You get what you deserve

You get what you deserve

Posted on August 1, 2023 at 6:32 pm by Bobbinette Carey

You probably think I’m going to admit I made a mistake by giving myself the title right? No the mistake was in Shane actually believing that he deserved it because it was not team Reynolds was it? No, it was team EPIC! However, mistakes were made in the fact he decided to return. The fact that he still harbors this grudge against me is nonsensical. He decided that it was so much more important to try to get back at me 15 years later, my God seriously? That’s the takeaway? That’s a pathetic 15 years! Your kid was here and you decided to come back from the depths of wherever…not to be a good parent, but to come after me. 


The mistakes that were made have nothing to do with me, no fault of my own because I made no mistakes. The mistakes were yours Shane but since you want to blame everybody but yourself you decided that I was the main cause of your issues. Really instead of being a better parent just blame everything on me I’m sure your entire career fell apart because I did that…? No, from my point of view what I did gave you character and what I did gave you a reason. I gave you a purpose, be mad all you want. 


The fact that that’s what lit the fire says that: I have so much more power than you would ever want to admit. I deserve way more credit than I am given. I take up way more space in your head than anyone in HOW. 


I did something no one else ever did after and no one else will ever do again. I looked out for myself. There’s no remorse in what I did. There’s no pity, the remorse is in the fact that you actually think that this is a good justified revenge! Sure you cost me even entering into War Games. Even that wasn’t enough for you. It would have been perfect for you to do a fade away. I would have preferred right after you kept me from War Games: you disappeared again never to be seen or heard from again. That would have been perfect! But no! No, you don’t know when to quit, do you? That’s always been your problem! But again you’ll blame it on me won’t you? 15 years later and you still haven’t gotten over it. 


The return of Shane Reynolds the return NO ONE wanted! I’d gladly take Max Kael back over Shane Reynolds.



Shangra-la hotel

Sydney Australia

Presidential suite. 


The hotel suite has been changed around instead of a table in the living room of the suite there is a treadmill, and a weight bench with a rack of weights. On the treadmill is None other than Nettie. The only sound is the sound of the shoes hitting the treadmill.The HOTv title is hanging from the treadmill In Front of her as if she has no intention of letting it out of her sight. Terrence walks into the living room makeshift gym of the hotel looking at Nettie. 


Terrence: Oh dear, Nettie, my love we’re in Australia and you’re cooped up in here? There is plenty to do to take your mind off of that emo little mongrel. 

Nettie: Not enough and at the same time, too much before 97RED. If I stay here I stay focused.

Terrence: And it will drive you up the wall if you don’t at least take a break from it. Come join me for a candle light dinner under the stars. Some music, a little dancing, and of course a whole lot of showering you with love and affection.

Terrence smiled as he approached the treadmill.

Terrence: It’ll be like our own little private get away. Get you nice and relaxed, enjoy the finer things in life for a bit and then you can focus on unleashing absolute savagery inside of that steel cage.

Nettie shakes her head.

Nettie: I appreciate the distraction from my Silver Fox… I love you for it. But this isn’t just a match. This is–

Terrence kisses her on the treadmill. Nettie’s face twists as she wipes the sweat.

Nettie: I’m sweaty and gross.

Terrence chuckles softly. Nettie’s face looks disgusted at her own perspiration.

Terrence: I’ve seen you sweatier than this, my little dove.

Nettie smirks and nods her head in agreement.

Nettie: Some of my best workouts. 

Nettie winked with a matter of fact tone. She looks out the window at the amazing view as the look doesn’t look pleasant but repulsed by the sight. 

Nettie: some of the most dangerous things are from australia. Most of the deadliest creatures live on this continent… The grass is even deadly here. I’m not about to be the bitch that gets taken out by grass.

Terrence hands her a bottle of water.

Terrence: Grass is no match against you, neither is that swine in the tacky mask. You’re beauty, strength, and brilliance all wrapped into one. The way you’ve navigated through trying times both with Mr. Reynolds and of course with OUR son just proves that you can handle anything.

Nettie sips her water jogging forward.

Nettie: I made a promise to you… 

She presses the button on the treadmill jogging over to him, her two fingers feeling her pulse on the side of her neck. 

Terrence: And you kept that promise, my Goddess, who I burn, I pine, and I would perish for. I worship at your altar and when I pray, I speak your name.

Nettie rolls her eyes less than amused by his words.

Nettie: Shakespearean quoting to get me to swoon? My Silver Fox, this would be more like King Lear.

Terrence raises a curious eyebrow confused at this statement.

Terrence: The test of a parents’ love?

