You are not fit for WAR

You are not fit for WAR

Posted on March 22, 2023 at 4:15 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Denver, Colorado
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

It was a cool evening in Denver, everything was quiet and mostly everyone had settled in on this 34-degree night. We get a view of the large estate known as Sanctuary owned by LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson and Samantha Tolson. An individual in a large coat can be seen walking up to the front door of the home. They reach for a key and then unlock the door before walking inside.

They close the door behind them and look around the large estate. They begin to roam around from room to room in search of something or someone. They move thoroughly through the first floor before making their way up to the second floor of the home. They continue their search room by room while holding their phone in their hand. They almost completely search through the entire second floor of the home until they approach one door. They reach for the handle and turn it slowly. The door is slowly opened and nothing is seen inside other than pitch blackness. The individual raises their phone into the air and uses the light from it to scan inside the room.

Blackout curtains are hanging from the windows in the room and not a light or electronic device can be seen to be on. The light from the phone finally catches the silhouette of someone sitting on the side of the bed in the room.

“There you are.” The individual says with a sigh.

The silhouette snaps its head around and the light from the phone catches the unmistakable eyepatch of the current LSD Champion. Jace sits by the nightstand beside the bed. There is a tequila in his hand that he’s been drinking from. The nightstand is filled with open bottles of various pills and painkillers.

“What do you want?” Jace grunts before raising the bottle of tequila to his lips.

“You haven’t answered a phone call or a text message that I’ve sent you.” The individual says in a somewhat angry tone as they search the wall for a light switch.

“So?” Jace replies dismissively and uninterested as he takes another drink of tequila.

The individual finds the light switch and flips it on. The room is illuminated and the person can be seen to be Becca Curci aka Whisper. The owner of Hellsgate puts her phone back into her pocket as Jace whines in pain from the light being turned on for the first time in days.

“You told me that you would be coming to the facility this week.” Whisper began as she approached the side of the bed where Jace sat. “I heard a bit about what happened to you on Sunday night and then you just completely went dark communication-wise with me.”

Jace kept his good eye halfway closes as he took another pull from the bottle in his hand.

“How did you even get in here?” He inquired, not at all wanting to talk about what happened on Sunday night.

Whisper sat down on the side of the bed beside Jace and then held a key up into the air.

“You happened to give a key to a certain stubborn woman that lives up on a mountain,” Whisper answered as Jace scoffed. “I’m not even touching the whole argument or blocking on Twitter between you and her, so don’t worry. Just know that even in her stubbornness, I didn’t have to exactly have to twist her arm to get the key from her to come to check on you.”

Jace rolls his eye in response to that information and continues to nurse the bottle. Whisper looks over the LSD Champion’s body and then notices the wound on the back of his head.

“What happened?” Whisper asks as she reaches up and tries to touch the wound that’s been poorly bandaged up but Jace swats her hand away. “Just what have you been doing here the last few days?”

“Taken showers.” Jace growls. “Lots and lots of fucking showers.”

Whisper raises her eyebrow not exactly sure of the context behind his words.

“Where is Samantha?” Whisper looks around.

“Headed to Cancun with Madison and the rest of the girls for the week. It’s Madison’s birthday tomorrow so they are having some sort of all-girls vacation.” Jace reveals.

“When is the last time you’ve eaten?” There is a growing concern in Whisper’s voice.

Jace raises the bottle of tequila into the air.

“Got my breakfast, lunch, and dinner right here, Becks.” Jace tilted his head back and took a long drink from the bottle.

Whisper narrowed her eyes and then pulled herself up to her feet. She turned toward Jace and placed her hands on her hips.

“You need to get up out of this room and take better care of yourself.” Whisper lectured.

“What I NEED is more training to tackle all the bullshit that will be coming up way in the coming weeks.” Jace fired back.

