Worst of the Sins; Salvation for the Damned

Worst of the Sins; Salvation for the Damned

Posted on October 27, 2021 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Worst of the Sins; Salvation for the Damned


Alcatraz Island


Time Unknown


How long have I been here for?  Oh what the fuck does it actually matter?  Sooner or later, everyone has to know that at some point in our lives, things really don’t matter anymore like we used to think they did.  At least that’s what I thought just a few short months ago.  I’m older and I slowly stopped seeing the value in things.  The moment I did, I stopped mattering in HOW.  I didn’t invest in myself or anything around me to help me succeed the way I once did.


I’m a fucking two time HOW World Champion for Christ sakes.  Why did that get away from me, even at the point of where I’m at in my career?  I should fucking know better.  So what happened?  What changed my mind?  I’ll tell you what changed my mind.


It was this place.


I got myself locked up here in Alcatraz for the sole purpose of finding myself again.  Everyone and their god damned dog, hell even their horses, were all saying the same thing.  Brian Hollywood is done.  Hollywood is washed up.  Hollywood is back to reinvent himself for a millionth time.  Why shouldn’t I fucking say it?!  It’s going to be mentioned anyways, isn’t it?  Or is that because the perception of the way I’ve been viewed lately has changed?




Wonder what happened?  Let’s evaluate, shall we?  Have a seat children, it’s story time.


A little before I got myself locked up in Alcatraz for what was supposed to be a week, I did some hardcore thinking and really dug deep inside my soul about what I value best in this world.  Specifically speaking, what could I possibly do to get the magic back and make one more deep run at the HOW World Championship and the top of the mountain.  It’s been no secret that my personal life has gotten entangled with HOW events and I’ve been handling it very well I think.  Well, it was because things weren’t going well in my personal life thanks to my last year in HOW which has had an everlasting effect on how I conduct business not only inside the ring, but outside of it.  I would talk about those details of my personal life, but I’m not here to bore you with something that doesn’t effect any of the other men in this Prison Yard match for the HOTv Championship.


So I did my time for the week.  At least it was supposed to be a week like everyone else in this match…but it wasn’t.  No….I personally chose to stay an extra week.  Why would I do this?  The conditions here at Alcatraz are well documented throughout the world and its historians.  Alcatraz wasn’t supposed to be an ordinary prison.  This prison had the worst of the worst here and rightfully so.  But this island…it changes you…it changes your very soul.  It leaves a scar and that scar is permanently etched on your soul as an everlasting reminder of the person you are…who you were and who you are after you leave these walls behind.  Well just like everyone else, it did something for me.


I didn’t chose to stay behind an extra week just because I loved my stay here.  This place is no picnic, nor should it ever be conveyed as such.  However…..these walls have a way of speaking to you when there’s no one else around to talk to and during my first week stay here, I learned a lot about myself.  I didn’t just learn things about my past of who I used to be, but I learned a most valuable lesson and this lesson is what I left with after I was released here the first time.  What I learned, what I….found so to speak, was something I thought had been missing for years.  Something that I thought was locked away and unattainable in retrieving….something that I had the last time I was on top of the HOW mountain when I held every single HOW championship at the same time.  I was ruthless, unforgivable.  I didn’t give a shit on who I hurt or how I did it.  All I cared about was WINNING!  All I cared about was how much POWER I had!  The feeling of holding all that power was euphoric…it was a constant rush of injecting my veins with the purest drug known to man and that’s power.  I held all the chips, I was the person you had to go through to take literally anything this business had to offer.  I was the be-all, end all of High Octane Wrestling and that alone was enough to keep me at the top…the feeling of it all….I never wanted to fucking lose it and I would do anything to keep it all no matter what the cost.


I lost a lot when I did that.  I lost friends, loved ones, I burned any bridge I had leverage over just to see myself to the top of this business and I didn’t show one ounce of remorse for it….but all that had changed three years when HOW came back.  You have to understand three years is a long time in the professional wrestling scene…especially in HOW.  HOW isn’t exactly the company that you expect to have a long career with.  All the violence that takes place in HOW, when it comes to the rule books of professional wrestling, things are different in just about every other wrestling company.  You can have a long and successful career without running the risk of the dangers that’s on the other side of wrestling.  That’s where HOW comes in.  It’s never been a conventional wrestling company…on the contrary, here, all bets were off.  Anyone who signed with this company had to know, even before signing on the dotted line, the history of violence in this industry.  There is no such thing as a shelf life in HOW…at least not a long term one.  The things we do in HOW are not for the faint of heart and they are often accompanied with violent acts or things we get ourselves involved in that define what the term “shelf wrestling life” really means.  I was alright with that because I thought I was making a difference in this company and for awhile, I did, but when I came back after three years, I got complacent and I….dare I say it, grew a conscious and that conscious has haunted me ever since….at least before I came here for the two week stay I decided to indulge myself in.  I had nightmares, and those nightmares really put things in perspective for me.


