Yeah, no thank you!

Yeah, no thank you!

Posted on September 26, 2023 at 7:41 pm by Bobbinette Carey

I had two weeks off… then back to the grindstone. The machine doesn’t stop, it just rolls on. No rest for the wicked, right?


I’m not a young kid, not a fresh face. I can’t go like I used to, but here I am. I hate seeing Jatt Starr’s stupid face as wrestler of the month. Fuck this guy, seriously…


So, after my weeks off to relax, I beat Solex. Great, the streak continues. Now I have a great reward/punishment. The LSD title! But meh, I get to face Mike Best…


Seriously? I’m on a run, I’m doing well and then it’s like I’m getting punished for it? Nobody wants that, that’s not a reward. Oh, but the title! Yeah, no; fuck the title.


I know what’s going to happen. Anybody facing Mike knows what’s going to happen. He’s going to say something rather insulting. I’m going to call him an asshole under my breath and really want to punch this guy in the throat. It’s going to offend me, it’s going to hurt my feelings to some degree and he’s going to retain the title. No thanks, hard pass. It’s the same old wash, rinse, and repeat.


I’m not afraid of him, I know he can wrestle. We all know he can wrestle, he is the fucking Mount Rushmore of everything at this point. He wasn’t a HOW original, yet he’s done more than all of us combined.


I think the only thing I can point out is that we are alike because we keep coming back. It’s like some sick Italian Mafia family, you never fully out. That’s the power of his dad, that’s the power of him shoving him down our throats. But I won’t be a sacrificial lamb for this, no thank you.




After Chaos..



City in North Carolina


Leaving the arena in North Carolina in the evening, the fans are gone, and the trucks are loaded up. Yet. Nettie emerges with her gear bag in hand. She was by herself and she walked briskly to the awaiting limo. She heard footsteps behind her as she handed her bag to the chauffeur. She opens her own door getting into the limo. She doesn’t look as she hears a knock on her window. She rolls down the window and sees Terrence Davidson on the other side of the window.


Terrence: Are you really going to leave without me, my love?


Nettie puts her sunglasses over her eyes.


Nettie: Oh, now I am your love? Your son said for you to get a handle on me.


Terrence sighs and opens the door getting into the limo forcing Nettie to scoot over. Nettie looks ahead before allowing him access to the seat beside her.


Terrence: You really need to stop that. You’re better than this behavior.


He says as she wrinkles her nose.


Nettie: Am I being handled right now?


She scoffs.


Terrence: You’re your own woman, strong and independent. The only way I handle you is with your consent and sweet tender loving care. I understand that Jace got under your skin but do not take his words as gospel or take out your rage on me.


Terrence said calmly without sounding like it was a plea.


Terrence: I know you well enough to know that you’re not just annoyed at my son. You’re stewing because you saw the match you’re booked in for next week’s show.


Nettie scrunches her nose as her face starts to turn red. Looking like a tea kettle about to go off.


Nettie: Legend contracts mean nothing. I wrestled tonight! I beat Solex…


She says quickly with annoyance. He looked over at Terrence who was waiting for that to come out.


Terrence: You beat him very convincingly, I might add. Yet another member of that silly Alliance defeated by your hands. They are taking notice of you and your ability. You shouldn’t be mad that they are sending Mike Best after you. You should be proud that they see you now as a threat.


Nettie rolls her eyes, crossing her arms in front of herself with an attitude.


Nettie: It’s also about Conor too.


Terrence: The video game child?


Terrence asks in a confused manner as she drops her shoulders. He looks at her with concern, but she looks away.


Nettie: Sure the kid was never my friend, he was hers… but… Mike sees it as an opportunity to piss off the kid more. So, he is going to be extra.. because that’s who he is.


There’s an annoyance in her voice.


Nettie: Why can’t Mike face Jatt?