“You want training? I can give you training.” Whisper argues before gesturing toward the nightstand full of painkillers. “But this? This is not the way to do it and you know that. I can provide you with all the training you need but that’s only if you do it the right way.”

Jace’s lip curled like an animal ready to show its fangs but Whisper stood her ground and didn’t even flinch for a moment at Jace’s hint of aggression.

“Try it and I’ll give you a real reason to need all of these painkillers.” Whisper threatened.

Jace finished the last of the tequila and tossed the bottle away. He rose to his feet and took a few menacing steps toward Whisper. Before anything could happen violently between the two of them, Jace screamed out in pain. His legs began to buckle and he hunched over from the intensity of the pain coursing through his body. He reached up and pressed the palm of his hand against the eyepatch.

Whisper stepped forward and then wrapped her arms around the LSD Champion. She pressed his head into her bosom trying to comfort him as the pain continued to shoot through his entire body. This lasted for a few moments before Jace pulled away from Whisper and punched a hole through the wall in the room. His fist remained submerged in the new opening in the wall as he breathed heavily trying to get the pain to subside. Whisper stepped forward but Jace held up his hand to stop her.

“I’m fine,” Jace muttered panting for breath. “I just need more alcohol.”

“What you need is an actual meal and someone to properly treat that wound on the back of your head,” Whisper said sternly. “And I’m not about to take no for an answer.”

Whisper walked over toward a closet then grabbed a duffle bag and tossed it towards the bed as Jace pulled his hand from the wall.

“Pack a bag, you’re staying with me at the house,” Whisper ordered. “Once we’ve got you situated properly then you can return to the training immediately.”

Whisper turned on her heels and glared at Jace until he finally submitted to her will and did exactly as he was told.


Lee Best is an evil son of a bitch.

However, teaming up with Darin Zion to face the team of America and Ward, one week before I have to defend my LSD Championship belt against him, is fucking diabolical.

But that’s to be expected. That’s normal when you’re on the bad side of the GOD of HOW.

Whether it be what happened in the bonus segment last Sunday night or what is to come. The odds are going to be stacked against me at every turn. I have zero doubts that Lee Best is going to put me through the wringer every single week on the road toward War Games.

Has anyone stopped and wondered why that is?

People like Scott Stevens are a joke. Brian Hollywood is a non-factor. Bobbinette Carey is loud but the equivalent of one of those horrible Furby toys at this point in her career. Lee Best wouldn’t go out of his way to stack the odds against people like them, no matter how much noise they made in defiance of the man that thinks he’s holier than thou in professional wrestling.

So, why with me?

That’s simple, it’s because Lee Best sees me as a threat. It’s why I was chosen to be a member of The Best Alliance in my rookie year here in HOW. It’s a reason why I was offered a spot with The Board upon my return to HOW. Lee Best is well aware of what I am capable of doing. This is why when I bark against the GOD of HOW it cuts deeper than when some lesser talent tries to nip at the heels of the man in charge.

What happened last week was a declaration of war against the entire roster. Not just me but every single person not in the boys club that is The Final Alliance.

That means you too, Darin Zion.

I watched back what happened on Chaos 25 and you got blasted in the back of the head with a steel pipe in that mass attack.

Yet, you’d never know it because instead of being pissed off or angry about it. You’re too busy making press releases requesting that I go to Couples Therapy with you ahead of our match in St. Louis.

I don’t think my one good eye could roll any harder than it did when I saw that.

Someone lays you out with a steel pipe and your #1 priority is to make an ass out of yourself. Someone tries to take you out before War Games, before your shot at MY LSD Champion belt. Yet, you’re focused on making lame-ass jokes about me and my eye like you’re some fucking comedian.


You’re fucking exhausting, Darin. And yet you wonder why people barely tolerate you as a human being. If you think for one second that I’m going to trust you heading into this match on Sunday night then you’re sadly mistaken.

I wasn’t born yesterday.

