Wrestler or Fan?

Wrestler or Fan?

Posted on August 5, 2021 at 10:06 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

The sun shined over the horizon, sparking a new day and a new opportunity for those daring enough. It was a well known fact that many considered High Octane Wrestling to be the big leagues in the industry. Sure, there were plenty of people that made a name for themselves in other territories. There were plenty that laid their claim to fame all over Twitter. However, not everyone was cut from the mold that could make it between the ropes of HOW.

I should know being the King of Everything, which means I reign over the Kingdom of Octania. I sit at the top of my throne as the reigning Wrestler of the Month for July. As your reigning and defending HOTv Champion. And as I look down at all those that have stepped up and tried to wrestle this title away from me, I see nothing but skeletons. Mere remains of those that thought that they would be the one that would pin these shoulders to the canvas or make me surrender.

You would think that would be enough of a warning for those that dared enter this Kingdom and tried to challenge me. Yet we have a newcomer to the Kingdom of Octania. A man that was here before, a man that was so sure of himself that he had what it took to make it. Yet he faced nothing but defeat at the hands of HOW Hall of Famers Jatt Starr and John Sektor. This man’s ass was handed to him on a silver platter and his ego was crushed so he fled the Kingdom. Only now to have returned claiming that this time will be different yet he sings the same old song and dance.

This man claims that now he’s starving and that he wants it more than even the biggest or baddest. He screamed to the God’s that he wanted someone, anyone, to step into the ring and satisfy his hunger. The God’s answered his plea’s and the King of Everything got up off of his throne. The network’s Championship glistened around his waist and straight fire in his eyes.

He dared Kevin Capone to sink his teeth into him.

The man was still confident even with the King as his opponent. He pictured the HOTv Championship belt around his waist. It would be a statement that he indeed did belong in the Kingdom of Octania. His stature and features spoke of wisdom but he had the eyes of a pup. He will not claim victory in Detroit. He will not take what rightfully belongs to the King of Everything.

Kevin Capone thinks that this will be simple.

Kevin Capone thinks that this will be Quick and Painful.

What it will be is Slow and Excruciating.

And before he’s exiled from the Kingdom.

He will Bend the Knee. 


Back in Miami it was about 11am on a Wednesday after a successful title defense against Steve Harrison I decided to relax a little. That’s why Madison, Carmen, and I decided to hit up Haulover Park and their nude beach. It was early enough that hardly anyone was on the beach which was nice for a change. We unloaded Carmen’s Lincoln Navigator and began to set up in the middle of the beach.

“I can’t believe you talked me into coming with you two to a nude beach.” The disbelief in Carmen’s voice was evident.

Carmen had on a pair of gym shorts and sandals. A black t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses covered her green eyes as her red hair flowed in the breeze. 

“It’s clothing optional, so it’s not like you have to get naked.” I replied, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Madison had a hold of the beach towels and began to lay them out over the sand. She had her purple hair tied back in a ponytail while wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, a 97red tank top and flip flops. Carmen grabbed a hold of the umbrella and tried moving around to the perfect spot.

“You need help with that?” I asked as I set down the cooler I brought along with us.

“I think I can manage.” Carmen scoffed as she planted the umbrella into the sand and opened it up.

I dusted my hands off along the yellow and green shorts I had on that had palm trees all over them. They came down to about my knees as I had on a pair of flip flops and my 97red tinted Aviator sunglasses. I flopped down on my beach towel and pulled out my iPad that I had brought along with me.

“You’ve come all the way out here to a nude beach to play Candy Crush?” Carmen inquired sarcastically.

“Just because I’m relaxing doesn’t mean I can’t get some work done too.” I retorted as I glided my index finger along the screen.

“The ever vigilant reigning HOTv Champion.” Madison snapped, attitude soaked in her words.

Madison pulled off her tank top and slid the Daisy Dukes off of her hips to reveal a blue string bikini that she had on underneath. I couldn’t help but to eyeball her up and  down as she took a seat on her beach towel. I sucked on my teeth a bit before replying to her.

“Not like the Championship belt can defend itself. You also don’t raise this title to the level I have without putting in the work week in and week out. This week will be no different against this guy that is quote unquote ‘starving’ for competition.” I proclaimed proudly as I made my way over towards the HOTv website on the iPad.

“Well good luck with that!” Madison hissed as she pulled her cellphone out of the pocket of the Daisy Dukes.

“What’s got the Energizer Slut Bunnie’s lack of panties in a twist?” Carmen questioned as she took off her t-shirt and gym shorts to reveal a one piece black swimsuit that hugged every curve of her body.