Nettie shakes her head, continuing to run in place.

Nettie: You’re adorable when you say things like that. But no: the only thing guaranteed is chaos and death! That’s what HOW is. That is this match against Reynolds.

Terrence: And there is that lovely mind of yours at work once again. But you… no WE deserve a break from all the violence and demands of this business. Rest and relaxation are just as important as training and preparation. After all, you could teach our son a thing or two about facing challenges.

Nettie sets her water down squinting as her fingers go to rub the temples of her head.

Nettie: That is one person I do not need to think about right now. Even tormenting him isn’t fun right now.

Nettie has a pouty, almost spoiled tone. She shakes it off taking a deep breath

Nettie: I’m focused, have to be! I’m the one who set the stipulation for this match. This beautiful title taunts him. It strikes up memories of the ultimate betrayal that I have been held to all these years.

Terrence: I think you’re obsessing a little bit, my love. No matter what this Shane person does, it won’t erase the fact that you triumphed and pulled the rug out from under him in history making fashion. You took what belonged to you, just like you took the HOTv Championship which is rightfully yours.

Nettie shakes her head from side to side with a scoff.

Nettie: No such thing as obsessing when it comes to a match My Silver Fox. This match isn’t just about a title…

She walks over to the HOTv title and looks at it, staring at the title. Standing there paused almost lost in her thoughts, entranced till Terrence speaks up.

Terrence: My Dove?

His voice pulls her back. She looks around as if she just woke up.

Nettie?: Hmm?

She asks as her body posture changes. She wraps her arms around her torso uncomfortably.

Terrence: You were saying that the match with the Emo child wasn’t about the title.

Nettie slowly nods her head, continuing.

Nettie?: This is his chance for a swan song. His big hero come back! 

Her voice trails again as she looks at the title again, she feels like she’s slipping though she is standing still. Terrence places his hands on her shoulders causing her to jump. Nettie looks back, her hand touching his.

Nettie: I’m going to squash his dreams again. If that makes me the big bad then I guess it’s time to be the big bad. It is time to show what a true villain is. I take this title with pride and joy. I didn’t steal the title, he just brought it to who it’s going to be going home with.

Terrence: The match is a formality. He thinks with nothing but violence and thug-like behavior, while severely underestimating your skills at fighting on his level.

He says attempting to offer comfort.

Nettie: I know that. I am ready to accept my Mantal as the villainous Queen. I am the wicked stepmother. Others would arbor and hate being referred to in such a way. 

She chuckles softly and her fingers touch his cheeks. Nettie gives Terrence a quick kiss before walking through their suite

Terrence: You’re a proud, strong, beautiful woman, my dear Nettie. You have every reason in the world to hold your head high.

Terrence walks behind her attempting to be the voice of reason. Nettie grabs a towel out of the bathroom and wipes the sweat off of her face.

Nettie: I smile because I earned it. I’ve never been in wrestling to make friends. This is business plain and simple but he wants to get his feelings involved. Sad little emo boy. 

Terrence tilts his head to the side exploring the facial expressions and the words coming out of her mouth.

Terrence: You are absolutely stunning and terrifying at the same time. It is quite arousing.

Terrence declares. Nettie smirks, nodding her head in agreement. She looks over at him, her eyes looking him up and down.

Nettie: Would you love me if I wasn’t? 

Nettie drapes the towel behind his neck pulling him in for a kiss before he can answer. She raised an eyebrow waiting for his answer.

Terrance: Not a chance.

Nettie nods her head satisfied with his answer. She pulls away from him and looks back at the title on the treadmill.

Nettie: Then be glad it’s me. We can go to one performance at the opera house and dinner then back to the gym.

Nettie negotiates with Terrence. She grabs the title.

Terrence: Perfect.

She kisses him, her arms holding onto him tightly. Their embrace is disrupted by a knock on the hotel door. Terrence sighs as the mood has been disrupted by the disturbance. Nettie goes to pull away as Terrence attempts to hold her in place. Nettie’s soft face turns into a threatening look in less than half a second. He lets her go, dropping his arms to the side. Nettie opens the door to see a box on the floor in front of the door. She looks both ways seeing no one on the floor. Nettie picks up the box walking it back into the room.

Nettie: You got me something for tonight. You knew I was going to say yes. You are my Silver Fox with that sly tongue of yours.

Nettie says with the box in her hand walking through the suite past Terrence. Terrence seems confused till he sees the box.

Terrence: I can’t take credit for that. Probably something work related.

Terrence says putting his hands on the box.

Terrence: No more work. You need a break.