My mother died when I was extremely young.  I really don’t have much memory of her at all.  My father told me she died not long after she gave birth to my sister.  I had two years with her on this earth and they weren’t enough.  Speaking of my sister, she didn’t have a very long shelf life in general.  She was killed in a drive by shooting and she wasn’t even supposed to be the target.  She was ten.  Fucking ten years old!  What ten year old deserves that?!  What child in general deserves to die and not be able to live a long, healthy life?  Why was she not given the chance to prove what she could do?  It was at the moment in my life I knew I needed to make a difference.  I wanted to say I had a healthy relationship with my father.  We spent a lot of time together…but we also spent a lot of time apart.  I inherited my grandfathers company, a company I changed the world with.  But it still wasn’t enough.  Not long after, I became obsessed with finding the man who murdered my sister.  I was going to make him pay.  I nearly exhausted all of my resources in finding him…and I was constantly told by my friends, what left I had of them, one of them actually being a chief of police, that revenge wasn’t the answer.  If I took this mans life, I would feel empty inside..I wouldn’t find the solace I was looking for.  I would feel emptier and if I went through with it, I would live the rest of my life in guilt and behind a jail cell.  What kind of fucking justice is that?!  You should be able to avenge your loved ones.  Their lives were taken, why couldn’t the ones who were responsible for it continue to live on?  What, behind a jail cell where they are given a chance?  The justice system?  The system is broken and it has been for quite some time.  Even still, why should this man not pay for the sins of his transgressions?  Long story short, he didn’t get the chance to.  I didn’t kill him personally, but he was killed all the same and I let it happen on my watch.  Worst part about it?  The information was wrong and it wasn’t even the guy who did it….just another man that ran with the man who eventually did.


Like I said my life was complicated but now you know how complicated.  So where exactly am I going with this story you ask?


If the system is broken, and sin is allowed to prevail, why not become the sin and inject my own justice on the world?  So that’s exactly what I planned to do in HOW.  That’s when it hit me…right here in this cell and I became everything that I was touting against.  The world is greedy….everyone wants a piece of the pie, but why should it be divided evenly when I can have most of it?  Then the epiphany hit.  It hit like a ton of bricks and it was exactly the answers I was looking for.  Did God give it to me, though?  Where did it come from?  In my mind, the life that I lived, God fucking forsaken me and I was going to do things my way and have the life I always wanted!  So I became the very sin that my life has always portrayed, but never became everything it should have been…..




Here we are…the present.  Am I a greedy man?  It depends on who you ask.  If you ask anyone in this match, they’ll tell you it’s just another one of my bedtime stories.  What if it isn’t, though?  I had everything once…why couldn’t I again?  That’s why I spent another week in this god forsaken, evil prison that is Alcatraz and I began hatching out my master plan once again and it felt…..rejuvenating!


The rest of these people in this match are fucking posers, they don’t even know the half of it.  This match has been touted the seven deadly sins match for the HOTv Championship…but it wasn’t always like that was it?  The winner of this would get a shot at the HOW World Championship for ICONIC.  So what happened?  Is this winner of this match even still getting a shot at the World Title?  Who knows, but I know that being the Strategic Opportunist I am, I’ll find a way.  I always fucking do.  But let’s put that aside for right now because this match, the winner becomes the HOTv Champion and that’s a fucking start.  I mean, I already did win the HOTv Championship once, so why couldn’t I do it again?


You all want to know why Greed is the worst sin of all?  It’s because Greed can be EVERY god damn sin this match has to offer!  Greed can have it all and have it all I did…and have it all again is what I will do if it fucking kills me to do it!


I take one look at this match and I see every single former member of the Egg Bandits and their respective representations of this match.  You have Bobby Dean who is Sloth.  You have Doozer who is Envy and finally, you have Cancer Jiles who is apparently the new lust of this match.  That’s three sins right there.  But what makes you guys even personifications of these sins?  I’ve beaten every single one of you this year already.


The envious Doozer.  You really are envious, aren’t you, Doozer?  I’ve already picked you apart, though, and you didn’t disappoint.  I used your own sins against you and beat you.  We had a chance to team up and while we won, we all know who made it happen, don’t we?  You would have been NOTHING without me Doozer and that showed.  You’ve always been jealous of other people’s success and I used that against you.  But you see, I’m envious too, Doozer.  I’m envious at the fact that I’m no longer the HOTv Champion.  I should have never lost that championship and I’ll start there this Saturday night at Rumble at the Rock.  Mark my words, because we all know I’m capable of achieving that feat again.


