You can thank Lee

You can thank Lee

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 7:08 pm by Chris Kostoff

Valrico Florida:::

(The summer sun is high in the sky, as the heat just pounds away on you. Clouds are slowly building as the daily rain is about to start up here shortly. As the camera pulls back some, he is seen laying on a deck chair getting some sun. His body is wrecked with scars, wars that have been fought over years and years of just fighting. A jingle is heard as he turns his head to the side. His dog walks over and lays next to him. She looks up and sighs. He grins and pets the shepherd behind her ears.)

Kostoff: My constant. Old girl you have always been there.

(She lays her head down on the pool deck and closes her eyes. He squints as he sits up to wipe the sweat from his face.)

Kostoff: I’m not going to sit here and give folks some song and dance or bullshit, Rick you and I are heading for a fight.

Kostoff: You are a big mother fucker, almost like 400 pounds of chewed up bubble gum.

(He laughs a little bit and gets to his feet.)

Kostoff: Again, another street bump in my path. I know this is gonna be fun, two large men going after each other and all that shit.

(Making his way to the fridge he has on his deck, he reached in and grabs a bottle of water. Taking a long drink from the bottle the smile fades.)

Kostoff: A good old fashioned fight. Two big men just landing shot after shot. Should be fun.

(Clouds continue to build as the sun is now being hidden as the afternoon storm clouds are building up. A breeze hits as the smell of rain is in the air. He looks up and then at his dog. She is asleep.

Kostoff: Shit, I wish I could just sleep like her. It must be a good feeling. Sleep has been something that has been alluding me for a long time now, I replay certain situations in my head over and over. I keep going back to certain days. The outcome is always the same, it never changes.

(He shakes his head.)

Kostoff: It never ends well for me.

(He nods his head and walks into his house. Standing there he looks around.)

Kostoff: Some things have changed. Some have not. I will always remember where I came from and now what my end goal is. It is not about being a champion again. Hell I have done that before. It isn’t about money, I have more than enough of that.

Kostoff: What I crave is more along the lines of redemption. Until last week, I felt it in my soul it was revenge, now it has another name.

(He closes his eyes and lifts his head.)

Kostoff: You can fall it what you want to, know this Rick….you are in my way. I know you are a pawn. A large one, a pawn nonetheless. Lee has you in my way in hopes that I get taken off my track. He is using you because he knows…oh he fucking knows..I am gonna kill him at No Remorse.

(He lowers his head and looks into the camera.)

Kostoff: Regardless, this week you are in my way. After this week and the amount of pain I cause to you…well you can thank Lee yourself.

Kostoff: See you in the ring Rick