You are right

You are right

Posted on August 9, 2022 at 12:11 pm by Chris Kostoff

Windy and rain. It is that season in Florida. Daily rain, then when it leaves, the humidity is thicker than refrigeratorated peanutbutter. These days make it feel like the summer heat will never leave. A flash of lightning streaks across the cloud covered sky, followed by a loud crack of thunder shooters across the screen and in your ears. The camera pulls back to show him sitting in a poolside chair next to a bar.


Kostoff: I’ve got to say, Lee you are right. I am past my prime. I’m a old dog that should have been put to graze years ago. You might call it a charity case why you call me to come back. You might call it pitty on me.


Kostoff: I’m not the man i once was. I’m not the animal I used to be. Yea, I do enjoy my cat. He is pretty damn cool. I get it Lee, I lose more than I win. I enjoy just throwing hands. I don’t strike fear into anyone anymore.

He grabs the bottle of water on the bar and takes a drink from it.


Kostoff: But, well you are also wrong Lee. See, as time has gone are telling yourself that you don’t fear me. You don’t see me a threat to you or to anyone else here. Got to ask, if you are not worried…why all the preparation to fight me? I mean if I am that useless and meaningless then why hit the gas?


He laughs as he places the bottle back on the table.


Kostoff: You are a joke Lee you know that right? All you bullshit bravado right now is to just keep your boys happy. We both know, that deep down you are shitting your pants. You keep telling anyone that will listen that is not true, but come on man…


He laughs as he gets up. The rain hits the glass ceiling encasing his pool. He looks at the rain as it hits the tiles.


Kostoff: Lee, there is no need to rehash the past. I’ve beaten your ass over and over…it is almost not even entertaining anymore. It is almost boring to be honest. I know that this time will be different in your mind, but let’s call a spade a spade.


Kostoff: I’m going to fuck you up. Not just whoop your sorry ass, but I am going to end you. This is what the name of this match is, or the meaning of it. One of us are going to die. You have sent anyone and everyone after me, and here I am. 20 plus fucking years later…still fighting. Still making people bleed. Still making people hurt. Still, believe it or not, striking fear in the souls of people.


Kostoff: So come Sunday, after we beat the fucking hell out of each other man, it is going to be my pleasure to toss that dirt on your corpse. Maybe I’ll leave it open for a bit so your son and grandson can come take a look at the bloody mess that was their family.


He makes his way to a glass door that leads to his backyard. He watches the rain fall. He smiles.


Kostoff: Lee, I’m tired of this shit. Sunday, it all ends and finally. Finally this will be over and done with. I don’t like you one bit Lee so, it is going to be fun to see you die at my hands.


Kostoff: See ya soon….


The rain continues to fall as the scene drifts to darkness