This isn’t a legitimate tag team contest that’s been booked. It’s a way to rough me up before my match against you next week and before War Games. Lee Best would LOVE nothing more to get the LSD Championship belt off of me and take away my guaranteed entry into the War Games match. Even if that means dealing with Darin Fucking Zion as the new LSD Champion.

I’m not going to allow that to happen.

So, take your offers of teamwork and friendship and shove them up Vickie Hall’s ass.

I know just like everyone else does that you’re a weasely motherfucker. All Lee Best has to do is whisper sweet nothings into your ear and you’d melt like a High School girl that got asked out to the prom by the star Quarterback.

You would sell your soul for a chance to be included in The Final Alliance.

You’d happily let Lee Best use your tongue as his own personal toilet paper for the rest of your miserable existence just for all the perks you think would be coming your way.

I have no misconceptions about the fact that this match is pretty much a three-on-one handicapped match.

I recommend that you go ahead and side with The Final Alliance in this match because you’re absolutely useless to me as a partner.

I don’t NEED you, Darin Zion. I will never NEED you or your fucking awful ideas.

You’re a cartoon character that’s come to life. You go around honking and peddling bullshit like you aren’t in the middle of a Lion’s den. Lee Best and The Final Alliance have fired the first shot. The battle lines have been drawn. And what are you doing? Making Chris Hansen jokes and trying to make a dime off of hideous purple shirts.

This is why you’ll forever be mid at best. You whine and complain about what you want, want, want but you are fit to be at the top of the food chain. You’re not anatomically built for war, Zion. Bobbinette Carey’s balls are bigger than yours. I would trust her with my life on the line more than I would you.

And that’s saying something since the bitch hasn’t gotten over the fact that I tried to have her killed.

What is not clicking in that pea-sized brain of yours, Darin? Do you think what happened to my eye can’t happen to you too? You don’t think that what happened to Chris Kostoff can’t possibly be a fate you face here in HOW?

It’s like you’re too dumb to realize the danger that you’re really in. But yet, like a fool, you’re willing to dive right in, head first.

I don’t need that kind of liability watching my back or calling itself my partner.

So, kindly get in your little Love Convoy with all of your little buddies and drive it off a cliff.


Whisper’s Backyard Deck
Grand Junction, Colorado
Friday, March 24th, 2023

The air in Grand Junction on this Friday night was brisk, to say the least. Below-freezing temperatures were nothing new in Colorado but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with. On Whisper’s backyard deck, we find the LSD Champion. He had a thick coat on and was leaning over the railing of the deck looking up at the sky. A lit cigarette was in his hand as he thought about what lay ahead of him in the coming weeks.

The sound of the sliding glass door opening didn’t break his focus. Whisper can be seen walking out onto the deck. A long sleeve sweater covered her but her arms were still folded over her chest for warmth. She approached the railing and looked out at the sky while standing next to Jace.

“That’s a filthy habit,” Whisper said judgmentally. “I wouldn’t make you stand out here to do it though, I’m not unreasonable.”

“It’s only an occasional habit,” Jace responded. “And I’m just used to not smoking indoors. I don’t do it at home and I got way too much respect for you and your home to do it anywhere but out here.”

“You got one of those for me?” Whisper turned her head and looked at Jace.

The LSD Champion reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He extended the pack of Marlboro Gold Label 100s towards Whisper.

“Thanks.” She reached out and pulls a single cigarette from the pack.

Jace put the pack back into his pocket as Whisper placed the cancer stick between her lips. He fished a lighter out of his pocket, flicked the flame to life, and then raised it into the air to help her light the cigarette. She took the first drag off the lit cigarette and then blew the smoke out into the night air as she turned back toward the sky.

“Penny for your thoughts.” She said out loud as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“You already know the answer to that,” Jace responded after taking another pull from his cigarette. “Shit’s going to keep getting worse and worse before it can get any better, Becks.”

