You need a firm hand

You need a firm hand

Posted on July 5, 2024 at 10:19 am by Bobbinette Carey



kay we’re going to shoot straight from the hip? Let’s be real! The whole reason nobody wants to do this with you it’s because you take the fun out of everything! You kill something till it’s dead and not even in a good way you… No you have to kill it and run it over and over and over. You’re why hofc died… not the lack of challangers.


You want to bring up my friends? You mean disposable assets till I get what I want? You and I both know I make “friends” better than you do… Everyone knows not to trust you but people can’t help but trust me. Even after I screwed over scooter to help you keep your belt…amazing how easily we forget those things.


You’re not a likable dude, you’re an obnoxious little asshole! However, you’re a good wrestler so that’s why we tolerate you. Everyone wants to spare your fucking feelings, why? Cause they don’t want to invoke your wrath. They’re pathetic yes, cause the guys patting you on the back won’t say shit to your face. It’s why people go quiet mid conversation when you enter. I might be a shit wrestler past her prime, but at least people like me. I know that’s not all that you need at the end of the day but at least people aren’t making side chats to talk about what a piece of trash person I am and how much they despise me..


How many people tune in week after week in hopes that you’re going to lose? And when you do lose the viewership goes up! Congratulations you’re the guy that everyone rallies against!


You can say you’re fine with being the villain and being despised but you really love people’s adoration secretly. When you pop the guys in the back with your little quips of fake superiority. I’m not Stevens, I don’t fall for it. Tye race baiting this week? I see through all of it Mike.


You’re so used to people doing things on your time that you’re on my watch now. The whole reason you’re trying to gode me is because you don’t want this title, you want big red 97 back. This is just something to appease you.


Since you’re acting like a child, perhaps that’s what you need is a mother’s touch. Someone to put you over her knee and spank you.if I have to I guess…wow that’s Some deep rooted mommy issues,that actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve been trying to do gentle parenting, you respond to violence and not to kind words of encouragement. I get it now…



Say my name three times and I appear! You think you’re facing her? you fucked around and are going to find out! Now you’re stuck with my ass, congratulations!

Not me being threatened by the one-armed man with the loud mouth and zero people skills. Take this match seriously? Mike, you take you too seriously for the entire company. You have a title which is a nice belt for someone who wants to just punch people in the face randomly thankfully I’m that bitch right now.

America has done something you never will and there’s no way to change it. It brings me great joy to see you so broken by this. The pathetic extremes to attempt to rile me! Oh! You’re going to threaten to punch a hole in me. With one arm? One punch man you’re not…

I would say the price to try would cost you an arm and a leg! You only have one good arm left. Seriously if your dad was around during your informative years, you would understand the disappointment happens and handle this in a mature way. Opposed then threatening to take it out on other people because things didn’t work out how you wanted.

Normally I would just fuck your dad.. it’s part of the Nettie M.o. but we all know who your father is… and I don’t want herpes. I’m not slut shaming. I embrace people who take on their slutty sides! I’m just saying after some of the women he’s been with…he gives syphilis vibes…

This week is you and me. It’s Nettie, not America. But You will always be in that man’s shadow. You got greedy.. “Four to three.” we’ll write that on your gravestone when you give yourself a heart attack. You’re The man who will never be as good as Christopher America.