“She’s still pissed off at me because I kicked her little girlfriend’s ass on Refueled last week before my match.” Thank Lee for these sunglasses because I was looking Carmen up and down like a piece of meat.

“What you did was uncalled for to say the very least.” Madison interjected looking away from her phone. “She had just finished wrestling a match against Zippy Assfinger. No way she was prepared for you to burst into her dressing room and attack her like that while she was on the phone.” The hurt in Madison’s voice was as clear as day.

“Call what I did anything you want but I warned you if you didn’t make a choice then I would make the choice for you.” I wasn’t going to fall for the sad tone in her voice. “I’m a man of my word so whatever injuries she has after I kicked her head off into sleepy land is all on you Maddie.” I said quite proud of myself for a job well done.

“Why do I have to choose between the two of you? Who am I hurting by being with Eli?” Madison pleaded her case.

“Clearly Eli from what I saw last Saturday.” Carmen put her two cents in.

“The woman has a point, Madison. However if you want me to be perfectly honest with you, you have to choose because Eli is just using you to get under my skin. It started before our match about a month ago. You’ve just failed to realize you’re just a pawn in her little mind games.” I sighed.

“Eli isn’t like that!” Madison shouted, defending her.

“Then keep doing what you’ve been doing and I’ll just have to end her career so you can spend as much time as you want with her in her hospital room.” I said matter of factly.

“Why would you even consider doing that?” Desperation was in Madison’s voice.

“Simply because I’m tired of the bullshit. You want to be with her? Then go and never come back. I’m sure she’ll be happy to do you with a strap-on instead of you getting the real thing. I’m also sure she’ll let you move in with you and pay you for doing almost nothing on her measly $48,000 salary. You want to give up all of this to slum it in Pittsburgh then be my fucking guest.” I stared at Madison and pointed towards the road.

“I fucking hate you!” Madison screamed as she got to her feet and began to strip out of her blue string bikini.

“Wait a minute.” Carmen interrupted. “You fucking hate him but your answer to the situation is to strip down and have sex with him on the beach?”

“What? No, I’m going to work on my tan. I just so happen to hate tan lines.” Madison responded as she got completely naked and laid down on her beach towel. She grabbed her earbuds, shoved them into her ears and began to play music on her phone.

“So crazy what you guys decided to do to Cancer Jiles on Refueled?” Carmen said clearly changing the subject.

“The Best Alliance was too big in my opinion. The only reason why Jiles had been added was because he had the HOW World Championship belt at the time. He’s long since lost the belt and hasn’t done much to prove his worth to the Best Alliance.” I replied emotionlessly.

“You could say that for a lot of members of the Best Alliance since only you and Sektor hold titles.” Carmen said using logic.

“I think Jiles let being Champion and being in the Best Alliance go to his head. Especially with the faces on his tights along with the belts. But now that both Bobby Dean and Doozer are around he can fall back into his eGG Bandits ridiculousness. What’s bothering me is this whole thing with Clay Byrd.” I said as I rubbed my left hand over my chin.

“You mean that cheap shot he gave you during the match last week?” Carmen asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, having Sutler Reynolds-Kael as guest referee and the fact it was a lumberjack match was surprising enough. Yet I get tossed out of the ring and the guy just clocks me for no reason and rolls me back into the ring. Later he told Sektor that he was just trying to even the odds but I don’t buy that shit.” My nostrils flared as I thought back to last Saturday.

“Any thoughts?” Carmen reached into the cooler and pulled out two bottles of Gatorade before tossing me one.

“The way he was eyeballing me after we beat down Jiles tells me he’s got an ulterior motive. I think he’s possibly feeling the pressure of the LSD title match at Bottomline. Failing to win the LSD title for a third time might be a nail in his coffin. So he’s looking to line up a match against me to try and win the HOTv Championship.” I twisted the cap off the bottle and took a sip.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. What are you going to do about it?” Carmen took a drink from her bottle as well.

“For now nothing, but if he tries that shit again then I’ll have to put that old horse out to pasture.” I said as I gripped my iPad a little tighter.

A topless woman jogged up to us on the beach and recognized me. She had a sharpie with her and asked me to sign her chest. Carmen shook her head as I obliged to the request.

“I’m going to hit the water before she decides to get you to sign another part of her body.” Carmen got up off of her towel and jogged towards the water.

The topless woman went on about her way as Carmen got into the water. I turned towards Madison then reached out and played with one of her pierced nipples.

“Stop it, I’m still mad at you.” Madison snarled as she swatted my hand away from her.

