You Reap What You Sow Part II

You Reap What You Sow Part II

Posted on December 23, 2021 at 9:48 pm by Brian Hollywood

What are we really fighting for here gentlemen?


A fatal four way ladder match?  For what I wonder?  Does one have to wonder?  Because I seriously don’t.  I take what I can get and turn it into a profit for my own gain.  By the rest of you three fuckers?


David Noble?


Darin Zion?


Xander Azula?


What makes you guys so fucking special anyways?  If there’s one thing I know more than anything else, I’ve been inside all three of your guys heads.  I’ve basically total recalled every single one of you fuckers and you honestly don’t have anything worth of value more than the stupid fucking sink to throw at me and it fucking shows.


Zion you’re like a broken fucking record worse than a remade Adam Sandler movie made WITH Adam Sandler!  Nothing fucking changes.  You’re just the same sad, pathetic excuse of a man who just turned words meaner.  Hey guys watch out for Zion!  He’s a big meanie!  Oh my god he so hurt my feelings!  Oh, what are you going to do Hollywood?!  What am I gonna do?  Oh I don’t know, maybe I’ll just put your ass in a coma, knock you down another peg like I always fucking do and then to top it off?  Maybe I’ll take dearest Meredith out for some dinner.  How about that?  Ice cream floats?  Netflix and “chill?”  I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.  It’s Christmas time, I’m sure the kids could use some company too so how about I introduce them to Xander’s Eternal Circle Jerk.  Too far?  Nah….the truth of the matter is nothing is too far with you anymore.


Congrats for blowing up my company…needed to make some renovations anyways so you actually saved me money in the long run. I never really did thank you for that.  You really aren’t good with numbers or running a business and it fucking shows.  Hell, I wheeled and dealed myself a better contract than you did and I didn’t even need to flex my muscles to it.  That’s what real Executives do, Zion.  They negotiate and they close the deal…they don’t blow their wad in under a minute.  I digress though, you will never fucking learn that lesson.


Just like you will never learn that no matter how hard you come back or how many fucking shots you take at me, they will never amount to anything and you and I both fucking know that.  Hell, YOU KNOW that..deep down, you’ve always known that and that makes you cringe so bad you can’t look into a mirror and see anything worth a fuck without my name associated with it.  I’ve carried your dead weight ass far too long and every time I have the stupid idea to give you another shot, you find a way to fuck everything up.  You’re actually pretty good at that.  The truth of it all, Zion, is your name has no value by itself.  Every chance you get, you fucking blow it.  You fuck every chance up so bad that it ends up fucking you in the ass and I’m a bit worried you like it too much.  I can’t seem to stop finding myself in a bewilderment when it comes to you getting opportunity after opportunity and you bending over and getting fucked with the opportunity.  EVERY. GOD. DAMN. TIME!


I really find it funny that you think things are different this time.  You own one pathetic victory over me and it wasn’t even clean.  All the other times?  You fucked up every time.  Every time I have to prove why you’re just not worthy of my time or worthy of anyone else’s time.  Why do you think people can’t put value on your name?  It’s because you can’t do ANYTHING on your fucking own!  Take the shit for worth Section 214 Grapplers for example.  I mean come on for fucks sake man…are you seriously that stupid?!  People putting “hype” into your name not because they see someone worth a shit there but just because they feel sorry for you.  The sooner you wake up and realize that, Zion, the quicker you’ll realize that all the grapplers accomplished was putting you on a false pedestal because they love seeing you fail in the end.  You always find a way to be gullible and it’s quite sad.  It’s sadder than watching John Wick’s dog die while sobbing into a lean cuisine.  Do you really think any of those people gave two shits about you Zion?  The whole #RallyZion was only a way to rally up your feelings so the entire world can watch you fall flat on your face worse than a Bobby Dean intentional trip up slamming into obscurity.


You’re pathetic, Zion, and you always will be.


There isn’t a #RallyZion and there isn’t a big bad wolf lite motherfucker all huffing and puffing trying to blow everyone’s house down, Darin, there just isn’t.  But you just don’t see it and it’s baffling to me to wonder why.  This is the part where I inject one of those Tommy Lee Jones implied facepalms here because that’s how unbelievably stupid you are, Zion, and that will never fucking change!


