You’re broken please stop..

You’re broken please stop..

Posted on October 13, 2023 at 10:12 pm by Bobbinette Carey

God I hate Florida, not because of the water. No, because we are in the south. This state is a hell hole. Jace calls it home and of course that makes sense. Trash should stay with trash.


I don’t normally loath going to other places for shows. But we are a little too close to Alabama. A little too close to a state where half of my family came from. I can almost hear the banjos from here.


The Florida Alabama line is too close for my own comfort. For some reason every time I’m out here I want to leave as fast as humanly possible. There is even a weird smell to it…


Florida sucks.




Tampa Bay

Gracie Pac MMA school


We see the Tampa Bay skyline. As we get closer we see the Gracie PAC MMA school. The building is privately rented out for training. We see a woman in there working out with several of the school’s trainers as we get closer we see it’s Nettie. She’s in a pair of black bikers and a black sports bra tank top. Nettie continues striking each of the trainers. Each of the trainers is able to lose their footings with a strike from her. The door opens as someone enters the doors standing back to observe her. Nettie is oblivious to the company in the room as she continues her strokes pausing to get a sip of water. Finally the man who has been observing her, he finally speaks up.


Terrence: My Love… Jace has-


Nettie shakes her head as soon as he mentions Jace. She smirked, turning back to striking the pads the trainers were holding.


Nettie: No idea what he’s in for? That’s the truth… I get my hands on him and to humble his ass for the disrespect he’s shown me, us… I’m excited. I tingle with the thought of-


Terrence: No, he was arrested!


Terrence interrupts her thoughts, his voice sounding distraught and filled with worry. Nettie smirked trying to stifle a laugh.


Nettie: So he won’t make the match. Easy win for me! Your son is a delinquent and I hope they throw the book at him.



She offers no sympathy to this plight. After a moment of silence from Terrence she motions for the trainers to take a break. Turning Round she walks towards him. She sees Terrence’s face and his worry.


Nettie: Aww, my Silver Fox. He can handle himself in prison; he probably could use the time to cool off.


She touched his face softly giving him a kiss.


Terrence: They didn’t press any charges..


He says breathing a sigh of relief. Nettie rolls her eyes with disappointment.


Nettie: Someone should pink slip him for his own good. A nice 72 hour hold that takes him to Monday… allows him to be with his thoughts may do the boy some good.


Terrence: Can you be serious?


Terrence has a tone with Nettie’s blase behavior.


Nettie: You don’t think I’m being serious? He is responsible for his own actions. He is a grown adult and you are aware of this.


Nettie takes her gloves off and drops them on the bench. Terrence sighs following her.


Terrence: I am, but it is sad, and isn’t that what parents are for, to help their children learn lessons?


Nettie: The hardest lesson is learning to do things on your own. If you coddle him he will learn nothing.


Terrence: You don’t make it easy, do you?


Nettie shrugs her shoulders. Terrence sits on the bench in front of her taking her hands.


Nettie: If I did, it wouldn’t be as fun. I’ve tried being motherly to him, but then there’s her… and she hasn’t forgiven him.


Terrence kisses her hands and she pauses looking at him.


Terrence: Oh…her… so she…


Terrence thinks about his words attempting to be gentle.


Nettie: She would kill him.. and that not really her style but she would really hurt him badly if anything..


Nettie says with a shrug. She grabs a towel on the bench, swiping off the sweat of her face.


Nettie: I mean it would be karma… I personally want to show him where he’s been wrong and how I know best if he just would accept the knowledge from me. I had been on an undeniable winning streak! An undeniable streak no less.


Terrence: Save for Micheal….


She grabs her stuff and looks at the clock. She grabs Terrence’s hand pulling him out of the gym.


Nettie: That is why Conor needs me. is stuck with me but Conor…. He actually needs me.


Terrence: Compassion and selflessness…


He says following behind her to the awaiting limo.


Nettie: I know. They are both so lucky. If Jace makes it to Chaos I’ll show him what a real wrestler is. I’ll point out how he is wasting time and oxygen and effort moping over a guy he barely knew. The guy’s dead get over it he’s acting like it’s a war buddy who died please! Life isn’t permanent and working for HOW shortens it for many people. It’s not uncommon. But he’s putting misplaced grief in people who don’t deserve it. He’s becoming more and more pathetic.


Terrence: Two boys both going through similar struggles.


Nettie: No, one of them has a parent who is being manipulated by a trash person and another has a parent who has an amazing partner and is willing to help them in their career.


Terrence kisses her hand.


Terrence: This is true… Jace is lucky.


Nettie nodded her head as she got into the limo first followed by Terrence.


Nettie: Conor is lucky to have a friend like me. I just have to… show him.


She puts her thumb nail to her mouth thinking about it.


Nettie: A sex tape!


Terrence looks at her curiously.


Terrence: How will that help Jace seeing you and I–


Nettie: No not us! I already have those recordings… I meant Jatt and Conor’s mom. Jatt’s bound to have a depraved video collection somewhere. If I find the evidence then Conor’s got to believe me and then that will repair the friendship.


Terrence: He wasn’t in his locker room, he isn’t answering your calls. Perhaps, my Love, you can deal with one issue at a time, like how to handle Jace.


Nettie sighs loudly.


Nettie: Tough love. It’s simple my silver let Mama handle this.


Terrence nods his head in agreement. Nettie pats him on the leg as the limo takes them to their hotel. As they get out of the limo there is an elderly black gentleman standing near the hotel. Nettie locks eyes with the person freezing as she stands there. Terrence gets out behind her as he looks confused.


Terrence: If you tell me he’s an old boyfriend-


Nettie’s smile fades as she puts her finger to his lips to silence him.


The man didn’t look that much of an age difference between Terrence. The older man was wearing a Navy uniform as if he came from the base.


Older man: Bobbinette.


Nettie blinks holding onto Terrence, she holds her head squinting. She looks around quickly, letting go of Terrence’s arm. She looked at the man stepping towards him.


Bobbinette: Dad?!




Ah Jace, the disappointment of your father’s eye. Your father has been a good companion to me. He’s stood by a winner he has, and kept me warm at night. I’ll spare you the detail…


Sure you’re his child, but can I just tell you the dispar this man feels when looking at you? You failed so hard at your goal; Lee best is ignoring your pleas and leaving you off of events… you expected GOD to notice an ant? The desperation is a foul stench. It’s worse than your desire to be in the Hall of Fame. You may have to die again to get Lee to care… I mean it couldn’t hurt right?


I’ve tried getting along with you, for your father’s sake. I even carried you in a tag match giving you a victory you desperately needed but didn’t deserve.


I have done so much for you and you’ve wasted and squandered opportunities. You’re such a let down that your father didn’t want to risk having another disappointment so he only had you. If only your mother was half as smart….


Jace, you’re struggling and we all see it. You’re broken please just stop already. You’re lost and you’re taking it out on me. Instead of embracing what I have to offer you resent me. Jace we both have daddy issues, I just handle mine better. Keep it up and I’ll give your father a kid he could actually be proud of.