Your Place in the Hierarchy of HOW

Your Place in the Hierarchy of HOW

Posted on November 10, 2022 at 6:36 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Arena
Date: November 6, 2022

30 minutes after match………

As the scene opens up we see the Demi-God of HOW make his way to his locker room. Stevens obviously disappointed in not winning the HOTv championship from Great Scott is seen holding his side as he walks down the hallway. Scott stops in front of a door and opens it up and steps inside. Once inside, he makes his way over to a wooden bench and takes a seat. Stevens winces in pain as he moves around, but the Texan grits his teeth and pushes through the pain.

“On to the next one.”

Scott mumbles to himself before reaching down to pull off the top half of his protective gear and as he does he writhes in pain. As Stevens pulls it off he has bloody bandages underneath wrapped around his shoulders and upper torso. He tosses the top into his locker and begins to peel away the wrapping covering his chest. Once the wrapping is completely off he dabs away at the trickling blood from the souvenir left behind from his arch-nemesis at Rumble at the Rock. Stevens softly touches the middle off his chest which is starting to scar despite the stitches into a giant Anarchy symbol.

“Mother fucker”

Stevens says to himself as he sees the blood on the tips of his fingers knowing the wound still isn’t healing properly because of his continued working in the ring. He tosses the wrappings onto the floor before lifting up his left leg and places it on the bench and begins to untie his wrestling boot. Once untied, he takes it off and tosses it into his locker and proceeds to take the right boot off. After both boots have come off he begins to take his knee brace and knee pads off before slowly standing up and proceeds to take off his pants leaving him in a pair of 97 Red boxer briefs. He grabs the towel that is on the top shelf of his locker and throws it over his shoulder as he makes his way to shower and get cleaned up before heading home for the evening.

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Arena
Date: November 8, 2022

As the scene opens to an abyss covered sky in the Windy City. It is around eleven at night on a Tuesday, but the Best Arena shows signs of life as there are cars in the parking lot and lots on in the arena. As the image fades to inside the famed arena we see a camera man walking down the hallway of the executive’s offices.

Who’s here working late?

Lee Best?

Mike Best?


We get our answer as the camera man stops in front of a door that reads Scott Stevens in a golden plaque. The man knocks on the door.




Stevens shouts for the man to enter and once the door opens we see the Texan hard at work as his focus is on his laptop. Stevens hits a few keys on the keyboard before turning his attention to the camera man.

“Welcome. Welcome. Let me know when you’re set up.”

Scott tells the camera man who begins to set up his equipment while the Texan turns his attention back to his laptop.

“I’m ready Mr. Stevens.”

The man informs Scott as he turns his attention towards the camera and gets counted down.

“In three, in two…..”

The camera man goes silent and has his index finger up as the red light of the camera comes on and the image shows a maniacal smile and 97 Red sunglasses glistening in the overhead lights.

“Jace. Parker. Davidson.”

Stevens emphasis dramatically before waving madly at the camera.

“How you doing little buddy?”

Stevens asks as his expression changes to that of him being sad.

“Jace, I know we have a match this week for the prestigious LSD championship, but you said some things on Chaos that hurt my friend.”

Stevens informs as he grabs his laptop and shows the screen towards the camera before hitting the play button.

“Scott Stevens, gotcha. That’s all you had to say. Look, whatever it is that Scott Stevens threatened you with? Forget all about it. Scott Stevens has no pull or power here in HOW. He’s not a member of The Board. He’s not a Champion. I don’t care how much he worships Lee Best’s godly nut sack. It doesn’t change the fact that everything Scott Stevens says is complete and utter nonsense.”

Stevens hits the stop button and taps his heart with his hand.

“That hurt Jace, what the fuck did I do to you?”

Stevens sniffles a bit before busting out into an almost hyena like laughter.

“Little buddy, you don’t have a fucking clue what I can and can’t do, do you”

Stevens asks as he reaches over and procures the Book of Best and opens it and begins to flip to a certain page.

“Book of Best; Book of Fuck Ups: Chapter 1-Verse 1.”

Stevens says as he turns it around for the camera to see.

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. So don’t assume anything.”

The book snaps shut and the Texan puts the Book back in its holy resting place in a rich mahogany wooden box.

“Even GOD says don’t assume little buddy, but you’ve done just that. “

Stevens shakes his head in disappointment before continuing.

“You see Jace, I can’t be like you. I don’t have time to run a business that sales poison in a can or be a volunteer coach a Ten-X Wrestling Academy because I actually have responsibilities when it comes to this company.”

Stevens tone grows stern as he leans forward on his desk and places his hands on it.

“Jace, do you know what I was doing in preparation for Rumble at the Rock? Making sure all the final details with the city of San Francisco were sealed and approved because GOD and The Son couldn’t be there. However, I have no power.”

Stevens smirks.

“Jace, do you know who runs HOTv, PWA:TV, the content on both services, and the live broadcast of Chaos?”

Stevens asks as he slowly points to himself.

“Ding. Ding. That would be me. Since you want to peel back the curtain of authority and power lets peel it back even further and give everyone a taste of what I do.”

Stevens nods as he grabs the laptop and opens a few tabs and turns it around once again.

“Remember him?”

Stevens asks as the camera shows a tattooed young man with multi-colored hair.

“That’s you little buddy from good ole Peach State Wrestling from an event called June Jam.”

Stevens states as he presses play and we see Jace in action for a few moments as he wins the Peach State Tag Team Championship before hitting the pause button.