This is why I was successful out of the two of us and this is why I’ve been HOW World Champion twice while you never stood on top of the mountain.  You call my gigs reinventions.  Truth is you’ve run out of reinvention years ago and every time you get talked up with how awesome you are, every mother fucker here has proven the opposite and has knocked you off that fucking horse you call high and humiliated you at every turn.  You know, I used to love humiliating you at every turn, but now it’s just fucking pathetic.  It isn’t fun anymore because it’s always been so god damn easy to get inside your head.  You live inside your head and you listen to every single god damned voice that talks to you.  You can’t make decisions for yourself and you have to have someone carry you and baby you to success.  Meredith is no different.  You just can’t do it by yourself and win the big boy one and that will always be your curse in the end, Darin.  Yet you wonder why you fail at every fucking turn to win another championship, fuck, ANY championship here in HOW and the answer is in the formula.  So if I were you, I’d dump the bitch, turn off the voices in your head telling you to do certain stuff and actually prove why you deserve to be in the HOW Hall of Fame…because from where I’m standing, the only place you belong is in the Hall of SHAME!


Shame is a funny word which is ironic as we come to you, Xander.


What the fuck is the Eternal Circle anyways?  From where I’m sitting, the Eternal Circle Curtain Jerk is all I see out of you.  What happened to the HOFC Xander everyone was afraid of?  What happened to that Xander because at least that Xander wasn’t a fucking pussy!


Xander, you and I just danced recently and it was obvious your tactics weren’t even enough to get you the win against me.  When it comes to fighting me, you’re always going to get the Hollywood who will find any way possible to win.  That’s the name of the game here in HOW, is winning.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant and impressive.  It just has to get you results and there’s nobody better in the business at getting results than me!  Everyone can do their talking with how I approach my winning formulas in HOW, but what they can’t talk about is me not winning.  At the end of the day, I got myself to where I’m at with taking risks and calling my shots.  I’m not the strategic opportunist for nothing, you know.  I didn’t rise to power for nothing towards the end of the last era in HOW.  I took what I wanted and I gave no fucks in the process.  I was basically a one man Best Alliance and I didn’t need a pat on the back for my ingenuity.  Our gracious GOD of HOW saw what I brought to the table and the best part is he didn’t have to ask me any questions about how I was going to be successful.  I just went out there and did it because I ALWAYS have a plan and sometimes that plan isn’t the popular one…but it gets the job done and in the end, that’s all that fucking matters!


But here you are in this fatal four way ladder match with Noble, Zion and myself.  At least you admitted your faults against me.  You want to know a secret?  You want to piss someone off in the process?  Ok, cool, so do I!  So check this out…


Darin Zion never admits his faults..especially when it comes to facing me.  Why do you think he ends up flat on his face every time?


I know, that was a good one, wasn’t it?


I know you’ve found it hard to defeat Zion, but the truth is you went about it all the wrong ways.  The Eternal Circle curtain jerking can only take you so far.  I think you’re starting to see that?  Nah…whoever this Eris is, he’s another voice in your head that fails to lead you to the promise land.  The same can be said in relation to Zion.  The one true voice in your head is mine and that’s why you lost the first time.  You’re trying to impress the wrong whatever deity you’re talking to on a regular basis and it’s the one that keeps landing you on the daily double round in jeopardy HOW hardship and it fucking shows.


Xander, there isn’t anything I haven’t seen from you that I’m not expecting in this match.  You minus well get used to this new outlook on life called failing it because when it’s all said and done, you’re going to be staring from the mat looking up at me ascended on a ladder.  Really, you should start to get used to the prospect of me being on top because sooner rather than later, there’s going to be more than you, Noble and Zion staring at me from the bottom and seeing me at the top.  Simply put, I’m more than ICONIC…I’m a Hollywood Icon and the sooner you accept that, the easier it will be.


Being a Hollywood ICON is not easy, but it sure beats anything David Noble has done recently.  Seriously, where did the GOD of HOW find you David?  I’m going to take a stab and say it was at some lame ass larping event where you are some noble of a medieval knight of some worthless round table.