Then there’s Bobby Dean.  The Sloth of the seven sins.  Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…..I’ll give you credit, you managed to get yourself on a Pay Per View card but that’s as far as that goes for you.  You may be hungry all the time, but it’s not in the form of the sin of the sloth….you’ll settle for a discount coupon to Applebee’s in the form of food than winning a championship.  Don’t worry, I have a few.  I’ve got some connections and I’ll give you a chance at all you can eat menu full of coupons.  You aren’t as hungry for championship gold.  All you go around bragging about is actually showing up for a match.  You don’t care about winning at all.  You never have.  You’ve been given opportunities in HOW and all you did with it was shit it out of your ass like the huge breakfast you had at the local Golden Corral before you got yourself locked up here for Rumble at the Rock.  You aren’t hungry for success and you never have been.  Maybe you are the sole reason the Egg Bandits failed and perhaps you’re the sole reason why Doozer’s envious tendencies haven’t even come close to another championship opportunity.  Gotta hand it to you, though, you surely do know how to treat your friends to the biggest shit sandwiches HOW has ever fucking seen!


Which brings me to you, Cancer Jiles.  The so called newbie of the sin of Lust.  Man you really are desperate, aren’t you?  You surely didn’t seem that way after you lost the HOW World Championship.  Kudos to you by the way of being the only bandit to actually win the HOW World Championship.  Perhaps that’s why you dumped Doozer and Bobby on their fucking faces in the first place because you realize you’re just being held back by the both of them.  I mean, I recognized that early on and that’s why Sex and Money was disbanded because I didn’t need Noah Hanson or Darin Zion to be successful.  I was already successful on my own.  Look at where I’m at now, though?  Noah Hanson is playing in a sandbox of retirement and Darin Zion is playing dress up and keep away with Xander Azula with his girlfriend, Meredith.  Not inspiring for either one of them, is it?  I’ve done a good job on my own and I recognize my own talents and I know where to cut the dead weight.  The difference between me and you, though, is that you still have to piggy back on the success of others.  Sounds a lot like Doozer and his envious ways so which sin are you, really?  Lust or Envy?  I don’t even think you have an answer for that.  Hell, I don’t even think you want to be in this match…you were just too desperate to get on the card and that’s why you’re in this match in the first place.  You don’t even know the first thing about being lustful.  There’s nothing cool about you being apart of this match.  I lust, too, but I lust for success and that’s why my needy and greedy tendencies far outweigh yours.  Maybe not outweigh your slothful former friend in Dean, or whoever the fuck he’s calling himself these days, but I digress.  You are a means to an end.  No more, no less, and after this match is through, people won’t be talking about you.


I recognize that there may be a calling for a temporary alliance seeing as how every bandit is apart of this match, but I’ve beaten you all on my own already…what happens when I decide to team with just one other person in this match just to get rid of the likes of the rest of you?  Fuck it though, it’s not like you actually thought any of this through….any of you.  None of you are capable of carrying this company on your backs on your own, let alone holding the HOTv Championship so I’ll leave it at that because at least I know what it takes to win.


Which brings me to you, QT Reese.  What exactly do you represent other than a pain in the ass in this match?  Oh that’s right, an endorsement.  ReeseMart may be endorsed for Rumble at the Rock, but really what other qualities do you possess?  I’ve already beaten you to win the HOTv Championship…don’t think I won’t stop to do it again.  You’re a hell of a competitor, I’ll give you that, but even I have something over you that you don’t possess.  You have been successful in almost running your company into the ground.  You success doesn’t even a strong foundation right now and I’ll make sure to put a staple in it when it’s all said and done.  You don’t have anything to offer in this match other than someone that I can bash into oblivion just to get my point across.  That isn’t even motivation there and that should worry you.  Motivation for me is strong and if history has anything to say about it, I’ll use any violent nature I have in my play book just to prove a point and here lately….proving points is all I’ve been doing since I got myself born again in the eyes of wanting everything for myself.  Greed doesn’t show mercy and it most certainly doesn’t show compassion.  Compassion is for the fucking weak, and if compassion has taught me anything, is that it’s nothing else than a fucking weakness!


