You have been heard

You have been heard

Posted on April 30, 2020 at 9:08 pm by Chris Kostoff

[Oh? Seems like he made a nice impression doesn’t it? Maybe this might not end up with him walking out with a belt but God damn will it show that the old dog still has one fucking hell of a bite huh? Maybe this is what HOW needed in general? Maybe this was a needed thing to have done? Who knows? I will tell you this tho…I’ve been dancing in this man’s head for years and I can tell you that this is the fight that this place indeed need.]

(Sunlight shines through the French doors into the room. Leather couch sits in the light as a large German Shepherd lays on the tile floor. The sounds of a footsteps on the tile are heard as he enters the sunlit room. Kostoff stands there in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He looks down and the dog and smiles.)

Kostoff: A very peaceful beast. She really is. She is old tho. Long in the tooth as it is said. But she is still good, she can still instill fear into folks when they come in the house.

(He slowly lifts his head and looks at the camera.)

Kostoff: Kind of like me right? Long in the tooth. Best days behind me. But still can instill the pure aura on fear into people.

(Walking away from the dog’s area, he makes his way to a chair by the windows. He sits down and leans his scar ridden forehead against the glass.)

Kostoff: See Farthington, I get it man. You don’t get into pissing matches with folks. You prefer a more…elegant want to get your point across and I respect that sir. That is why you have say on top for as long as you have.

Kostoff: The days of the dick and fart jokes have come to a grinding halt, I do kind of miss it not gonna lie to you. They had some entertaining moments.

Kostoff: You are a purest. I am a brawler. We both know that and everyone and anyone that has ever been in HOW or watched knows this.

(Sighing he leans back in the chair.)

Kostoff: So I want you to know that as much as I respect you for what you have done in the ring, I on the other hand want to turn everything into a burn the house down war. That should not come as a surprise to you.

Kostoff: You have seen it, hell everyone has seen it. But, don’t let that fool you. People forget I can wrestle. I can go technical if I want to. It is not my ideal way of having a match but I can if need be.

Kostoff: But let’s not kid ourselves man. I want to slug it out with you. I want to brawl all over the arena with you. Why? It is what I do. It is how I have lived in that ring for over 20 years.

(He gets up and begins to walk to his kitchen. He open the refrigerator and reaches in to grab a bottle of water. His dog hears him and gets to her feet. Shaking the sleep from her large body, she makes her way next to him and sits as his feet. He smiles and grabs her treats and tosses one at her. The dog leaps and grabs it in mid flight and begins chewing it before her paws hit the tile.)

Kostoff: Farthington, I am actually looking forward to this shot. Maybe not for the idea of winning, but for the idea of showing I still got it. Yea I’ve had my ups and downs but at the end of the day I always have held my head up high and done everything on my own. I have never needed a stable. They were fun. Held a couple tag team belts in that time.

Kostoff: I have tho, always thrived on my own. And I will continue to. See, you can bring up Maxx all you want to, he is one of the greats. He obviously has shown that time and time again. That is for you man. Not me. Me, I will step into that ring and we will wrestle. I do not need the fact of a stable to fall back on.

(Taking the cap off the bottle of water he takes a long drink. He wipes his mouth and leans into the camera.)

Kostoff: Mr Farthington, this is not some game to me. I know that you mock folks all the time. I do agree, those you have mocked were well deserving of it. I hope that in this instance that you do take this as serious as I do. Yea a win means nothing to me, that is obvious as we all know. Yes pain and bleed is what I get off on, again obvious to all.

Kostoff: All this being said man, this is going to be the match that you remember. This is going to be the fight that you will never forget. I may not be the high flyer you have been in the ring with or the technical robot you have enjoyed going against in the past…

(He leans back and smiles.)

Kostoff: But I will be animal you have feared to step into the ring with. I may carve you up like a Thanksgiving Day Turkey. I may beat you within a inch of your life. I may grab anything not tied down and beat you with it. Or…or I might just do what I need to do to win.

Kostoff: I heard you sir. Your message was loud and clear. I hope mine was as well for you. I hope that you fully understand the danger you face from me. Not just in a win my good man, the danger of pain that you have never come close to dealing with before.

Kostoff: Farthington you see I can be a calm guy. I can get my message across without screaming and swearing from top to bottom. See Farthington I can switch it up.

Kostoff: Let’s see which one you step into the ring with.

(He raises his eyebrows and nods his head as the scene drifts to darkness)