Am I getting warm?


Yes?  No?


Honestly, it doesn’t fucking matter one way or another.  Your mouth is the stuff of myth.  I mean, holy fucking shit dude you can talk some mean shit!  But what has it done for you, really?  Sure, you might have popped off a couple wins but beating Darin Zion doesn’t really count so you lose some legitimacy there.  You were in a fight with JPD?  Good for you.  You still haven’t done anything noteworthy for me to take you seriously more than you shooting your god damn mouth off.


The truth of the matter is I’m inside your head already too, Noble.  It’s obvious to me that you haven’t even done your homework on me.  You’ve seen a handful of losses from me but it’s clear you have no idea who I really fucking am and that’s going to cost you some brownie points…well, more than brownie points but that’s for ICONIC. 


It’s clear you’ve missed the part where I’m a HOW Hall of Fame Nominee and I didn’t just earn that from the HOW Chambers of GOD himself.  There’s more to that than that.  It’s not just about championships and longevity.  It’s about being able to back up the shit I talk in that ring and it’s about being able to not only outsmart my opponent, but being able to overcome anything in that ring and get the win no matter what the cost.  Have some of those wins been questionable?  Sure they have but who’s really honestly questioning them?  Seriously, who?  I’ll fucking wait.


The truth is nobody is, David.  When it comes to HOW and when it comes to wrestling in that ring, it doesn’t matter how it happens, you get that win at any cost and THAT is all that matters.  That is what people are going to remember.  It’s also the reason I am so good at what I do.  Getting into my opponents heads is just the beginning process.  You have to be more than one dimensional and you, David, are anything but and there’s nothing….noble…about it.


That is why you will never truly know who I am and it’s the same reason you’ve blatantly ignored just what I’ve done and what I’ve ALWAYS done in that ring.  At the end of the day, David, you’re just another man who ran his mouth off and didn’t know what he was talking about, nor knew what he was doing about it in that ring.  You will just become another statistic in this match, David, and it’s going to happen in the most ICONIC ways.  This ladder match will have one result and one result only.  There isn’t a better formula at ICONIC than a Hollywood ICON climbing that ladder and winning the match while the likes of you, Xander and Zion have no choice but to watch me ascending to the only pedestal in HOW that matters from the canvas that you all will lay looking up at me knowing there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening.


I will be doing more than ascending to the top of the ladder to secure my victory.  It will be in a fashion only a true Hollywood ICON like myself can truly do!  It will not only highlight that I’m not done making waves around here in HOW, but that I am the truest and purest Hollywood ICON and that I am the one and only Hollywood Highlight!  The lights will truly flash bright on me at the HOW show of shows proving that evolution in HOW is the most important thing you can do to be successful.


Why?  It’s because there’s no denying what goes into a winning formula…at any cost and why I am known more than Mr. Executive himself for I am more….


I am the Hollywood Showcase…


The Hollywood Highlight.


The Hollywood Executive.


But most importantly….


The Hollywood ICON!…



You Reap What You Sow Part II


London, England


The streets of London can be calming at night.  It was something that wasn’t like the night life in Los Angeles, California.  Sure there were bars and people about, but there was really something about London that Hollywood felt tranquil.  Rightfully, too.  Hollywood had a lot on his plate and in just a few short days he was set to fight Xander Azula, Darin Zion and David Noble in a ladder match at ICONIC.  Hollywood was ready to climb back to the elite status he once held and to make that climb, rung but rung to not only the top of a ladder in his match…but in HOW as a whole.  He didn’t have much time to reflect on things with a lot going on with him in and out of HOW, but tonight was the perfect night.


Hollywood lets out a sigh, though, as he can’t help but to think about Audrey.  There was Christmas music playing quietly in the background along with a few displays of Christmas lights.  The holidays always had Hollywood thinking.  It wasn’t just about his match in HOW, or even everything going on with The Chair.  It was missing the light from the darkness with his time he shared with Audrey.  Hollywood’s life had its fair share of plenty of darkness, but Audrey was one of a few beams of light that could be found in his life.  Hollywood takes a moment to pause as he pulls out his cell phone.  He pulls up the contact to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California and dials the number.  After just a few rings, there is an answer on the other end of the phone.