“I already knew you weren’t good at making friends,” Whisper said half-jokingly. “But you’ve really stepped into it this time.”

Jace closed his one good eye and thought about Whisper’s comment. He pondered what would have happened if he bend down and kissed Lee Best’s ass as a Darin Zion would. If he went crawling up to Lee begging to be added to his Final Alliance like he was Scott Stevens. A sour expression forms on his face as he opens his eye.

“There are always casualties in war.” He had a matter-of-fact tone to his voice. “I’ve already died once and that didn’t work. So, I’m ready for whatever it is that they decide to throw at me.”

Whisper cuts her eyes over toward him, having heard only parts of that story from Kat and others that were close to Jace.

“So, what’s the plan of attack?” She raised the cigarette back up to her lips.

“I was placed in an 80’s movie version of Hide and Seek in England for my LSD Championship belt.” He recited. “Conquered that hurdle and then last Sunday when I decided to rub it in the face of GOD himself. I ended up getting blasted in the back of the head with a steel pipe. Got my head slammed into a public toilet until it knocked me out. And then the old fucker decided to piss on the back of my head. Alright, cool.”

Jace shrugged his shoulders as Whisper shook her head.

“The idiots are going to have a field day with that.” She added.

“Oh, they already are and it’ll be way longer than a week. They are already having the time of their lives with the word ‘Nerds’ like it’s fresh and original.” Jace reached up and run the fingers on his free hand through his hair.

“Are you sure you’re not wrestling against High School students?” She asked in a deadly serious tone.

“Maturity wise? Absolutely.” Whisper pulled Jace’s hand from his hair and then fussed with the wound on the back of his head that she properly treated as he continued. “But that’s Lee Best for you. His current flavor of the month is Steve Solex and whatever Solex finds to be cool and hilarious then Lee also finds to be cool and hilarious. He’s a fangirl like that for his chosen stooges.”

“I’m getting a migraine just thinking about that.” She pulled the cigarette from her lips as she continued to investigate the wound which was secretly just a way to play with his hair. “But all of that was last Sunday, what about the present?”

“That means that I swat Darin Zion away like the insignificant pest that he is and then face Evan Ward and Christopher America by myself.” Jace exhaled some smoke from his nostrils.

“Evan Ward is not a name that I’m familiar with,” Whisper admitted.

“He got into the Hall of Fame in 2021. Former HOW wrestler that returned in England to join Lee Best’s little boy band.” Jace lowered his brow. “Guy on the smaller side but one hell of a high flyer. He and I went more than a few rounds back in the day when he was actually active and not just a ghost in the hallways of HOW. He won one War Games match by an absolute fluke of luck and now he’s back to try and do it again.”

“Accomplishing something like that does take a certain amount of luck,” Whisper interjected.

“This wasn’t a certain amount. This was finally a four-leaf clover, spreading it over a lucky horseshoe. Fucking a Leprechaun in the ass with it while bent over his pot of gold and then wearing said horseshoe like it was a wedding ring.” Jace grumbled.

Whisper lowered her hand from Jace’s head and then punched him in the arm.

“I did not need that visual!” She exclaimed loudly before placing the cigarette back between her lips.

“Anyway, Ward is back now, and instead of riding Rhys Townsend’s and John Sektor’s dicks to yet another Ground Zero reboot. He’s decided to dick ride for Lee Best and The Final Alliance.”

Jace grunts before continuing.

“He took out Conor Fuse which is no small feat. However, I don’t just don’t quite buy this whole I am back and better than ever routine just yet. It remains to be seen if he’s going what it takes to hang with the big boys and hold his water when it comes to War Games this year. He might just end up being a flash in the pan and long forgotten before War Games even gets here.” He flicked some of the ash from the end of the cigarette over the railing of the deck.

“Anyone can talk.” Whisper began. “Not everyone can back up their talk when the shit hits the fan. I’ve always been a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words.”

