You killed HOW!

You killed HOW!

Posted on June 4, 2021 at 11:45 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Lindsay ‘By Gawd’ Troy.

The prized catch of Lee Best for HOW that was supposed to light the world on fire. Yet the sad reality is that the self proclaimed Queen of the Ring has been more pauper than royalty when it comes to in-ring ability. However here she is the HOW mother figure and leader of her team at War Games.

Let that sink in for a moment.

If Lindsay Troy happened to be one of the survivors at War Games then as Captain of her team, or more than one member survives, she gets to decide who becomes HOW World Champion. Yes, you heard that correctly, we live in a world where Lindsay Troy could not even be the best person in the match but name herself Champion. I know people make fun of Cancer Jiles for the way he stumbled into his HOW World Championship but let’s be honest here.

Lindsay Troy would be the literal definition of a transitional Champion.

I’m not talking about the fact that she’s a woman either. This is based solely on talent because let’s face it. Darin Zion beat me in a 3 on 1 match, however I managed to beat Lindsay pretty easily and that was with ring rust. Yet for Teddy Palmer, Dan Ryan, Arthur Pleasant, and Conor Fuse, this is the person they chose to lead them into battle. You all put your faith in the fact that if Lindsay isn’t eliminated that she won’t screw you out of the HOW World Championship belt.

At least that’s the kind of bullshit she wants you to believe.

People ask me all the time why I sided with Lee Best and The Best Alliance but the answer is simple. I much prefer the devil that is going to come at me head on than the one that is going to smile in my face but stab me in the back. I don’t believe in this all for one, goody goody, if I’m the Champion we’re all Champion crap that Lindsay preaches. I might be a Best Alliance member but you can if it’s coming down to the end with me and Jiles? I’d make him Bend the Knee so that he’ll get eliminated and can’t screw me out of what is rightfully mine.

War Games are team vs team but it’s also every man/woman for themselves.

I hate to break it to you Lindz but you’re not a great leader. Look at your meager HOW LSD Championship title reign. What ultimately ended up happening with the HOW Tag Team Championship belts. Even what happened on the go home show when you bungled the rotation of your team just cause you had to be the one that faced Mike. You picked a guy for War Games who hadn’t wrestled in a match outside of HOFC instead of the guy that beat me, Solex, and the current HOW World Champion by himself in a handicapped match. How dare you, how fucking dare you look down on Darin Zion?

You haven’t done anything impressive since you were in that predetermined match hell hole known as Defiance, you stupid cunt.

The most impressive thing you’ve done in HOW was take Mike Best’s dick in various body cavities for like five seconds. And even then you fucked that up by trying to be all cutesy and hold hands with him like you were something more than a walking, talking sleeve for his cock. By the way, does your life insurance know that you like to be strangled during sex? Wouldn’t want to go slipping up and leave nothing for the kiddies to inherit, that’s just a little tidbit I found out from Mike. You once told me you were going to be a dagger in my side as long as we shared an arena. When does that begin?

I hope you don’t believe you’re going to stand in the way of me winning War Games.

I heard what you had to say about me and Madison and it’s laughable. I know the woman who is always in a stable isn’t looking down on me for teaming with my ex-wife? I trained Tara and I also fought against Tara which is more than I can say for you. Complaining you never got a rematch for the LSD Championship but I don’t see you challenging Teddy Palmer for it now do I? Shouldn’t be casting stones when you live in a glass house my dear. Talking about me grasping for relevance and how my Hall of Fame bid is in jeopardy. This coming from a woman who couldn’t even beat me one on one so if all of that is true what does that make you?

Someone willing to throw a tantrum and run away if they don’t win the World Championship by December.

I’d punch you in the vagina just like Mike did on Refueled but I’m scared I wouldn’t pull back a hand. I mean honestly Lindz when are you going to just give up and call it a career and I’m talking in general not just HOW? You hop from stable to stable, from bed to bed and yet you bring nothing new to the table. You wonder why people slut shame you all the time? It’s because you don’t even go around fucking because you’re horny or a need for dick. You hop to different men like Mike, like Teddy, because it keeps you close to the main event. Poor Teddy has HPV now just because you’re desperate to stay associated with the best. I mean what else were you going to do when the hubby left you high and dry?

You try to play the strong, independent woman but you’re really just ‘woman.’