“Riveting. Just riveting stuff there Rainbow Brite. A little raw, but I can see why you have been as good for as long has you have been.”

Stevens praises Jace before turning the laptop away from the camera.

“You have no idea how deep our library goes Jace. You have no idea what footage we have off you. It has been my job since I stepped foot into HOW to find and obtain every bit of footage for all of our stars so we can tell your story when we run documentary series about your career on HOTv. Hell, since we have Peach State vs LPW coming up at ICONIC I could run the entire and entire marathon of Peach State material and LPW material, but I don’t want to get a phone call at two in the morning with a voice calling me a dickhead and saying our title match is now non-title.”

Stevens says with a shake off his head.

“I may be a lot of things but angering GOD is not one. I’ve learned my lesson plenty of times.”

Scott chuckles to himself as he leans in his chair.

“But I have no authority right?”

Stevens nods in annoyance to Jace’s statement that he’s even having to explain his position in HOW.

“You’re right about one thing Jace, I’m not a member of the Board because I’m a God and Gods don’t sit on Boards, they stand above them.”

Stevens smiles devilishly before snapping his fingers.

“Plus, common sense would dictate that if I didn’t have authority why would GOD let me use his personal security force? You think he just lets anyone use the EPU? If HE has had a problem with what I’ve said or done since he saved me don’t you think HE would’ve said something or stopped me from doing it? But HE hasn’t has HE little buddy?”

Stevens shrugs before he takes off his glasses and puts them on top of the desk and gets serious.

“Now you keep bringing up my son, and I’ve mentioned it before, but apparently you’re too busy with your head up Great Scott’s ass that you probably didn’t hear me. You want to donate twenty thousand towards him is all fine and dandy, but if my son wanted my help he knows how to reach me. He’d rather lay down with dogs and get fleas than be with his own flesh and blood and follow the path of 97 Red enlightenment. This is a learning lesson for him because when Christopher America gets done with Clay Byrd it will show him that the House of Best is unstoppable. My son could be living like a king and learning from the best, but instead he chooses to drift from place to place with his thumb out looking to hitchhike to the next highway, man.”

Stevens leans forward and points towards the camera.

“Let’s talk about you, shall we?”

Stevens scoots up closer to his desk.

“Jace, I like you. I’ve always liked you. Are you a bit of a doucebag and asshole? Sure, but that set you apart from the other flavors of the week. You are hands down one of the most decorated wrestlers to ever step foot in the Golden Circle of HOW. Your dominance has expanded across two eras. You are easily one of the ten best wrestlers of all time to ever step foot in HOW. Arguably you could even be top five. If you weren’t put in already I would have voted for you for the Hall of Fame. However, as great as you are and have been you’ve always played second fiddle to everyone. You may have been World champion or just a champion in general, but you were never THE MAN. You’re a member of the Board, but what power do you actually have?”

Stevens pauses to let the question linger.

“Honest question, what do you actually do as a member of the Board? I know America assumes booking duties and a leadership role whenever GOD and the Son aren’t available because he is the second greatest mind in the business and I’m too busy taking care of everything else. Do you even have GOD’s ear little buddy? I mean HE brought in Jatt Starr because Jatt has always been his guy and Jatt I’m sure will have more control and authority than you. Even when STRONK was there GOD treated him more like a son and promoted him as the mascot of HOW than he did anything with you. However, that’s the now, but what about the past? Remember when you, me, Mike and Max were loosely associated together as the group called the Unstable? When we were in that group it was three individuals and Max’s lackey. In Project Ego, GOD called you Mike’s pocket holder because you played second fiddle to him and eventually you fading into the shadow of not just Mike, but your ex-wife as well.”

Stevens gives a gentle sigh as he leans back in his chair.

“Jace, since I’ve been come into HOW you’ve been a part of many groups and various alliances and each one you were never the man. Even when you were conquering all and you were set records and making history you were still never recognized as the man. I have. Even if it was for a brief moment instance I was recognized as the very best in HOW and that eats away at you. There is a lot of people that claim they bleed HOW, but I am the truly the only one that bleeds 97 Red!”

Stevens shouts as he points to me.

“I’ve never quit, turned my back, or took my ball and went home. I’ve stood with GOD through thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad times. If you really were Mr. HOW why did you represent 4CW at War Games? Why did you turn your back on HOW?”

Stevens waits for an answer that won’t receive a response.

“You and I both know that through all the arrogance, cockiness and bravado you are intimidated by me. I know you’ll see this promo and deny it, but it was I that temporarily ended your wrestling career. It was I that injured your neck and if the fall was a little higher you’d either be dead or in a wheelchair. I put you on the shelf for five years. I took away your livelihood. I did that, no one else, me!”

Stevens emphasizes as he points to himself once again.

“I am your most dangerous foe you’ve ever faced because you know that I won’t back down and I won’t quit. You have to literally knock me out or break my bones to stop me! You may have beaten me the majority of the time, but every time we face each other you barely escaped with a win just like your cash cow escaped with the HOTv championship last week!”

Stevens reaches over and slowly puts his sunglasses back on.

“Jace, you want to prove to GOD that you deserve more than you’re getting all you have to do is beat me. If you don’t, you become just another member of the Board and I keep my Godly status, but I assume my new role as LSD champion. All you have to do is beat me Jace. That’s it. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to my other duties.”

Stevens says as he salutes bye and turns back to his laptop and begins to type as the image fades.