“Ward has America as a partner in this match.” Jace thought out loud. “But there will come a point in the match where it’s just me and him in the middle of the ring. That’s when I give him a small reminder about the last time he faced me in a high-pressure situation. I’m sure a walk down memory lane to the Infirmary match back at Rumble at the Rock against me might change his tune. But just a taste. I may or may not end up on his team during War Games.”

“The other one is the World Champion, correct?” Whisper started remembering their previous conversations.

“Technically, yes, but he’s… I don’t even know how to put it.” Whisper looked at Jace and gestured for him to just spit it out. “The man married the World Championship belt last Sunday night.”

Whisper began to cough and choke from the combination of cigarette smoke and the absurdity of the words Jace had just spoken. She leans over and tries to compose herself as Jace patted her on the back repeatedly.

“I swear to God that there is something wrong with the people in that company.” Whisper choked out before straightening back up.

“I can’t disagree with you on that fact.” Jace waited for Whisper to take a pull from the cigarette still in her hand and lean over the railing before joining her. “I think it is safe to say that Mr. America is beginning to crack under the pressure of being the longest reigning World Champion in HOW history. He’s resorted to making it an obsession but that never pans out the way you want it to. I’ve been there and done that. Marrying a leather belt on a worldwide stage and then talking about being bonded to it spiritually, symbolically, and physic–”

Whisper interrupts Jace before he can finish.

“Nope!” Whisper shouts. “Don’t even want to think about that in any form. NOPE!” Whisper swallowed the knot forming in her throat and covered her mouth.

“Regardless.” Jace moved past the terrifying thought. “Christopher America is still one of the most dangerous wrestlers on the HOW roster and he’s been the World Champion since last year’s War Games match. Every single person on the roster is going to be looking at him and that belt heading toward the PPV. If he’s jealous and paranoid about the way Conor Fuse looked at the belt then he’s going to have quite the time inside of that cage in Mexico.”

“Takes a lot to remain on top for that long and it only takes one minor slip up to come tumbling back down to the bottom the hard way.” Whisper chimed in.

“The last time I was in a tag team match against Christopher America. It didn’t turn out anywhere near the way that I wanted it to.” He reached up and placed his hand over his eyepatch. “That was then and now I’m still going to march in with my held high really to go toe to toe with the Champion. He’s gone his entire reign without worrying about me stepping up to his plate for his title. But times have changed and now that War Games is approaching. America better hold onto that title belt tighter than Xander Azula holds onto the hope for victory every single week.”

“You have your own title to worry about before that, Luv.” Whisper reminded him.

“I’ve put in work with this LSD Championship belt. It’s on par with the HOW World Championship belt. This is why America went from throwing a tantrum over why I’m not in The Final Alliance to being absolutely silent on the matter. He doesn’t want to poke the bear but he is more than willing to sit back and watch Lee Best try to take me out of the equation. I want his eyes on me. I want everyone’s eyes on me because I’m going to show them that no matter what Lee Best does. I’m going to pick myself up and keep on coming after them.”

Jace takes what is left of the cigarette and flicks it down to the bottom of the deck before stomping it out with the heel of his shoe.

“I’m counting down the days. Darin Zion be damned. I’m going through The Final Alliance one by one until I get my hands on Lee Best. He might have pissed on my head last week but when I get my hands around his throat? I’m going to do something to him that can’t be fixed with soap and hot water.”

Whisper flicks her cigarette down to the bottom of the deck and stomps it out also before looking at the LSD Champion.

“So, when are you leaving for St. Louis?” She asked while not trying to give away her reasons for asking.

“I don’t have to be there until Sundae,” Jace smirked. “Did I say Sundae? I meant Sunday.”

Whisper’s cheeks burned a slight shade of red before she shoved him hard with both of her hands. Jace staggered back a few steps as the smirk grew that much wider. He stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Whisper. She sunk herself into his embrace as he led her back into the house.