You had plenty of people fooled, especially Lee Best himself. We all got caught up in the myth, the lore of Lindsay Troy. Sadly the reality of Lindsay Troy is nothing more than an outdated soccer mom that is way out of her depth. The simple mention of your name no longer sparks fear, let alone joy in anyone. It doesn’t matter who you cling to or try to hide behind anymore. At War Games the legacy of Lindsay Troy gets snuffed out like a bag of kittens tossed into the river. Not everyone can make it in HOW and time has told us that the Queen of the Ring wasn’t up to the task. I’ll make sure you go out in a blaze of glory Lindz, one fitting for Queen.

And hey, at least with you gone we can say one bad word on air again.


It was Friday night outside the Shinjuku Granbell Hotel, just days before the War Games match was to take place live from the Tokyo Dome. I was seated in Carmen’s hotel room on the edge of the bed staring at the television screen. My eyes were bloodshot red from hours of staring at the screen as the remote control sat beside me at the edge of the bed. I had been watching footage of War Games from 2016 over and over again.

Just continuing to relive one of the roughest nights of my life. I had walked out of HOW, dropped the World Championship belt to Scott Stevens in favor of greener pastures. Until Perry Wallace came to me with the idea of me being the Captain of Team 4CW heading into War Games. Lee was livid that I was a member of the team after the way I had left HOW before. So he did everything in his power to make my life a living hell that night.

I was picked first to enter the match against Lee Best himself but of course Lee didn’t enter the match right away. No, instead he rigged the entry order of the match so it would be me against the likes of Scottywood, David Black, Electra, Brian Hollywood, and John Sektor all by myself. The punishment I took was unreal and not even halfway through the match I had both of my eyes nearly swollen shut. Yet I won the ICON Championship belt and was part of the final two. I kept watching as Madison walked over concerned about my well being.

“You’ve been watching it on repeat more times than I can count. You’re going to wear yourself out before War Games even gets here.” Madison said in a worried tone.

“What do you suggest? You think that I should stop and get some sleep?” I asked without taking my eyes off the screen.

“Well yeah, you’ve been training intensely for almost a week straight and now your brain has to be literally fried watching this in a loop. I think sleep would help greatly.” Madison advised with a nod of her head.

“I don’t need sleep, I need to know that I can endure it all again. I need to know that I can win it again.” I muttered while still paying attention to the footage.

“I guess I can’t stand in the way of a man obsessed with victory.” Madison sighed.

“Make yourself useful and pull up the camera on your phone. I need to get something off of my chest.” I blurted out as I grabbed the remote control and hit the rewind button.

Madison acknowledged my request with a nod of her head and went to fetch her cellphone. Once she returned she tried standing in different spots in the dimly lit room to try and get the best angle. The only light coming from the television illuminating certain features of my face. Finally Madison finds the perfect spot and hits the record button as I begin speaking.

“Darin Zion and Ray McAvay, there is a reason I saved the two of you in particular for last. You two are the ones that I’m gunning after the most in this War Games match. Win or lose this match I’m not leaving that cage until I’ve gotten my pound of flesh from each of you. And as I sit here and rewatch War Games from 2016 I’m reminded of exactly why I’ve chosen you both as my prey.”

I press the play button on the remote and watch as I am announced as the first entrant into the match.

“Let’s start with you Zion. I’m so fucking pissed off at you. It’s not because you pinned me in that 3 on 1 handicapped match a few weeks back. It’s not even because you’re just generally an annoying motherfucker that doesn’t know when to shut up. No I’m pissed off at you because you beat Solex, you beat the current Champion Jiles, and you pinned me a living legend and you let that heat just fizzle the fuck out.” 

I growl under my breath and raise my left hand into the air to rub over my chin.

“Instead of capitalizing on the biggest win of your career, you decided that you wanted to go to the Japanese version of Disneyland or go Karaoke singing. By the way, just what is it with you and Karaoke? This lame ass lounge singer bit you have going is tired as fuck and it needs to end. Instead of using that momentum to sky rocket yourself as a real contender to the World Championship you decide ‘hey I’m a bit of a workaholic, maybe I need to relax.’ And of course ‘I missed out on bonding time with the Grapplers.’ OMG I have friends now, ugh, don’t make me vomit.”

A sour expression takes over my features as I could literally feel my stomach tying in knots at the sickening thought.