Terrence: You know how Lee operates. He put the majority of the roster and the talent on his side of the chessboard. They aren’t allowed to in-fight unless it somehow benefits him. They call themselves an Alliance but they are more like a stale High School football team.


He points out much to her dismay. Nettie groans as she watches the skyline as the limo drives out of the arena


Nettie: But, are they though? It’s Conor’s stepfather anyways…


She grumbles as she reaches into her pocket grabbing her phone.


Terrence: I get your distaste for Mr. Starr, but you need not think about him. You beat him, just like you beat Solex earlier tonight. We should be celebrating the fact that you’re winning all the time now. If anything, if you want to obsess about someone, make it Mike Best and the LSD Championship.


Nettie shakes her head no as she scrolls through her phone. Terrence puts his hand over her phone to get her attention. She looks at him and sighs.


Nettie: Can’t… if I would have had this week off, we would have for sure. But, this week is focused. We are headed to South Carolina now.


She says looking ahead. Her leg starts bobbing up and down as she sits there.


Terrence: I wasn’t serious about the obsession, my love. Listen, you’re tense right now. Instead of immediately heading to South Carolina, how about a day on the oceanfront?



He pleads attempting to reason with her.


Nettie: The last time I decided to take some me time before a match was when I had to face Shane Reynolds…


Terrence: Yes, but you haven’t lost a single match since then! Shouldn’t that tell you something?


He said in a matter-of-fact tone.


Nettie: Solex mattered tonight. Beating Solex said something.


Terrence sits in silence as Nettie smiles ahead. Looking over, she notices he doesn’t comment. She raises an eyebrow looking over at him.


Nettie: What?


Terrence remained silent for a few more moments before shaking his head.



Terrence: It’s nothing, my dear.


Nettie narrowed her eyes, he knew that look. He leaned back against his seat and revealed what was on his mind.


Terrence: I don’t want to keep going through the same cycle, making the same mistakes. The last time I said anything we fought…


Nettie: I see where you’re going, my Silver Fox and stop it…


She sighs as she sits back in her seat attempting to relax. She closes her eyes as her hand touches the side of her face where Solex had slapped her.


Nettie: He hits like a bitch.


She laughed as Terrence raised an eyebrow.


Nettie: Mike won’t be as soft. He has that title, he is like a starved dog with a bone. He’ll gnaw your arm off before he lets me close to that belt.


Terrence: I expected you to be a bit manic about all of this, possibly even have your head explode with rage, and yet…


Nettie: This, my dear, is acceptance. I know what is coming and I accept it. This is an attempt to humble me.


Terrence laughs at the notion.


Terrence: I highly doubt there is anything that a man could ever do to humble you.


Nettie: They could try… doesn’t mean it will work.


Nettie shrugs at the thought.


Nettie: Shane Reynolds carved into my skin… thankfully, plastic surgery and makeup covers that trash.


She said as her fingertips went to the spot on her head that looked almost completely healed. (makeup does wonders.)


Nettie: The emo bastard was so emo, he forgot to cut himself not others…


She rolls her eyes.


Nettie: This is just another Sunday for Mike, it’s far more tamed than the cage trash he prefers. He’s more bound by rules in the ring.


Terrence looks over at her, seemingly in shock.


Terrence: It sounds like you’ve been planning for this before it was even announced. Do you think there is some weakness when he’s not acting like a caged animal?


Nettie: Don’t get me wrong, he’s a hell of a wrestler even with rules. But, Mike doesn’t like rules… he doesn’t like being restrained or contained.


Terrence: I will be there with you every step of the way. I will keep my eye out for any dirty tactics or interference from his Alliance buddies.


Nettie shakes her head quickly.


Nettie: Yeah, no…


She says kissing him quickly.


Nettie: EPU won’t think twice about harming you. So, sorry dear, you’re staying in the locker room.


Terrence looks displeased.


