You Reap What You Sow Part I

You Reap What You Sow Part I

Posted on December 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

You Reap What You Sow Part I


London, England


Burlock Rum Room


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or at least that’s what they say.  Christmas was supposed to be a special time of the year, but for Hollywood, it was a chaotic time.  Hollywood had some great Christmas memories, but also some dark ones.  Specifically speaking, the darker ones were the ones he remembered the most..even though he wanted to plunge them deep from his memories.  Hollywood was sitting in a corner all to himself.  He had a few days before his HOW match at ICONIC against Xander Azula, Darin Zion and David Noble.  Hollywood didn’t think about that at the current time, though.  Instead he was drinking trying to drown his sorrows away as Christmas time always gave Hollywood dark troubles.  Sure there were some good times, but the darker times were the ones that were dominant based off of traumatic events.  Hollywood takes a drink of his whiskey as he stares out of the window from where he’s at.  To put it into perspective, Hollywood had not one, but two Christmas times that were dark for him.  One of them he lost his mother as she passed from a heart attack.  The second, his sister Serenity was killed in a drive by shooting and that one has engulfed not only his whole life, but the very reason he was working with The Chair now all of a sudden.  Hollywood stares out the window once more before his cell phone begins to ring.  Hollywood looks down and sees who is calling him.  He looks confused as it’s a number not saved in his phone.


Brian Hollywood: “Hello?”


Hollywood’s eyes light up and he immediately is filled with rage as he recognizes the voice on the other end of the phone.


Niles Omega.


Brian Hollywood: “You stupid son of a bitch!  You have a lot of nerve calling me you know that?!”


Niles Omega: “Yes, yes, I know…sue me later for it.  Look man, I didn’t call you to hash out any beef between us.  That’s not what this is about.”


Brian Hollywood: “Oh really?  Then tell me what is it about?  I seem to remember a certain someone being responsible for the explosion of Hollywood Enterprises.  And working with Darin Zion?!  The fuck is wrong with you?!  I know I needed to have construction done at Hollywood Enterprises, so you really did me a favor…but you betrayed me!  Tell me one reason why I should even listen to you and give you the time of day right now?”


Hollywood had every reason to be pissed at Niles.  The man has caused quite the stir around town in Los Angeles, California.  He not only was responsible for an explosion that caught even the attention of the FBI, but gave The Chair more reason to move in on an already vulnerable Hollywood.  Still….it was quite the interesting time to be calling and actually getting in touch with Hollywood.


Niles Omega: “Look, we both have our reasons for our falling out…but you are under a microscope here in Los Angeles.  I’ve even been questioned by your CIA buddy, Gerald Reeves.  Seems someone fucked up just as bad as I did.”


Brian Hollywood: “The fuck does that have anything to do with you talking to me?”


Niles Omega: “You didn’t hear, did you?”


Brian Hollywood: “Hear what you piece of shit?  The only thing I heard was that you were a cunt and you betrayed not only the family but every single one of our friends!  That and you actually caved to that piece of shit former best friend of mine.  Seems like friends are pieces of shit lately.  When does the count stop?”


Oh the count was about to stop alright.  For this next part would particularly change the situation abruptly.


Niles Omega: “Apparently your friends aren’t too happy with you right now.  In fact, if I wasn’t mistaken, one of them wants to bring you in pretty badly.”


Brian Hollywood: “Gerald is a bastard sometimes, but he’ll get over it.  He always does.”


Niles Omega: “Really now?  So you wouldn’t happen to know anyone that had a code name by the name of Spider, would you?”


It was in that moment that Hollywood paused as a troubling feeling came over him.  Hollywood knew the code name alright, even though he never knew who Spider was personally.  The worst part about all of this was that Hollywood never told anyone about Spider and Niles was the last person in the world that would know anyone named Spider.  He’s been out of the game for too long to know who he was.  The only people who knew him were Hollywood, Gerald and Buck.  So how did Niles know the name?


Brian Hollywood: “What are you getting at here, Niles?  How do you know who Spider is?”


Niles Omega: “Oh, I don’t know anyone named Spider.  But Gerald sure as fuck knew who he was.  He wouldn’t stop shouting how it’s your fault he’s dead!”


Hollywood’s heart drops as he literally drops his glass that shatters all over the floor.


It was like something out of a nightmare.  Hollywood shakes his head in disbelief as he doesn’t immediately answer to Niles bombshell shocking disclaimer that the man formerly known as Spider was dead.  But how?  How was he dead and why was Gerald blaming Hollywood for it?