I leaned forward taking my bottle of Gatorade and poured some directly onto Madison’s clit causing her to nearly jump out of her skin.

“That’s fucking cold you asshole!” Madison complained as she rolled onto her stomach.

I turned my attention back to the iPad and focused on the two matches Kevin Capone previously wrestled in HOW. First the match against Jatt Starr where he fell victim to the Falling Starr. Then the match against John Sektor where he ended up tapping out to the Sektor stretch. Just as I’m finished watching the video Carmen emerges from the water dripping wet. Her one piece swimsuit clings to her body as her wet red hair lays limply down her neck.

“Goddamn.” I mumbled under my breath as Carmen approached and grabbed a towel.

“The water felt good, it helped me cool down better than drinking Gatorade did.” Carmen added as she began to towel herself off. “Did you and the princess make up while I was gone?” Her tone had a bit of sarcasm in it as she took a seat down onto her beach towel.

“Nope, still mad at me.” I stated bluntly. 

“I’m afraid I’m going to burn out here, do you mind putting some sunscreen on my back?” Carmen grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and dangled it into the air.

“Why not? Probably as much action as I’ll get today.” I huffed as I moved over behind Carmen and grabbed the bottle of sunscreen.

“You’re kidding, right? You literally signed a woman’s bare chest before I went into the water.” Carmen shook her head.

“Yeah but that’s a fan, doesn’t really count.” I said jokingly.

Carmen begins to lower the straps of her swimsuit as she turns and looks back at me. “No funny business.” Carmen demanded.

“You mean I get to rub your back but I don’t get to do your front?” I teased as Carmen reared back and elbowed me in the chest.

“Try something and you die.” Carmen threatened as I poured some sunscreen on my hands and began to rub her shoulders. “So what did you do while I was in the water?” Carmen lowered her head as I began to rub her shoulders.

“Did some homework on Kevin Capone.” I answered.

“You mean those two matches from last year? Don’t you think he’s improved since then?” Carmen asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I would hope so but honestly I won’t know until Saturday. I have no idea if the man has wrestled a single match since he tapped out to Sektor back in October.” I added more sunscreen and rubbed over her arms.

“Well you do know that he’s been hitting the weights and working out.” Carmen offered.

“That seems to be all he does. You would think the guy was on house arrest the way he just stays in that building staring at old posters and working out. Guess it takes a lot to keep a 44 year old body in fighting shape. Dude is almost 50 and is just now saying he’s ready to tackle the murderers row that is HOW.” I chuckled.

“He’s about your size. Are you going to whip your dick out and see who is the stronger man?” 

“Hell no, that would be stupid. He’s been lifting so that he can try to overpower his opponents. He might be my size but I’m much more agile than he is. I’m going to test his cardio in this match. See if he can match my speed and high flying without getting gassed five minutes into the match.” I moved my hands down to Carmen’s back.

“Sounds like a good plan of attack.” Carmen observed.

“I’ve been in the ring week after week defending the HOTv Championship belt. I know for a fact my endurance has to be better than his at this point in time. So naturally he’s going to come out guns blazing and try to end this thing early. I make it past that initial barrage and then I drag him down into the deep water to find out if he’s really HOW material.”

Carmen let out a soft moan as I worked my hands up and down her back. “For an idiot you’re pretty good at this.”

“You think I would be the head of an underground massage organization if I didn’t know a few tricks of the trade?” I asked much to Carmen’s surprise.

“Yeah and if you go any lower down my back your fingers are going to end up like Teddy Palmer’s.” Carmen warned.

“I don’t think you cooled off enough in the water. Maybe this will help you chill.” I reached around and pulled open the front of Carmen’s swimsuit and poured the rest of my Gatorade down her body.

“I’m going to fucking murder you!” Carmen squealed as I got up and took off down the beach. Carmen pulled up the straps of her swimsuit and gave chase.


The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit was empty just a day before Saturday night’s Refueled 70 event. The stage and the ring were already set up early for the show and there I sat in the front row in the stands. Wearing a pair of blue jeans and black Best Alliance t-shirt. The HOTv Championship draped over my right shoulder as I stared at the empty ring. A cameraman stood at ringside with the camera pointed in my direction as I began speaking.

“I sit here already the longest reigning and greatest HOTv Champion in the history of the company. Tomorrow night I step into this very ring and defend my title once again but not against a deserving HOW talent. Not against a fellow member of the Best Alliance. I defend this Championship belt against a relative unknown that goes by the name of Kevin Capone.”

I allow a small laugh to escape past my lips.