Terrence: The locker room? You will have your shining achievement in the middle of the ring becoming the LSD Champion and you want me to stay in the back? I am not just some fragile old man, my Dove.


Nettie nods her head in agreement.


Nettie: I know you’re not. I just don’t see a need to put you at risk. This might be bloody.


Terrence: Perhaps if-


Nettie: We can just put that idea on hold. I promise we will come back to it.


Nettie then looks through her phone dialing a number and it goes straight to voicemail. She gives the index finger to Terrence as she makes the call. She grits her teeth as the call goes to voicemail.


Nettie: Hey, I’m just reaching out. No games, no double meaning.. Please, call me back.


She hangs up the phone as Terrence looks over at her with a curious eyebrow.


Terrence: Calling another man in my presence?


Nettie smirked, shaking her head.


Nettie: It’s business, my Silver Fox. You’re for my pleasure.


He crosses his arms.


Terrence: Is that all? I’m just your toy?


Nettie shrugs her shoulders.


Nettie: There are worse things in life than being my human squishmallow. My emotional support human?


She jokes as Terrence doesn’t seem amused.


Nettie: My partner.


Terrence: You seem to have plenty of those.


Nettie rolls her eyes, snuggling up to him.


Nettie: My Silver Fox, you’re mine. Why ruin it with labels?


She nuzzles her nose into his neck as Terrence attempts to make a point.


Terrence: You won’t commit.


Terrence’s voice doesn’t waver but sounds hurt as he doesn’t respond to her attempts at being cute.


Nettie: This isn’t commitment? Do you not see the effort I’m putting in? I wrestled, yet I’m pawing at you.


She says as her arms go around him pulling him in. He groans in a frustrated manner but then gives in.


Terrence: I guess it’s better than shoving me away.


He says putting an arm around her.


Nettie: See…maybe a little celebrating would do us both good.


She smirks as the limo finally gets to the awaiting private jet. They exit the limo cuddled arm in arm as the jet is waiting for them.




Hi Mike, I didn’t want to do this, but I’m not afraid of you. You’ll claim otherwise, but it’s fine. If I’m not afraid, then why don’t I want to do this? Because I value life… my own. I’m here because of my passion for wrestling, and when it’s you, well, it takes the fun out of it for me. It’s just… why? It’s not that you’re a better wrestler than me, you’re just going to say something witty and snarky like you always do. Then magically people are like ‘Oh, he got her!’ And I’m going to sit here like ‘Yay me, more ass kissers for Mike Best.’



I’d rather face literally anybody but you. I’m coming off of a winning streak. You’ve had winning years. Minus those little asterisks where other people cost you victories. You know, like when Solex cost you the victory against her and Scooter, but then you brought Cecilworth Farthington back just to humble them.


You’ve got this petty streak, this ‘has to be right all the time’ complex. You can’t let someone get the one up on you. It doesn’t sit well with you. I have to ask, dude. Are you okay? Like shit, that causes IBS, ulcers, and gastro issues.


I’m not even talking about wrestling, I’m talking about the stress and all the other shit behind the scenes. It has to have done quite a number on your insides. Stress is a huge killer and you’ve been burning the candle at both ends… when you show up that is.


You know Mike, The biggest joke any wrestler can tell is, they are retired. Believe me, I know, this body spent years not being in the ring and we both missed it. Can’t watch at home because it’s too depressing seeing others do what we love. So, let’s go back one more time, right? Have another run at our already cemented legacies in the business. It isn’t needed, it’s pure hubris to think that we can keep going. But, with this life, it’s all we know, and it’s who we will always be. But there are only so many concussions a person can take, only so much you can put a body through before it stops healing like it used to.


You know what they say: for every year you wrestle, add another year to your life and that’s your body’s age. So, wrestling-wise I’m 70… maybe that explains my draw to older men…


Focus Nettie… point of the matter is you’re prone to concussing people for fun. The knee to the head… yeah, no. Don’t want that, not that it’s an option or voluntary.