Which brings me to Pride.  Steve Solex.  Let’s be honest, the only reason why you’re in this match is that you were in the last “version” of the Best Alliance.  But being a former member of the Best Alliance myself, I’ve learned one thing.  I’ve learned that the Best Alliance doesn’t stay dead.  HOW has promised many endings, but those endings don’t end in finite.  They continue.  It’s only a matter of time before the Alliance returns.  That’s not a prediction…it’s not even a spoiler.  It’s a fucking truth.  I ran the Alliance by my fucking self at one point.  I know the Alliance all too well and I’ve damn near beaten every member of the renewed Alliance this year.  There’s nothing prideful about you, Solex.  You act tough, but you don’t project it very well.  You are a fucking joke, a shell of your former self and I seem to be one of only a few on a short list who has exposed you for who you really are.  What makes you think this time will be any fucking different?  I also take pride in my greedy tendencies and pride is important to have when you are successful.  Last I checked, you haven’t been very prideful about anything lately in HOW…including you’re last run with the Best Alliance.  Sure, you’re a former HOTv Champion, but I’ve already beaten you once and I will have no problem beating you again.  The writing is already on the wall with that.  Best HOW Dad….what a joke.  That title is already taken and it’s already taken by a man who may very well be dead…who really knows, though.  But this “best” dad knows what I’m capable of doing in the ring and he sure as fuck knew what I could do as a member of the Best Alliance.  Make no mistake about it, if my interests have to pursue some kind of alliance to reach the top of the HOW mountain again, don’t think I won’t do what I do best in seizing upon the opportunity to add to my power at the attempt to get everything I want in HOW once again…including the HOTv Championship.


Speaking of doing what I have to do to get what I want, that brings me to gluttony.  Scottywood.  You and I sure are no strangers to each other, are we, Scotty?  You and I have both been apart of some of the most violent matches HOW has to offer…all to beat the holy hell out of each other.  So what makes you think, you are gluttony at all Scotty?  Other than a glutton for punishment.  That seemed to go real well for you and Carey, didn’t it, Scotty?  If you represent anything gluttony at all, it’s to be punished.  But don’t worry, though, you and I are not only meeting in another violent match….but let’s just say I’ve got my eye on you for other reasons as well and those reasons will help me leverage my way back to a great position of power.  I won’t reveal much of that, though, because what would be the fun in that?  You’re a hell of a fighter, Scotty, but you’ve got your faults and those faults often lead you to getting your fucking ass handed to you.  Don’t fret though, Scotty, I have a feeling we’ll both be seeing more of each other after Rumble at the Rock.  But why not start at the Pay Per View?  Hell, one of the reasons why I’m in this match and what made me stay at Alcatraz longer than the rest of you has a lot to do with my plans for you beyond this match up.  Don’t worry, details will come later for you, I promise you that.


Which brings us the everlasting wrath.  The HOTv Champion himself.  Jeffrey James Roberts.  Seriously, what the fuck happened to you in your life?  I’ve seen some violent shit in my time in HOW…but god damn man…you are full of so much rage.  Perhaps that’s why you’re the only one in this match up besides myself who actually represents one of the seven deadly sins.  You are full of so much rage and I don’t exactly know if you can even feel.  But what does it matter?  You took something that belongs to me and that’s the HOTv Championship.  I want it back.  I’ve heard you tell your bedtime stories and quite frankly, you don’t scare me in the least bit.  Greed can be wrathful, too, when need to be.  If there’s anything that I’ve held back all this time since coming back to HOW, it’s been wrath.  Rage.  I’m angry that I’m not a champion and that I’m not at the top of the mountain and if this turns into a situation where we have to brutally beat the ever holy hell out of each other than so be it.  But tell me something JJR….what does motivate you?  Wrath can only take you so far in HOW.  You have to have a plan and I just don’t see there being enough room in that head of yours to come up with a plan when things go sideways.  Perhaps we’ll find that out at Rumble at the Rock, shall we?


It’s not an accident that I’m in this match, gentlemen.  I’ve been the only one…outside of Jeffrey that has continuously carried momentum since the Rumble at the Rock Pay Per View cycle has begun and to say I’m hungry to come on the other side of this match up is an understatement.


Make no mistake about it gentlemen, I am the sin of all sins because in the end….greed can have whatever the fuck greed wants to have and that’s a lesson I will teach you all about.


I’ve already sacrificed a lot to be here…and what I’ve sacrificed pales in comparison to what the rest of you will sacrifice.  My story isn’t over yet and you will have a chance to hear the rest of that story because it’s a big one.  It’s changed who I am but there’s no one in this match up who’s hungrier than I am and mark my words…at Rumble at the Rock I will walk out HOTv Champion.


It’s been decreed and thus it shall be before I go on and reclaim the rest of my power that I shouldn’t have ever lost!  In the end, salvation is the only thing for people such as myself who are already damned.