“A man that has done his damnedest to make each and every single one of you out there believe that he should be considered a threat here in HOW. All while trying to mask the fact that just back in October he was curtain jerking for HOW in matches against HOW Hall of Famers. Now I know what you’re thinking, why would talents like Jatt Starr and John Sektor be curtain jerking? It certainly wasn’t because they had lost a step in the ring. You’re talking about two men that would go on to capture the HOW World Tag Team Championship belts and each have a reign as HOW LSD Champion.”

I paused for a moment to adjust the HOTv Championship belt on my shoulder.

“So by process of elimination they had to curtain jerk because they were pitted against the less than impressive Kevin Capone. And no matter how hard he tried, no matter how loudly he tried to talk about here we’d come to find out if he was HOW ready. Kevin Capone would end both nights on the canvas flat on his back as an HOW Hall of Famer got his hand raised in victory. However, that was Kevin Capone back in October of 2020. This is August 2021 and Kevin Capone has returned with the same song and dance only this time he’s ‘starving’ and whoever is put against him will be food. Now he could’ve gotten the dollar menu value meals that are Doozer or Bobby Dean but instead he got a seven course banquet that is the King of Everything.”

I reached over with my left hand and patted the gold plate of the Championship belt on my shoulder.

“I don’t intend on being a bone that an old dog like you can chew on Capone. You can do all the training in the world. You can watch all the tape in the world on me. It’s not going to stop me from bouncing her skull off of the canvas like a basketball with my foot. Twenty years, two decades you’ve said you’ve waited to be here but I gotta ask. What the fuck were you doing for two decades that you couldn’t get a match in HOW? We’ve allowed the likes of Black Mamba, Brian Hollywood, and Darin Zion in the door. So you expect me to believe in 20 years you couldn’t get one single match? You’re fucking full of shit. The problem is that you’re not much of a professional wrestler as you are a fan of HOW. That’s why I’m sitting here in the stands today.”

I extended my arms as the cameraman got a wide shot of the empty seats around me.

“For twenty years you didn’t beat down the doors of HOW trying to sign a contract. Hell, Lester Moregrimes conned his way into HOW off of the street. No, for two decades you sat your ass at home on your couch and you watched HOW on the HOTv network. It’s the perfect explanation as to why you know as much about us superstars yet your own skills are lacking. It explains why you’re trotting around with such as lame ass catchphrase as ‘Come and find out’ on worldwide television. I bet it’s what you stood on your couch and screamed while holding your replica 97red strap into the air. Who was your favorite wrestler back then? It was me wasn’t it? You thought you could walk intoHOW, go nine months undefeated winning the ICON and World Championship belts. That would put your name on the map and make you somebody.”

I stood up out of my seat and grabbed a hold of the barricade in front of me.

“Staying on this side of the barricade wasn’t good enough for you. So you jumped it and proclaimed yourself a man that wanted into the big leagues. And funny enough you made it, you lived your dream inside of that ring regardless of the fact that you ended both night staring up at the lights. This was taken away from me for five years due to a neck injury but I came back. I fought back.”

I leaped up over the barricade and then slid under the bottom rope into the ring. I got up on my feet and placed the HOTv Championship back over my shoulder.

“When things weren’t going my way I kept plugging away at it until they did. I lost my first match back and still ended up on the winning team at War Games. I got eliminated from War Games and went on to become the HOTv Champion. Like a typical fan after two matches when things weren’t going your way you LT… I mean Voldecunted your way out the door. You weren’t injured, you didn’t get fired. No family emergency, you just flat out quit for nine whole months. And now you’re starving? Well I fucking guess so after not pulling in a paycheck for almost a year you fucking piece of shit.”

I made my way over towards the ropes. I leaned over the top rope and pointed towards the Championship belt on my shoulder.

“All that being said don’t think I’m underestimating you Kevin Capone. I don’t think you’re in my league but as HOTv Champion it’s my job to put a fan back in their place. I cannot allow a quitter to just walk back and claim my belt as their own. I worked too hard to make this Championship belt mean something. I’ve taken to another level, a level you’re not ready for. So be it by the boot or by Unscripted Violence you will suffer defeat once again. And this time when you quit, when you take your ball and go home. Make sure you stay on the side of the barricade you’re meant to be on. But the silver lining is one day when Cindy is ready to give you a little bastard of your own. You can tell them Daddy not only got his ass kicked by his favorite wrestler but the greatest HOTv Champion that ever lived.”

I stepped away from the ropes and raised the HOTv Championship belt high into the air.

Scene fades.