Beating this body has become a joke, an easy week until I took over. I am showing that we can still go. My win over Solex? None of you saw that coming. Beating Jatt? I knew would happen, yet, he’s the wrestler of the month… I swear, I’m not bitter… okay, yes, the fuck I am. He is wrestler of the month his face all over and shoved down my throat. The face of a loser I’ve beaten repeatedly as if he’s Zion; is praised for being mediocre!


Focus Nettie.. fuck Jatt… but Mike is the opponent this week. And I know there’s going to be a tangent of ‘if I don’t want to be the Best or hold the title get the fuck out!’ And to that, I say lick my fucking balls! I do this because I enjoy it, I’m not here to be one of your little cronies. We’re all here for different fucking reasons, you don’t get to judge, asshole! You don’t get to belittle or tell me that I don’t belong just because I don’t want to fight you for a title. It’s not me being complacent, it’s me enjoying what I do and not letting you ruin it for me.


I remember the kid you were when you first came here. You didn’t know who you were yet, nothing but a young bright-eyed bushy-tailed child… in fact, kind of makes me think of who Conor Fuse is.


It’s amazing that someone so innocent, so fresh-faced could turn into… you. Maybe I need to start intervening with Conor so that he doesn’t turn into you. I know what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t I want somebody to be like you? Because you’re not all you’re cracked up to be, Mike. You’re a great wrestler, yes, no shit. But that gets lost behind all the noise in your bullshit. I mean… the corruption and everything you’ve become compared to who you were when you came here.


Yes, you’ve still got your ‘Love of the Game’ that’s obviously why you’re here. Who wouldn’t when you had all the corruption in your favor once you not only accepted but embraced your last name? The Best name is like it corroded away the good in you. There was once a decent human being in there, but he was lost a long time ago.


I can’t wait for someone to end it. I’m not going to say it’s going to be me. I am not as delusional as Stevens is. I know you’re at the top of your game and the rest of us are just fodder for you and Lee to play with till you fight Conor. I do think that can help soften you up for him. We owe him that much for all the bullshit he put up with due to her. Someone has your number and man I can’t wait to watch them punch your card. Finally, someone will humble you.


Me? That’s too much to live up to. I don’t want that. I was okay living my life and just beating no names and old people who needed to just go away. But, you’re going to take this personally just to try to hurt my feelings, because that’s what you do. You go out of your way to prod at something that’s just going to key into some random obscure insecurities for somebody because it’s fun. Thankfully, I’m the bitch driving this body, not the whiny bitch who you’re used to.


The thing is there are no young up-and-coming wrestlers, no fresh faces, that give us a reason to stay retired, remain retired, or even start an official retirement. Very few names have staying power in HOW. STRONK! He had potential, but he wasn’t a corrupt yes man. He was a simple-minded being who was manipulated, but even he realized he was not for HOW. They say all the time, this place ain’t for everybody, and that’s true most of the time. Sadly, the only way you get out of here is in a body bag.


That’s not what wrestling is about, man, it never has been. Wrestling is about doing cool shit in the ring and proving why the other person sucks dick, metaphorically… (We know I suck dick this is nothing new, I’ve got a man. I’ve been married how many different times? Maybe I’m bad at it and that’s why I can’t keep a man…) focus Nettie…


But the truth of the matter is that you don’t care about this title. You cared about the ICON title. This isn’t your baby, this is your placeholder. You’ve already in your mind won your 11th World title.


You do this because of boredom, because of what your last name is, and because Lee will always shove you down our throats. I came back because it’s always been a passion of mine. Yes, I phoned it in at first because I didn’t need to work hard. And then, I get all these people from the past coming back just t

o prove a point. All of them were pissed off because of something about from decades ago. Do you know what that’s like? People who have held onto grudges that long? I mean, I’m sure it’s a PRIME example of people who can’t let things go.


Sound familiar?