Niles Omega: “Um…hello?  Brian?  What?  Nothing to say?!  So you do know Spider and that he’s dead!”


Hollywood shakes his head in disbelief but not before continuing to berate Niles.


Brian Hollywood: “Shut the fuck up you rat fuck!  How would I know Spider was dead?!  Also, how does this have anything to do with you?!  More importantly, why is this my fault?!  I had nothing to do with Spider’s death!”


Niles Omega: “Oh yea, about that.  Gerald is a hundred percent blaming you!  Apparently Spider was under deep cover…in The Chair’s organization!  The Chair’s of all people!  I think you and I both know his death wasn’t an accident!”


Hollywood couldn’t deny it any longer.  He was out of excuses and he couldn’t tell himself any differently.  Hollywood sits in silence as he contemplates his choices.  Hollywood was full of those interesting choices as of late.  Hollywood shakes his head once more as he replies to Niles.


Brian Hollywood: “That’s funny, coming from you.  I don’t need you calling me from the god damn sidelines and lecturing and accusing me of fucking shit when you’ve been gone for god knows how long.  How about before you go around accusing people of certain shit and judging them, you look yourself in a god damned mirror and ask yourself would any of this had been different if you’d actually been around and didn’t fuck someone in the ass for pleasure and associate yourself with a known loser.  Contemplate that, dickhead!”


With that, Hollywood hangs up the phone and terminates his conversation with Niles in the process.  He slams his phone on the table and places his head inside the palms of his hands.  Hollywood was angry at this point.  None of them knew what he was going through or why he was making the choices he was making.  None of them!  Here Hollywood was trying to justify his actions and making excuses for them which was something that he never would have done in the past.  Was him traveling down the rabbit hole getting so deep that he was able to dismiss everything he was doing in the process?  Who really knows.  The holidays continue to treat Hollywood unfairly before a brief pause in thought occurs.  Hollywood sighs and ignores it as he pulls back up his cell phone and dials a number as it begins to ring.  Finally, an answer on the other side.


Brian Hollywood: “Yea…we’ve got a problem.  You wouldn’t happen to know why I just got a phone call telling me a certain Spider fellow was dead would you?”


There was a slight pause before a slight laugh can be heard that clearly reveals who Hollywood was talking to.


The Chair: “Well I do have you to thank for that now don’t I Mr. Hollywood?  You and I both know I wasn’t going to sit idly by and let my organization perish at the hands of some CIA rat did you?”


Brian Hollywood: “You didn’t have to kill him, you know!”


The Chair: “Mr. Hollywood, you and I both know that we can’t have it both ways!  Don’t forget it was YOU that reached out to me and warned me, remember?  What is the famous saying?  In for a penny, in for a pound?  Well…I believe you really are in for more than a pound now aren’t you, Mr. Hollywood?”


Hollywood sighs as he realizes that The Chair is right.  Hollywood shakes his head and now…once again…..he was starting to justify things.


Brian Hollywood: “Well, we both want the same thing here and I suppose we couldn’t have had that if you were caught now would we?”


The Chair lets out a sinister laugh.


The Chair: “That’s the spirit, brother!  Now you’re really seeing the big picture, aren’t you?”


There was that term again.  Brother.  The Chair had now thrown that out twice now like it was a term of endearment.  Hollywood didn’t understand why and he didn’t stop and think about the meaning of it before responding as he brushes it off.


Brian Hollywood: “Look, we’ve got to keep you from getting caught and I’m in London for a match at ICONIC.  You obviously know my business here but this thing with Serenity isn’t over and I think it’s high time for another meeting.  Things are heating up at home and you and I need to stay on the same page here.  Whatever you did with Spider…there’s no undoing that.  However, if we want to finish this thing with Serenity, we have to stay focused and keep shit that will stop either of us from blowing up in our faces and I need to know you’re one hundred percent on board with this.”


The Chair: “Mr. Hollywood, if I want something done…I get it DONE! So find a way around the politics and the moral ambiguities of this bullshit so we can achieve results!  Now…is this something you can find a way in doing?”


Hollywood lets out a sigh but unquestionably answers.


Brian Hollywood: “Fine.  Then let’s get it done.  I won’t let anyone else stand in my way of getting to the bottom of my sisters death and I know you won’t either.  So let’s set up a meeting so we can actually achieve results…if you’re so good at getting them anyways!”


The Chair lets out a slight sinister laugh.