Nettie’s grip doesn’t let go of the box as there appears to be a battle of wills both looking at each other as the Box seems like it is filled with many possibilities. Nettie shakes her head tugging the box back.

Nettie: After I open it, I’ll get ready then we can have the rest of the night. 

Terrence: My dear. Nothing in this box is going to be good. You’ve been working out since we left the factory. You were working out on the plane. You deserve to allow yourself to rest. Your mind and your body deserve it. I know you’re stubborn and you’re going to do what you want. I am only asking for you to delay this for just one single night.

There is a genuine compassion in his voice. Nettie sighs and takes the box out of his hands and walks back through the suite. She sets it down on the table with a nod.

Nettie: You’re right… Max Kael sent me murdered baby bear cub paws. Whatever this is.. can wait. 

Nettie sighs relenting. Terrence smiles, giving her a forehead kiss as she prepares for her evening.



What’s going through your mind right now Shane? Is it regret? Are you reflecting upon the wasted years? Are you questioning if this was worth it?

You still think of yourself as the hero. You have been running this back in your head over and over all the ways you’re planning on proving you’re the better person. This delusion you have of “putting me in my place.” 

My place has always been that ring. Years out and like a siren’s song it called me back. But you? You’re not back out of desire for the ring. You’re back out of a petty grievance. You didn’t come back for the right reasons.

You left a mark on my career then carved it into my flesh. I only thought it fitting to repay you in kind. Don’t worry I’m not weak like you, I don’t need a knife. I’ll do it the old fashioned way with the cell busting you open and spilling your blood in the ring. A sacrifice to the wrestling Gods and those who came before us. Your blood will join theirs as I stand in the pool of your blood holding what used to be your title as you lay motionless and losing blood and the last shred of your dignity.

Shane, this isn’t a comic book. Good guys don’t save the day. Heroes don’t triumph, it’s been years and maybe you’ve forgotten,but in HOW heroes are broken. There’s bad guys and worse guys. It all depends on what day… and you decided to target the worst woman of HOW. You signed on to be with HOW for a few months and it’s a shame you won’t make it to the end of the contract. But it’s your own doing. Just like the dog cage was your own fault. Act like an animal get treated like one.


After 97RED do you think it’s going to be over? Do you honestly think one simple match would be the end of 15 years of a buildup? You’re smarter than that. You know that if I win you’re going to want revenge and you’re going to want to shot at your title again. And I know that you’re not going to leave until you’re satisfied whatever that outcome may be.



What’s in the box?


Nettie returned back to her hotel suite. Her make up was done up wearing a formal black sequined dress and red lipstick. A large bag in her hand holding presumably the HOTv title. Terrence entered behind her, closing the door. His smile fades as he sees her go to the awaiting box. She pulls the title out of the bag, setting it down next to the box. 

Nettie: Let’s get this over with.

She says pulling the packing tape up. She backs up quickly recoiling and using her arm to shield herself from whatever may come. Nothing happens. Nettie slowly opens the flap of the boxes, cautiously looking. Finally she looks in there seeing the broken bloody Shane Reynolds mask from the last chaos. She scoffs, shaking her head from side to side. She lifts up the mask seeing an envelope under  it. The silence in the room is the loudest pin dropping range. Nettie throws the mask on the table and grabs the envelope. The envelope has photos of Nettie and Terrence as recently as this morning. One of the photos was Nettie running on the treadmill. Nettie’s face filled with rage as she read the piece of paper “we are always watching.”

Nettie: Oh yeah?

Terrence: What is it, my love?

He sighs with a slight frown aware that whatever was sent has angered Nettie. She grabbed the photos and the note and walked over to the metal bathroom trash can.

Nettie: I’ll give you something to watch. 

She promised grabbing a lighter for the candles in her room and taking the trash can and the lighter onto the balcony.


Terrence follows her very worried about what will happen next. Nettie lights the contents of the trash can on fire. She sets it down on the balcony as she rushes back and grabs the Shane Reynolds mask. She drops it into the flames and flips the bird with both fingers making sure she waves her hands in all directions.

Nettie: You follow trash and you’ll burn with him!!!

She says loudly she walks back into the hotel room closing the door letting the trashcan burn.

Terrence: A bit theatrical.

Nettie: But necessary. You don’t play games with someone who has nothing to lose. You don’t play mind games with someone who’s willing to go further than they even can’t imagine. It’s a pissing contest and I’ve already won let’s go to bed.

Nettie says with a large smile taking Terrence’s hand and leading him to the master bedroom as the trash continues to burn on the balcony.