“Zion no one is buying this underdog story you’ve been spewing. The whole living out a boyhood dream by becoming World Champion was played out in the 90’s you Heartbreak crackhead. You’ve been waiting literal YEARS to win the HOW World Championship, so what? You want a cookie? A participation trophy? Literally everyone that joins HOW wants to become World Champion. Just because you want it too doesn’t make you special or destined to accomplish it. It’s not a toy and it’s certainly not your turn to play with it.”

I took a deep breath and held it for a few moments before exhaling as I placed my right leg over my left.

“After all this wasted opportunity you want to sit there and act like this is some big epiphany. That this is an all new improved Zion and you’re going to do it. That this is going to be your year. Talking about letting them stew. No, all you did was pull a Lindsay Troy waiting until the very last moment to speak because that’s exactly what you do Zion. You’re like a parasite that latches onto a host and morphs into whoever it is that is steering the ship. You wonder why people called you the other Hollywood Boy, that’s because that’s what you were. You and Noah Hanson were Hollywood’s stooges. Now you’re with the Grapplers so of course you become an 11:59er.”

I could feel my annoyance growing to levels only achieved when Zion is actually speaking but with a shake of my head I power through.

“Also please don’t talk about how you’ve won War Games like you’re in the same class as someone like me. You won an appetizer to a real War Games match with no one important in it and not a single title on the line. All because you, Stevens, and Hollywood just had to brag about competing in two War Games matches in one night like the little attention whores you are. Maybe if you had focused on the main match you wouldn’t have gotten your head stomped in by yours truly. Then you could actually claim you won War Games and became an HOW World Champion. That’s what a real superstar would have done but remember back then your were nothing but a shitty clone of Brian Hollywood.”

“But now suddenly you’re craving my attention because you think I’m ‘brushing’ you off. No, see Zion I’ve got my eyes on the bigger picture. I want to win War Games so that means focusing on your whole team and not just you. You think if you eliminate me from this match you’re a lock to win War Games. I never thought eliminating you was a lock for anything. It was just a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things. This thing with you and I has been going around and around for years. It started here in HOW then it carried over into 4CW and onto social media. It got so bad that you literally had to block me on Twitter because I was dunking on you way too much but then a few years later I heard something amusing.”

I slid closer to the edge of the bed and tried to hold back a chuckle.

“Mike had informed me that years after I had left Twitter and retired. Sitting at home on my couch with a neck injury, Zion had a meltdown. One where he publicly stated that Mike and I were so bad to him that it made him want to kill himself.”

I paused for a moment as Madison inched closer towards me getting a close up of my face.

“Well it’s your lucky day Zion, I’m going to make that come true for you. You’ve scratched and clawed for so long and now it’s going to end. I’m not just going to pretend to be a hitman like Zion. I’m putting an end to your life at War Games. I’m going to shatter your dream of winning an actual War Games match just like I did in 2015, just like I did in 2016, and just like I’m going to do on Sunday. You’ll forever be known as just a mid card talent. On your tombstone I’ll put never won the HOW World Championship. So go ahead and sing, drink, and dress up like a video game character. While you’re relaxing and bonding I’ll be here plotting your demise.”

I uncrossed my legs and placed my hands on my knees as I turned my attention back towards the screen. I watched as I took an absolute beating from the rigged War Games entry Lee used to try and embarrass me.

“Then of course there is Ray McAvay. Mr. I don’t care what you say after this, who are you trying to fool? You care very much which is why you’ve been trying to get my attention just like Zion. You hang on every word, after all I’m the sole reason you’re even training for this match. I hit you, you hit me back, isn’t that right? You want to talk about how I didn’t finish the job but is that accurate? The whole time I said I was going to make sure that you weren’t 100% for War Games. So I would say mission accomplished.”

The footage shows me coming off the top rope and stomping Lee’s head into the ground to capture the ICON title as all hell broke loose inside of the ring. 

“You said this wasn’t personal, that it was just business. It’s very much personal for me because frankly I can’t stand you. That is why I stuffed you into that locker and set it on fire in LA. I’m sick of you and your entire circus that you have surrounding you. This whole section 214 thing is amateur hour bullshit. Barbie Q, Zion fighting goddamn robots, the Les Misèrables is all Indy circuit, carny horseshit. I hate you for bringing this Hillbilly ho down crap to the hallowed halls of HOW. Now there is a whole stable full of people backing this cartoonish garbage. Cause why not, right? What is the harm in making a complete ass of yourself?”