The Chair: “That’s what I’m talking about!  Good luck with your match, Mr. Hollywood, and expect a meeting shortly!”


With that, the phone conversation ends without Hollywood putting anymore thought into it.  There was one glaring issue in all of this and Hollywood was clearly ignoring it.  It was something he wouldn’t ignore as it was a pretty big moral issue.  If one thing was for sure, Hollywood’s moral ambiguity was diminishing and any honor that was left was little as he was clearly going further down the rabbit hole with a man he’s sought to stop by any means necessary but now stopping at nothing to work with in getting the truth to his sisters death as the scene slowly fades to black…





Just that one word.  Let it sink in.  It’s a word that means more than greatness.  It’s iconic.  Representing anything of being beyond the pinnacle of greatness is something that every man and woman in HOW strives to achieve.


Calling my career anything but ICONIC is really a grey area.  I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve had a tumultuous career in HOW to say the least.  But at least I can say it’s been…ICONIC.


I find myself in a fatal four way ladder match at the show of shows.  But what does it mean exactly?  I’ve been given an opportunity against three others and two of them I don’t even think belong in this match.  Wait, did I just say that?  No, fuck it….there isn’t one god damned man in this match that deserves to be in this match!


Could I include myself in that equation?  I could.  My opponents would.  But they get off at making even the slightest comment on that and we all know they will!  You can’t mean to tell me that Darin Zion, Xander Azula and David Noble wouldn’t make the slightest comment at why I’m even included in this match with them and you would be fucking correct!


Wait, holy fucking shit did Brian Fucking Hollywood just admit something that all of his opponents would claim about him?!  Yes, I did, but fuck everyone in this match!  Leave it up to David Noble to talk shit in a match he has no business talking shit about!  Straight out of the Hollywood playbook if I would say so myself.  The guy has delusions of grandeur if he thinks he doesn’t belong in a match with the rest of us three!  Let me tell you something Noble, you have no business running your cock eyed motor mouth of yours!  Although your shit with Darin Zion is accurate, if I must say.  You’re pretty spot on with the business you have with Zion.  Then again, there isn’t a single person here in HOW who is winless against Zion.  Every person on this roster has beaten Zion, so your claim really isn’t that great.


However, you haven’t done jack fucking dick with anything else in your HOW career.  You’ve got balls kid, I’ll give you that.  However, I’m going to chop those nuts off and shove them down your fucking throat.  You don’t know jack shit, kid, and that’s every mistake every hotheaded rookie makes in this business.  You’re in the limelight, especially under the ICONIC lights, and the only thing you’re going to be doing is staring at those lights from the canvas when I’m through with you.


ICONIC is a chance to really take things in perspective and I’ve had nothing but perspective lately in HOW.  Come time for ICONIC, it will be all about yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood.  I’m the Hollywood Icon and it will take nothing short of someone who is an icon to get the job done.  I’ve been around here in HOW long enough to know what it takes to get the job done.  Just ask Xander Azula that same question.


Xander, you and I are fresh off a match against each other and look at what I did to you.  What happened to the ever so scary and intimidating Azula?  You and your followers of this “Eternal Circle” is nothing more than a joke.  More or so it should read Xander and his Eternal Curtain Jerking Circle and friends.  What happened to you anyways?  Seems like losing to Zion has made you shallow and BORING and I can’t think of something more eternally damned than that!


Then there’s Darin Zion.  Jesus H tap dancing fucking Christ what haven’t I said about Zion at this point?  Zion, you are a god damn broken record and you’ll do just about anything to suck the bosses cock won’t you?  You’re reinventing yourself week after week but it’s not a reinvention.  It’s a setback.  Setback after fucking setback.  You’re playing the same broken record and quite frankly, I’m tired of it!


You can’t be successful without trying to rip off either me or anyone else’s gimmick in HOW.  Go ahead tell me I’m fucking wrong!  You’re pathetic and there isn’t anything you can do in this era that hasn’t been done.  I mean for fuck sakes, you’ve been given every opportunity in the world to win gold and you’ve constantly showed that you don’t even have what it takes to succeed.


Fucking pathetic.


At ICONIC, I’m going to climb that ladder and rid myself of the three of you because it’s clearly apparent to me that I’m the one who needs to shed light in the dark to reveal just how terrible you fuckers are.  I’ll do it with ease, too, because after ICONIC, I can make it easier to show why the three of you will forever be involved in the same circle and it’s a basic one.


ICONIC will be all mine gentlemen and then we can debate what’s best for everyone when it’s all said and done!