Receptionist: “Hello, thank you for calling Cedars Sinai hospital.  This Felecia, how may I help you?”


Brian Hollywood: “Uh yes, I was calling checking in on the whereabouts of Audrey Renfroe.  How is she doing?”


It was hard for Hollywood to get through that first answer just like that.  You could tell in his voice he was fighting to keep the emotions at bay.


Felecia: “Well Mr. Hollywood, she’s still in a coma and is obviously unable to talk.  Her vitals are stable, but the concern is they haven’t gotten any better.  It’s already been over a couple months and usually we see a strong swing in vitals as they usually get stronger as the patient gets better despite still being in a deep sleep.  For some reason, Audrey’s progress hasn’t really been that big.  She may not show signs of strengthening, but the good news is she isn’t showing any signs of weakness, either.”


Brian Hollywood: “I see.”


Hollywood’s head begins to drape in disappointment as he was just wanting to hear some good news to give him strength while he was in town for his HOW match at ICONIC, but his business outside of HOW as well.


Felecia: “I’m sorry that wasn’t the news you may have been wanting.  She’s in very good hands here, though, and we are all pulling for her to make a full recovery…I’m just afraid I don’t have any more news than that.  She’s also in good hands, though, as she’s got support from more than just the staff here.”


Brian Hollywood: “Wait, what?  What do you mean she’s got support from more than just the staff?”


Hollywood’s tone of voice was beginning to change as he was concerned about the who other than the other staff members there.


Felecia: “I don’t know the mans name, or his friends, but she’s had a couple people here who are actually watching over her and keep constantly proclaiming that she’s safe and no one’s going to harm her.”


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t understand!  She doesn’t have any family in Los Angeles!  I’m the closest to family as she has and I need to get the names and descriptions of those with her!”


Felecia: “I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Hollywood, but due to patient and hospital privacy and protocols, you know I can’t give that information out over the phone!”


Hollywood, who is starting to grow more and more frustrated begins to yell into the phone.


Brian Hollywood: “God damn it Felecia!  You know that we’re seeing each other and that there isn’t anyone else looking after her!”


Felecia: “I understand that, Brian, but the policy is the–“


Just then, commotion can be heard in the background of the hospital as screaming and gunshots can be heard along with an alarm ringing in the background.  Hollywood’s eyes light up as he is helpless to do anything from halfway across the world.  Panic starts to set in his voice.


Brian Hollywood: “HELLO?!  Felecia?  FELICIA?!  Damn it what’s going on someone answer me!!”


There is a brief pause as Felecia’s voice disappears and the commotion fades away as Hollywood is still trying to yell into the phone.




More brief silence takes a hold of the scene before some scuffling can be heard on the other end of the phone.  Finally a voice from the other side and Hollywood doesn’t even have to wait as he recognizes the subtle tone of The Chair.


Brian Hollywood: “What the fuck are you doing there?!  I thought we agreed Audrey wasn’t to be harmed in any further way than she already is!”


The Chair: “I assure you, Mr. Hollywood, your Audrey is safe and sound!  I have my own medical extraction team and they have evacuated Audrey from the premises!  I’m afraid we’ve attracted more attention that just the LAPD and the CIA!  This little rabbit hole that you have voluntarily jumped down with me has led to some unfortunate consequences and it’s something that needs to be addressed!  We’ll be in touch Mr. Hollywood and if I were you…I’d be laying low because you’re officially being hunted!  We’ll talk soon, brother!”


And with that there was nothing else more than a click as the conversation was ended.  Hollywood is left in a panic and a state of confusion as he’s trying to process everything and all of the unknowns in his mind as he truly can’t grasp the gravitas of his situation but if one thing was for certain…Hollywood truly should have thought that the decisions he would make, and him working with The Chair, would bring about potential consequences and he was beginning to realize that his decisions that he has made lately have truly left him reaping what he has sowed as the scene slowly fades to black…