I asked towards the cellphone in Madison’s hands as on screen the footage shows one by one people being eliminated from the War Games match.

“People have given their lives for HOW, Lost eyes for HOW. At War Games in an HOFC match someone is going to lose their livelihood. HOW is a serious company where some of the all time greats have staked their claim. It’s not a place for you and your circus of monkeys can come in and shit all over with your crap. Yet it’s people like you and Zion that claim you care about HOW more than anyone else on the roster. You claim to be the under-appreciated lifeblood that keeps this place going. There would be no HOW without Lee Best. So if you care so much, tell me how you’re showing you care by going against him and the Best Alliance?”

The footage shows it coming down to the final four men in the ring. Darin Zion, John Sektor, Ray McAvay, and yours truly.

“You cash his checks, he’s given each and every single one of you a chance to win the HOW World Championship belt. So what are you people fighting against? The fact that he actually makes you have to earn it and not just gift wraps it for you? Fucking idiots, especially you McAvay. Now Ray all this time you think that you had it all figured out. That I was just absolutely out of my mind to put blame on you for what happened in the War Games match in 2016. I should blame Jason Cashe, I should blame Lee Best, I should blame myself. Yet you were off, way off the mark Ray because the person to blame is you. Let’s take what you, Zion, and Stevens always throw at me. How I no showed a PPV, how I was HOW World Champion and walked out of this place twice. Did you, did any of you stop to think exactly why I did that? Oh JPD is just an egotistical asshole. Got to be the reason why, right?”

On screen the footage shows Darin Zion getting eliminated by me followed by Sektor fucking up McAvay’s leg. However, McAvay turns the tables and ends up eliminating Sektor.

“HOW was full of legends and Hall of Famers but slowly all of them started to leave. Mike Best, Rhys Townsend, John Sektor, Cecilworth Farthington had all left for UTAH but why? Was it because they disliked HOW? No, it’s because they needed fresh meat. After years and years of dunking on the likes of you two it just didn’t cut it anymore. It’s like relentlessly pummeling a pillow, which might seem fun at first. Yet there comes a point where it becomes tiresome and pointless. That left just Tara and I to deal with you losers and we did for a good while even to the point of fighting each other. I was so sick of seeing my name vs. Darin Zion, Brian Hollywood, Scott Stevens, and Ray McAvay that I could have pulled my hair out by the root. So I left for fresh meat in 4CW. I tried coming back saying `hey it’s not so bad’ but it was.”

I lowered my head and shook it side to side reflecting back on that dark time of High Octane Wrestling.

“So I left again because 4CW had so much fresh meat. Actual talented wrestlers who were good competition and just the same handful of people doing the same old dumb shit. That’s why I left because people like you drove away all the competition. I left because people like you made me fall out of love with the place that made me a legend. Then War Games 2016 came around and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to be Captain of Team 4CW, I needed to gain back the HOW World Championship. I needed to put HOW out of its misery and save what little prestige it had left. So back to why this is your fault McAvay, you stood in my way of accomplishing that. You didn’t care about the state that HOW had become. All you cared about was your own selfish desires.”

The footage on screen shows me dropping down to cover McAvay but he kicks out. I raised the remote control into the air and pressed the pause button.

“Right there you could have just stayed down for three. Your leg was fucked up to the point you couldn’t even stand. There was no way even though I was damn near blinded that you were going to beat me on your own merit. Yet you dare say you beat me? That you won War Games? It took everyone in the match, EPU guards, and a turncoat Jason Cashe to beat me. You didn’t win War Games, Lee Best handed it to you and now you’re against him? All because you wanted to play with the belt for what? Two weeks? Now because of you we have the dark period of HOW which no one worth a damn wants to even talk about. I could have ended it on a positive note. With a respected Champion and continued its legacy in 4CW.”

I reach up with the remote control and hit the power button to turn off the television screen.

“But it never happened and HOW continued on for what a month or so more? With you has-beens playing hot potato with the belt. I blame you Darin Zion. I blame you Ray McAvay.”

“You murdered the prestige of the HOW World Championship belt.”

“You couldn’t keep the lights on for longer than a few weeks without me.”


“And come Sunday night you will pay for your sins of the past. I will win War Games and never again will I let either one of you send HOW plunging into another dark period.”