Wars themed beer from California.  Lager Calrissian from Barebottle Brewing Company.

Scotty’s eyebrow rises as the bartender pulls out a can from under the bar and cracks it open.

Bartender: Star Wars was essentially a love story, right?

Scottywood: As someone who was forced to watch way too much fucking Star Wars… not really.  I mean a brother and sister nearly hook up… and then Han and Leia have a son that turns on them and kills his father.  Oh and let’s not forget Anakin… whose love drives him to murder a bunch of children, turn super fucking evil and create a planet killing weapon… twice.

Bartender: Fine then I won’t…

Scotty grabs the can as he knocks the can back and starts chugging the lager.

Bartender: Or chug it… sure.  Damn he was right.

Scottywood: Who was what?

Bartender: Some internet site.  I’ve seen a few articles about some of you HOW guys when reading about your big show here.

Scottywood: yeah… ICONIC.  Got me a big match.

Bartender: Quite the prep routine ya got going on here.

Scottywood: Dude, I didn’t come to a bar to get judged.  I came here to drink some good beers and just relax.  That’s my pre-match prep… trying to find some form of relaxation before 

Bartender: Fair enough man, I understand.  How about another beer… if ya won’t just chug it.

Scottywood: No problem… and sure, let’s try another beer.  What ya got?

Bartender: This one is a LEGO themed beer by…

Scottywood: Oh for fuck sake… where is he?

Bartender: Where is who?

Scottywood: It can’t be a coincidence… unless my guilt is really fucking with me.  But this lack of subtleness is trademark Frankie.

Suddenly from the other side of the bar we hear an all too familiar voice as Scotty’s head drops down before knocking back the rest of his Hefeweizen.

Frankie: Surprise Scotty!  I made it to Vegas and had to bring you some special beers for inviting me out to join you at ICONIC.

Turning around to see Frankie dressed in a Hardcore Artist shirt, he is clearly trying to suck up to Scotty, but his words are what are truly concerning to Scotty now.

Scottywood: Invited?  Who the fuck invited you?  Someone else is geting a fucking ass kicking when I am done reclaiming my LSD Title.

Frankie: What are you talking about Scotty?  You invited me the other day.

Scottywood: What the fuck are you talking about?  I certainly never did that.

Frankie: I mean, I had to translate it from German, but the voicemail was from you… in your voice.  Do you want to hear it?

Frankie reaches for his phone but Scotty shakes his head… he now knows what happened.  He knows who invited Frankie to Vegas. 

Scottywood: Nein… ich glaube dir jetzt… I believe you now.  She is a tricky one, I have to admit.  Well, sit down and have… a beer… or a soda… or whatever you are drinking these days and we will figure all this shit out.

Frankie: Yay!!! Scotty and Frankie back together again!  This is gonna be awesome Scotty!  I’m gonna do all I can to make sure you walk out the LSD Champion at ICONIC.

Scottywood: Are you willing to sacrifice your other eye ball?  That worked once before.

Frankie: Well I’d prefer to keep it Scotty… I only have the one left. 

Scottywood: We must be willing to sacrifice everything for her Frankie.  You have no idea how important it is that I am back with her.  I can not be away from her a moment longer.

Frankie: Well let’s try some other idea first and circle back to that idea as a last resort.

Scotty agrees for now as the bartender bring Scotty a fresh Double IPA and Frankie a Pepsi as the two cheers for now as the wheels in the head of The Hardcore artist start to turn as he tries to figure out what her plans are for Frankie here in Vegas.  How is this going to help him regain the LSD TItle.